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Katie Holmes Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Lustrous hair, flawless beauty, Katie Holmes in an American actress and model. Endowed with one of the hottest figures of Hollywood, her signature and poised style is simply incredible. Divorced to popular American actor, Tom Cruise since 2012, Katie is doting mother of one beautiful daughter named Suri. Stunning and gorgeous from head to toe, the sassy actress has been looking more sizzling and smashing post her divorce.

Instead of allowing herself to smash by the grief of split, she rather cherished her freedom by pampering her daughter and herself. She nurtured her mind with positive thoughts such as she is no more supposed to please anyone all the while, and she has got all the time for herself and her daughter. Katie applied all her attention to being slimmer, fitter, and healthier. With her sheer will and endeavor, she acquired the most enviable figure and conquered Best Revenge Award of 2012.

The best part about her weight loss journey is she didn’t resort to some creepy way to shedding pounds and to acquiring tiny figure. She rather followed healthy approach of stripping off calories and succumbed to healthier ways such as balanced diet and holistic workouts such as yoga, Pilates etc.

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Katie Holmes Diet Plan

Katie is one of the celebs of Hollywood who immensely favors nutritious diet. She always watches what she eats and relies on foods such as complex carbs, lean protein, high fiber fruits, vegetables etc. to nourish her body. Recently the sultry actress has been abiding by Paleo diet or Caveman Diet. She shares of being getting pleasing results from the diet program and is really looking forward to go along with the diet plan.

Katie has always handled her weight in a discreet way. Even to shed her post baby weight in 2006, she didn’t get intimidated and followed all the right things. While making room for natural processes such as breastfeeding, she adhered to thirty-day detox plan to cleanse her body from inside. She also consumed supplements of all the vital nutrients to make sure that her body doesn’t fall lack of nutrients.

Apart from that, she seldom lost her acumen for healthy eating even when she was going through great emotional turmoil. Instead of being trapped by awesome offers made by fad diet programs, she didn’t resort to them and chose healthy diet over depriving ones. At times when she has to prepare herself for some challenging role in movies, she incorporates low calorie foods such as oat flakes, carrot soup, organic raw broccoli, apple, lettuce, tofu, fish, tomato etc. in her diet. She loves cappuccino coffee and avoids consumption of caffeinated coffee. Besides that, she gratifies her sweet tooth by eating desserts especially when she knows that her calorie consumption during the day was not very high.

Katie Holmes Workout Routine

The striking beauty is a fitness freak and seldom underestimates her workouts. Without being sluggish, she is regular in her workouts. Her post-divorce sculpted and bikini-embracing figure inevitably is the outcome of her dedication to workouts. While being monitored by her personal trainer, she executes Bikram Yoga at room temperature of 105 degree F. Since ample amount of sweat gets poured out from your body while doing hot yoga, it is an excellent avenue to detoxifying your body.

Apart from Bikram yoga, she executes Pilates, running, cycling, and other peaceful exercises having dual impacts. She engages herself in these workouts minimum four times in a week. These workouts not only tone your body, but also provide great relaxation to your mind, which is vital to secure blissful and hale body.

The radiant beauty also joins spa sessions every now and then. Massage and scrubbing provided by these sessions elevate your blood circulation and enhance the functioning of your body organs. Spa removes all the dead cells from your skin and rejuvenates it. Credited with buffed arms and legs, Katie performs diverse workouts to tone her inner thighs and arms. Among recreational activities, she adores dancing, skiing, playing basketball etc.

Healthy Recommendation of Katie Holmes

Radiant skin and curvaceous figure of Katie might make any woman in the world envy her. Well, you too can have figure like her by being cautious towards your body system. Your body begins accumulating toxins over a period of time and these toxins not only make you look obese but also snatch all the youthful charm from your skin, so it’s critical for you to cleanse it from inside.

Apart from juice of citrus fruits, fruit juices such as juices prepared by mixing apple, ginger, and carrots can also be used as superb detoxifying agents. You can dissuade the accumulation of toxins in your body by consuming fruit juice once in a week. Their antioxidant property will not only cleanse your body, they will also boost up your metabolism and rev up the functioning of your digestive tract. Consumption of eight ounces of glass juice in a week will bestow your sleeker body in natural and inexpensive way.

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