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Julia Louis-Dreyfus Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Hilarious Julia Louis-Dreyfus not only has a vivacious and electrifying smile but also has a superb eye-capturing figure. The ageless beauty has killer abs and fab curves, which can turn any young girl’s eyes green with envy. Multi-times Emmy award winner dishes out on her diet and exercise secrets, let’s find out what they are.

Portion Control

Julia Louis-Dreyfus workout routine and diet plan.
Julia Louis-Dreyfus fit frame.

The stunner reckons unless you practice moderation in diet, you cannot expect to have a cellulite free body. Without cutting back the consumption of numerous food items from her diet, Julia swears by a small portion size of food. She necessarily incorporates green and leafy vegan salad at least once in a day in her meals. Julia insists on watchful consumption of food. Due to her craving for sweet food, she also indulges in chocolate once in a while. She shares, by being insensitive to your cravings, you only instigate them and impart them ground to grow stronger.

Healthy Breakfast Food Items

Julia was not very comfortable or happy with her breakfast choices, but now she is at peace with her breakfast food items.

She eats nutritious food such as two fried eggs and whole wheat bread with honey in her breakfast.

Julia contends, once you figure out your problem areas, you can make weight loss process stress-free and flawless for yourself. Her main problem area was her snacking habit between breakfast and lunch. However, after finding the filling breakfast items, she feels full till lunch which keeps a check on her consumption of junk food.

Multiple Workouts

Julia credits workout over diet to keep up her figure in slender shape. Instead of hitting the gym to execute workouts, she prefers performing diverse exercises at home. While following a self-disciplined workout routine, she practices the exercises four to five times a week. Her workout being a perfect amalgam of strength training and cardio has her rely immensely on hiking, running, weight training with the Bosu ball. She adores hiking which poses a challenge to her muscles and conditions them.

Despite being in love with high-intensity cardio workout, the brunette has aversion to biking. The brunette bombshell has made the workout so integral part of her life that even to celebrate her twenty-fifth anniversary with hubby, Brad Hall, she preferred eight miles hiking over booze or hip-hop celebration.

Craving for Workouts

While most of us have cravings for our adored food, the iconic beauty being addicted to workouts craves for them. When there comes gap of two to three days in her workouts, she begins feeling restless. To keep herself moving, she prefers filling indolent hours with workouts.

For example, she runs and jumps on the elliptical while watching TV. And being an avid runner, she doesn’t step away from hitting the pavement and running five miles in a day. Sweaty workouts allure her the most, for they de-stress both her body and mind and invigorate her with fresh energy.

Julia points up to full body workouts. She doesn’t favor sitting workouts which leaves half of her body un-worked. Though the fitness enthusiast is absolutely pragmatic in her approach towards workouts, but, for people who have to sit on their desks for long hours for work purpose, sitting workouts are an excellent means to keep their body moving and stop it from becoming a victim of the sedentary lifestyle.

Clean And Organic Foods

Julia being a big proponent of clean and organic food accentuates the consumption of organic veggies. However, despite being influenced by vegan food items, her love for meat and chicken doesn’t let her become complete vegan, for which she often feels guilty. She contends, not only do organic and plant-based foods keep you fit and healthy, but they are also great for the health of the planet.

Shake Off Stress

Julia shares one of the most imperative secrets of her impeccable skin and the sculpted figure is her vow to live a stress-free life. Stress fosters the release of wicked hormones which make you look older. Workout and meditation are some of the most influential means to purge stress. Moreover, adequate sleeping hours at night ensures proper release of righteous hormones, which keep you immune from stress.

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