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Little Black Dress (LBD) Diet – Zap Away Surplus Calories

LBD Diet Plan

Are you keen to wear your years old glam black dress which you purchased when you were slim? Are you unable to put on the dress only because you don’t fit into it anymore? Well, here comes a diet solution which will shed one stone weight in one week and will have you become slim to get fit in your beloved dress. The diet plan has specifically put emphasis on maintaining the nutrition value throughout the plan so dieters don’t suffer from dearth of nutrients at any point of time while going along with the plan.

Selection of the Plan

There are varieties of plans offered by different nutrition experts, you can pick the plan which suits you the best. These plans differ from each other in context of duration but one thing still remains common in all of them and that is you are bound to lose satisfactory weight while abiding by it. There are also plans for women who aspire to lose weight very swiftly. Ways suggested by them might be too harsh or difficult to follow in the beginning. However, once you overcome the initial barrier, you indeed are likely to be stunned with its beneficial impacts.

Some Basic Rules of LBD Plan

Here are some basic rules which are followed by almost all the plans coming in the category of LBD diet plan.

No Calorie Counting

Unlike most of the programs which freakout users like hell, LBD doesn’t point up the logic of calorie counting. It rather imparts you freedom to choose and eat foods as per your choice. So, until you are eating healthy foods, you don’t have to be worried about the number of calories. That said, the diet program has put some sinister foods such as alcohol, caffeine, sugary foods, juices etc. in the list of forbidden foods. These foods being opulent in empty calories not only pack up extra pounds in your body, they also make you become victim of myriad harmful diseases.

Right Combo of Foods

Along with nutrient density of foods, it’s also the combination of foods which affect your weight. If you don’t pay heed towards the combo of foods and eat proteins along with carbs, you are likely to bungle the weight loss plan. Since inappropriate food combinations slow down your metabolism, your body has to the pay the toll in guise of enhanced weight and myriad other problems.

No Late Night Dinners

Since your metabolism is slow at night, you shall avoid eating late night dinners. Prefer inculcating more of low GI whole grain, lean protein etc. in your diet. And to save your metabolism from being burdened, maintain gap of minimum two hours between your dinner and sleeping hours.

Four Meals in a Day

The diet program accentuates consumption of three square meals and one snack in a day. Breakfast being the first meal of the day shall be the heaviest of all other meals and shall never be skipped because skipping means making way to binge eating for later part of the day.

Meal Replacement

Replace one or two meals in a day with herbalife shakes which will fill you with tremendous energy. Not only will you feel fuller with the consumption of these shakes but your hunger pangs too shall come in control, hence you will get an edge over them. They will also bump up your metabolism. Faster the metabolism, more the number of calories you will burn.

Eat Dark and Rainbow Colored Veggies

The plan emphasizes on the incorporation of dark and rainbow colored fruits and veggies. While dark colored veggies such as kale, spinach, broccoli etc. are endowed with detoxifying property, green veggies such as berries, peppers, carrots etc. are rich in anthocyanins, which keeps check on aging process. You can also include smoothies made of such veggies, they will indeed press on the reset button of your body system and will make it function the way it should be.

Thirty Minute Workouts

Starting from brisk walking to jogging to jumping rope to swimming, you can do any cardio workout or strength training to strip away unsolicited pounds. You don’t necessarily have to stick to any particular exercise. The primary objective of workouts is to boost your metabolism and make you feel energized.

Benefits of LBD Diet

Many famous celebrities including Gemma Merna have transformed their lives with the diet plan. Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of LBD diet plan.

  • There are numerous recipes and clear cut instructions provided in the plan which will keep you guided.
  • From nutrition point of view, the plan is healthy. In addition to that, since the plan doesn’t come in the category of fad diet plans, that makes it even more reliable.
  • The ultimate detox plan within LBD plan will rid you from harmful toxins and will fetch youthful glow on your face.

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