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Janet Jackson Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Janet Jackson 2017 Post Pregnancy Workout Secrets

Janet Jackson is one of the fittest celebrities out there, and even at the age of 51, there’s no stopping her. She gave birth to her son in January in 2017, and two months after that, she began working hard to get back in shape for her State of the World tour that began just nine months after the birth of Eissa.

Here you can know how she is keeping fit and the results she is getting. This information was shared by her trainer, Paulette Sybliss who has worked hard to keep the singer in shape.

Fitness Comes First

The American singer hired Sybliss to help her look great and stay fit. The trainer says that people often think that looking good is more important than keeping fit but the latter was essential for the singer who had to be on stage for hours during the tour.

Workouts Secrets

The core workout secrets that helped the songwriter look great were sticking to weight training and reducing the time spent on cardio exercises. Paulette says that they didn’t do any conventional cardio. They focused on weight training and back-to-back exercises.

The core aim was not just to lose weight but also reduce the body fat. The talented trainer is doing her best to help women understand that weight training won’t make them bulky or big. Instead, it will help them to burn fat during and after the exercise if they have to use muscle for it.

Total Dedication

Janet started exercising just two months after giving birth. Though she wasn’t happy to see her trainer every day, she was still dedicated to being fit and gave her 100 percent every time.

Fat Burning Exercises

The fitness expert says that steady cardio can help in burning calories, but weight training is way better for fat burning as it burns fat even after you stop exercising which leads to a more toned body.

When doing weight training, you should stick with light to medium range weights. It’s because your body never knows how heavy the weight is, that you are lifting. It only knows resistance. So, when you repeat back to back moves five or eight times or use 8-pound weights along with using body weight as the duo did, you will get results.

One exercise they did particularly and the dancer hated most was lunges. They still do that because it’s very effective despite being a killer one.

No Revenge Body

Many people assume that the celebrity opted to have a revenge body post her split from her husband Wissam Al Mana which is not true at all.

True Fitness Motivation

The true fitness motivation of the diva is her son Eissa. She wants to be in the best possible shape so that she can take care of her son. Janet is also aiming for a fitter body because she is aware that she was an unhealthy weight before.

Being Sensible During Pregnancy

The Velvet Rope singer also remained fit post-pregnancy because she stayed active and healthy during pregnancy. Her priority was to have a healthy child.

The Results

The Rhythm Nation singer has already shed 70 pounds since January 2017. She now looks great and feels better than ever before according to a source.

Major Changes in Life

The life of the pop sensation has been changing rapidly in the last few years. During her union with Al Mana that lasted five years, she felt hidden from family and friends along with leading a sheltered life. Her life was emotionally taxing as well. The billionaire verbally abused her and made her feel like a prisoner. Now, she is freed but is still dealing with co-parenting.

Redefined Love

The new love of her life is her son Eissa because, after his birth, she realized what real love is. She is thrilled to have a baby and says that motherhood is one of the best things in her life now.

Tips for Beginners

If you feel inspired by The Pleasure Principle singer, then you should start with training light and ensure that your mind is set right, says Sybliss. You can begin light by doing exercises that make you feel the area you wish to work upon first.

For instance, if you want to work your booty, you should do a squat. Once you get comfortable with the exercise, you should start adding weights.

Another thing is to keep your mind focused on fitness and prove your focus by training for the entire year. If you stay focused on fitness, you will not need to work extra hard before a season. For example, if you want a summer body, you don’t need to work extra hard a few weeks before the summer if you have trained during the entire summer.

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