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Nicole Kidman Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Nicole Kidman at 2014 Cannes Film Festival Opening
Nicole Kidman at 2014 Cannes Film Festival Opening

5 ft 11 in tall, stylish, elegant, Nicole Kidman is famed for her curvy and toned figure, apart from acting skills. The jaw dropping beauty attributes her sylphlike figure to moderation in diet and variety in workouts. Nicole candidly spills out the secrets which are accountable for her sculpted figure, let’s have a look.

Multiplicity in Workouts

Nicole, being fitness enthusiast practices diverse workouts in routine. Key feature of her exercises which also saves her from boredom is her incorporation of multiplicity in workouts. Right from yoga to Pilates, to cardio, to strength training, she executes all kinds of workouts. Not only does she perform typical gym workouts, she also engages herself in assorted sports activities such as golf etc. She being athletic also plays one hour tennis match for at least once in a week. Nicole being belonging to a marathon running family is an avid runner. Equipped with incredible inner strength, she doesn’t step away from long distance running i.e. 10-12 miles of running. She also swims for nearly thirty minutes to rejuvenate her body and mind.

Nicole Kidman running

Yoga – Means to Perk up Flexibility

Nicole practices yoga as a means to perk up her joint flexibility and core stabilization. Yoga being easy and not a very demanding workout can easily be practiced at home. However, Nicole does prefer joining yoga classes to make diverse postures. Being surrounded with other people certainly motivates her. In yoga, she specifically is in love with ashtanga, vinyasa etc. which undoubtedly have countless spectacular influences on the body. She contends, with aging, you have to be prudent about the selection of your workouts. And there can be no other workout as rewarding and low intensity as is yoga.

80/20 Principle

Nicole reckons that at times she really feels tempted to eat junk and processed foods. She abides by 80/20 principle to deal with such situations. According to the principle, she consumes nutrient dense, organic, and clean foods eighty percent of the times. While for the remaining twenty percent, she indulges herself in her adored junk, processed, and not so healthy foods. Her reliance on organic diet gives way to harmful toxins, get out of her body and thus promises her slender and flawless body and skin. She also counts on the consumption of vital supplements to bestow proper nourishment to her body. The hot chick renounces the consumption of processed foods having myriad chemicals and harmful preservatives added in them.

Moderation in Eating Habits

The secret behind the svelte and enviable figure of Aussie beauty is her affection to maintaining moderation in her eating habits. When it comes to foods, she relishes almost all her beloved foods such as pizza, pasta, cakes etc. She in particular doesn’t hold back her cravings for processed foods on holidays. The stunner rather allows her to relish blissful moments with her family and friends. That being said, she makes sure that she does abide by moderation in her routine eating habits.

Five Small Meals

Instead of counting on three square meals, the Aussie beauty banks on five to six small meals in a day. She contends, when you allocate your diet into several small meals, it perks up your metabolism and helps you to shed weight faster. Moreover, your blood sugar level remains controlled which further saves you from several inflammatory reactions.

Meditation – Way to Tranquil Her Mind

Having seen her mom getting diagnosed with breast cancer, Nicole got recommendation from her father who is a psychologist that meditation shall be practiced in routine to keep degenerative diseases like cancer at bay. Since then, Nicole has religiously been abiding by meditation twice in a day. She does it for twenty minutes in the morning and then, twenty minutes in the evening.

Healthy Tips for Fans

To acquire sculpted shape, you need to shed weight from all the right areas. However, while losing weight, most women are still left with bulging backs which make them look unpleasing in bikini or tight clothes. If you pay bit more attention towards stripping off the fats from the desired area, you certainly can get toned back. While doing diverse other workouts, don’t overlook the exercises meant to tone your back. Focus on the workouts which target the muscles of your shoulders, back, and obliques. With posture improving workout, you can get astounding results. Here are some posture improving exercises, you shall do in routine to hone your back.

Superman Lifts

Superman LiftsLie flat on the floor and extend your arms in the forward direction while putting the entire stress on your abs. Raise your chest, legs, and arms off the floor. Stay in the position for ten seconds and come back to the straight position (in relaxed state).

Warrior 3

Warrior 3 exercise

Stand with both your feet shoulder width apart. Now, inhale deeply and take your arms in the forward direction. Exhale while taking your right leg to the rear direction and bending in the front direction. Stretch your navel as if you are to touch it to the spine. Make ten reps with both the legs.

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