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Kirsty Gallacher Workout Routine and Diet Secrets

Kirsty Gallacher in her workout gear
Kirsty Gallacher in her workout gear

Working out to achieve a fitness goal is a new trend and the latest celebrity who succeeded in “getting fit after pregnancy” is none other than Kirsty Gallacher. Her former trainer, Chris Walton who trained her for almost 5 years spilled beans on every detail related to her workout and diet that helped the diva to achieve such an enviable figure. Here are all the fine points he shared.

The Big Secret

The big secret about the sexy body of the beauty is that she likes to take care of herself. She also takes her health and fitness related stuff very seriously. She mostly focused on strength training and good nutrition habits to get great results.

Aim of the Fitness Journey

Daily Mail recently reported that the Sky Sports star opted for taking help from Chris because she wanted to attain better muscle tone and definition after the birth of her second child, Jude. After having done that, she created a new fitness goal, which was to look more athletic along with shaping her thighs and hips.

Kirsty Gallacher bicep workout
Kirsty Gallacher bicep workout

The Workout Routine

The workout routine of the hot woman included doing squats, deadlifts, press ups and bench presses to get her pre-baby body back. She concentrated on movement patterns and big muscle groups which helped her to be stronger along with boosting her metabolism. The weights program worked effectively for her as she achieved toned arms and hips, besides a flat stomach.

Favorite Exercise of Kirsty

The star trainer shared the favorite exercise of Gallacher. She likes weight training more than cardio workouts.

Kirsty Gallacher back workout
Kirsty Gallacher back workout

Kirsty’s Workout Struggles

The former trainer of Olympic rower, James Cracknell also stated that the TV presenter enjoys challenges and gets better at what challenges her. He quoted an instance and said that she wasn’t able to do pull ups and chin ups in the beginning but she got better at it with the passage of time. Now, she can do high reps in multiple sets of each exercise. She even does it better than most people without any problem.

Workout for Pre-Pregnancy Body is Tough

The renowned trainer accepts that getting pre-pregnancy body is a tough deal because many women’s body depletes after pregnancies. They should not give up hope and focus on better nutrition and training programs to get the pre-pregnancy bodies back.

Kirsty’s Workout Strengths

Kirsty Gallacher in "Strictly Come Dancing"
Kirsty Gallacher in “Strictly Come Dancing”

The workout strengths of lovely lady who recently evicted from Strictly Come Dancing (2004-Present) were also discussed by Walton. She has a very determined mind, great movement patterns, body awareness and coordination. She is also very good at pushing herself very hard to achieve her fitness goals. He terms her as an ‘all-rounder.’ And we agree with him.

Diet Secrets

The Scotland born has always been dedicated to a good diet because her mother is a dietitian (that’s a lucky break). When being trained by Chris, she reduced her consumption of carbs and boosted her protein intake. Her diet plan included eating meat, fish, vegetables, eggs and salads. She also ate more carbs on the days she worked out compared to the days she didn’t which is a good strategy.

How Kirsty achieved her fitness goals?

The mother of two achieved her fitness goals by strictly following the program, Chris devised for her and not missing the tasks designated at appointed times. She followed her lifestyle diary and didn’t make any excuses to skip the workouts. She also ate a healthy diet which sky-rocketed her gym progress.

Chris is a Contented Trainer

Chris also said that his experience of working with the winner of Satellite / Digital TV Personality at the Television and Radio Industries Club Awards (2002) has been very enjoyable and he is happy with the progress she made.

Kirsty Gallacher at BT Sport Industry Awards 2015 in London
Kirsty Gallacher at BT Sport Industry Awards 2015 in London

Common Exercise Myth

The director of personal training at Embody Fitness in Bank, London added a bit of advice while concluding the talk. He thinks that people should be aware of the fact that the belief that cardio is not the best form of exercise for weight loss is just a myth. He thinks that many people have been made aware of such myths in the recent past via health education and when celebs like Kirsty share their own fitness journeys, it also assists people to be better educated about health related misconceptions.

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