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Matt Damon Workout, Exercise Routine and Diet Plan

Actors do have strange lives. Not only do they have challenging roles to play, they are also supposed to get so much engrossed in the roles that their own personality and image stands nowhere. Matt Damon is best known for his performance in the movies such as “Courage Under Fire” (1996), “The Talented Mr. Ripley” (1999), “The Informant!” (2009), and sci-fi drama “Elysium” (2013).

Matt Damon cycling

With his killer abs adorned with remarkable tattoos, Matt has created a new rock hard stud image of his in front of his fans. However, this is not for the first time that he took up the challenge. For the 1996 movie, “Courage Under Fire”, he shed forty pounds in mere three months, and for the 2009 movie, “The Informant!”, he bulked up surplus forty pounds. Portraying the character of a dying man who has just five days of life left to him, Matt was to bulk up his body with muscles to make him suit the character. Although fetching dramatic transformation in weight was nothing new to the Oscar winner, but he does confess that with burgeoning age, things are not that simple and stress-free now as they were in his twenties. Here are some diet and workout secrets of the hunk which rendered him tough stud look in the movie.

Boxing and Running – Most Adored Cardio Workouts

Matt with very meager fat is totally in love with cardio workouts. Cardio workouts being speed stimulators allure him the most. To strip off unsolicited pounds, his grueling workout routine has him run thirteen miles in a day, out of which he finishes 6.5 miles in the morning and rest 6.5 miles in the evening. And without any break in his schedule, he abides by it for all the seven days. However, while doing exercises, he pays special attention on the correct methods of workouts which cut his chances of being injured.

Matt Damon running

Kick-boxing is an excellent workout which provides him full body workout. If you don’t have equipment available with you, you can execute shadow boxing. In shadow boxing, all you have to do is imagine a person with whom you practice all the boxing moves.

Strict Diet without Cheat Days

Despite being in immense love with foods, the actor had to wash out a load of his beloved foods from his diet regime. All he was eating during the time was lean chicken, egg whites, broccoli, and few other low calorie foods. Not only that, till four months, he strictly adhered to the same diet regime without being allowed to have even single cheat day (the day on which one can eat anything he wants). We must say that Matt has amazing will-power and patience. Although the audacious actor doesn’t step away from any kind of diet plan, but with aging, he has become wary towards his diet because now his metabolism is not that bumped up as it was in his younger days.

Persistent Motivation

Swearing by an insensitive diet and workout routine inevitably seeks one to be enthused from inside. Unless you have the motivation factor stirring you all the while, you are unlikely to stick to any restrictive diet and workout routine. To encourage him, Matt always kept the picture of a man, he was supposed to look like. He had very explicit image of the body, set in his mind which was constant source of inspiration to him. And his personal trainer also comprehended his body requirement and accordingly tailored exclusive workouts for him.

Gym Workouts with Fitness Instructor

The muscular man executed tremendous weight lifting exercises, squats, circuit training exercises to multiply the number of muscles in his body. Without being slothful, he executed strenuous workouts four hours in a day. His workout routine is mentioned below.

  • Warm up – One mile jogging and five minutes rest
  • Four laps of one mile interval on a track. While each lap was 400 yards, his speed kept varying with the yards covered. Initial 100 yard – 25 percent speed, next 100 yards – 75 percent speed, and last 200 yards – again 25 percent speed.
  • Twenty-five dashes with max speed. Twelve seconds rest followed by twenty reps.
  • Fifteen reps of 5, 10, 15, 20-yard dashes coupled with fifteen seconds of rest
  • Cool down – Stretching preceded by half mile jog.

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