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Kristen Bell Workout Secrets and Diet Plan

Kristen Bell is a skilled celebrity not only due to her acting chops but also due to her ability to flawlessly balance a hectic work and personal life. In spite of having a too busy schedule, she takes care of her health by exercising whenever she can and eating right. Have a look at her recent workout secrets and diet plan right here.

Meaning of Health

The American actress thinks that health is about making the right choices in life and keeping fit not only physically but mentally as well. She always reminds herself that health is not about how full her thighs are, it’s about her happiness and commitment levels.

Workout Everywhere

The diva likes to workout whenever and wherever she can. She does tricep dips while running through lines with her colleagues. She also does lunges when she and her kids are out for a walk, and they are exploring the area.

A Yoga Fan

The Veronica Mars (2004-2007) actress loves yoga. She has joined a yoga studio and visits it as often as possible. She likes yoga because it allows her to enjoy some physical and mental reset. The talented actress also loves being in a meditative state when she is challenging her body. In her opinion, doing yoga is better than sitting idle because it makes her feel better from inside out.

Fast Workouts

The mother of two prefers fast workouts because she lacks time. If she has just 25 minutes, she will add sprints into her routine. She even sprints in her driveway and walks back at least 10-15 times if she has even 15 minutes time to spare. Sprinting not only makes her feel strong, but it’s also awesome for her body, brain, and heart.

A Fit Mom

The When in Rome (2010) actress says that she also aims to be a fitness inspiration for her lovely daughters. She wants them to see that she cares about her health and is committed to it. To make them know it, she often does squats when she is in their room. She wants her kids to realize that physical fitness is essential and they should take care of their bodies too.

Diet Plan

The diet plan of the stunner includes:


Matcha, egg whites, spinach with extra feta and hot sauce.

Snack Preference

Chobani yogurt or blackberries or nectar plums or mulberries (home-grown)


The lovely lady likes a salad that includes lettuce, rice, beans tomatoes, nuts, carrots, broccoli, strawberries, cucumber, and blueberries. It’s seasoned with olive oil, lemon and sea salt.


She likes having Pasta for dinner.

Pasta Recipe

The beauty prefers a pasta brand Banza that’s available at Thrive Market. It is made from pea protein and chickpeas. She prepares it by frying cherry tomatoes in olive oil and adding cooked noodles to it. The next step is to add more olive oil or some ghee and then crack an egg in it to make it creamy.

Diet Indulgence

The Michigan-born is a big fan of carbs and loves to indulge in foods like cheese, pasta, pizza, and croutons.

A Healthy Habit

A habit that has helped her to stay healthy is that she reads the nutrition label of every food she buys. She also keeps an eye on how much carbs or protein she has had in a day and modifies her diet accordingly. If she has had too much protein in the lunch, she makes a dinner with loads of carbs to balance it.

A Proud Vegetarian

The wife of actor Dax Shepard adopted vegetarianism at age 11 after watching Forks over Knives (2011), a documentary that was even appreciated by vegan actress Alicia Silverstone and singer Ariana Grande.

She also tried being vegan for a while, but unfortunately, the diet was not sustainable for her, especially after her pregnancy, when she realized that she needed more calories than she was having.

Bell is now a proud vegetarian again while her husband eats chicken. She never craves it but also never restricts her husband from eating it. She calls herself to be a conscientious eater and has only those eggs and dairy products that come from a place that has humane treatment.

Love for Cooking

Kristen also loves to cook regularly despite having a busy life because she can control what goes into her food. She also likes cooking for her family because they bear with her experiments in the kitchen and eat wherever she serves them. She also hosts parties and small gatherings at her home because she likes having people in her home while controlling the ambiance.

When cooking, she also involves her daughters because she wants them to learn the nutritional value of each food they are having. She also has food discussions with her family so that her daughters learn to eat conscientiously like her. In her opinion, food should not only come from a good source, but it should also be fun.

Featured Image by Magicland9 / Wikimedia / CC BY-SA 3.0

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