Kim Kardashian West Workout Routine and Diet Plan


Kim Kardashian Fitness Efforts for the Met Gala 2018

Kim attended the Met Gala 2018, and as always, she looked stunning in a gold Versace embellished with two statement beaded crosses at the hip and waist. If you are curious what she did to look so breathtaking and flawless in a dress that hugged her in all the right places, then you should know that she underwent a 10-day cleanse in which she mentally prepared herself to not have any sugar or sugar-based products despite being surrounded by temptations all the time.

The Cleanse

She followed the Sunfare Optimal Cleanse, in which one depends on nutrient-filled shakes. She was hooked on chocolate flavor to satisfy her sweet tooth. In this cleanse, one has the liberty to have 2 to 4 meals at times and the meals include options like salmon salad, guacamole with vegetable chips and butternut squash with soup and salad. On some days, typically 4 to 6, the person only gets to have herbal teas, and meal replacement shakes.

The Preparation

Talking about how she prepared for the cleanse, the beauty said that she was excited to try this cleanse but she had to mentally prepare herself to avoid all the sugary temptations around her.

Before trying this cleanse, she was working out hard to prepare for the Met Gala, but her food patterns were not right as she had been eating a lot of sweets. She spotted the problem and decided to work on it by being mentally stronger than before.

The Success

By the time she shared the details, she had already done day 1 and 2 of the cleanse. During that timeframe, she avoided all sweet temptations like doughnuts. She also likes the fact that she gets to have proper meals for all the days except three (where the person drinks liquids only) and the food is quite filling. She made it clear that the cleanse was not sponsored and she just wanted to try it.

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