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Nina Agdal VS 2016 Workout and Diet Secrets

Nina Agdal working out
Nina Agdal working out

Nina Agdal is not only a hot model, she is also a very fit person. She likes doing the different form of exercises and prefers eating healthily at most of the times. She has been an active person most of her life and likes to relax by working out too. Her diet fundas are also very simple and she never beats herself up if she indulges a little. Nina also has some simple beauty tips for her fans. Read it all here.

Always Being Fit

The girlfriend of Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio admits that she has always been active thanks to her father. He made her participate in various sports, reports Observer. Her mother always ensured that there was good organic food on everybody’s plates. Her family didn’t even go on a holiday much because her mother invested money in buying good food. (Good choice, we must say)

Nina Agdal wearing Leonisa Collection 2016
Nina Agdal wearing Leonisa Collection 2016

Workouts are Never Regretted

While talking exclusively to EOnline recently, the stunner said that working out is one thing she never regrets. She may regret an extra slice of pizza, she had or the extra glass of wine, but she will never regret exercising extra.

Workout Routine

The workout regime of the beauty keeps on changing overtime. Right now, she is spending time in doing Y7 Yoga, Akin’s Army classes, Boot Camps, Tone House, SoulCycle, Boxing, and SLT. The workout routine she likes best is boxing because it’s a sport at which one can always get better. She calls it fun too. Nina works out at least once daily for 45 minutes and sometimes exercises 3 times a day. Other workouts she likes are running and bike riding or joining a class.

Nina Agdal in the boxing ring
Nina Agdal in the boxing ring

Workout While Traveling

The diva likes to do beach boot camps while traveling. She says that in these boot camps, she works out with anyone who wishes it. She just puts on some music and does squats, lunges, and sprints. Getting a tan by working out in a bikini is an awesome experience for her.

Workout Gear

While working out, the celebrity prefers to wear plain tops with black leggings or jeggings (leggings that look like jeans).

Nina Agdal in her workout gear
Nina Agdal in her workout gear

Workout Motivation

The Entourage (2015) actress confesses to having those days when she doesn’t want to leave the couch. On such days, she reminds herself of how good she feels post workout. It motivates her to hit the gym and workout.

Workouts for Recharging

Workouts are also a way to recharge for Nina. She says that they help her mentally by getting her brain working and controlling the stress levels. They are also good for her body. Apart from a workout, sleep relaxes her too. She has the ability to tell herself that she needs to sleep and her mind and body obey instantly. (It’s making us envious as we are not such good sleepers!!)

Nina Agdal as seen on June 13, 2016
Nina Agdal as seen on June 13, 2016

Defining Wellness

The term wellness was also defined by the gorgeous woman. She says that when one feels great from the inside as well as on the outside, true wellness is achieved. You can take care of the inside by eating clean, spending time on things that make you happy and surrounding yourself with happy people. (Take Notes Guys!!)

Most Healthy Habit

The healthiest habit of the ex-girlfriend of British singer Max George is that she works out regularly. She also tries to switch up her exercises because if you don’t, your body gets used to it and stops changing. (It means you stop seeing result from your hard work in the gym.)

Least Healthy Habit

The least healthy habit of the Sports Illustrated model is that she is a fan of carbs like bread & butter and the dirty martini.

No Retreats

Agdal is not into going to retreats because it freaks her out. She likes noise and the quietness of the retreat bothers her. She cannot do the quiet thing for more than two days because she loses the Zen feeling every New Yorker has. (Do you have it too?)

Diet Secrets

The Victoria’s Secret model likes to keep her diet healthy. Her diet usually consists of Greek yogurt with honey, loads of lean protein and bunch of vegetables.

Diet Indulgence

The Super Bowl television commercial star likes to indulge at all the times. She currently cheats with a Frappuccino with whipped cream but knows that she can’t have it daily.

Nina Agdal enjoying chocolate cake
Nina Agdal enjoying chocolate cake

Diet before a Shoot

Before a big shoot, the sexy model likes to compare her calorie consumption with a number of workouts she is doing. It helps her to look great during a shoot as she doesn’t eat recklessly if she is not able to burn off the extra calories.

Diet Due to Paparazzi

The Denmark native believes that if someone is expecting to be hounded by paparazzi, they must not indulge in a huge sandwich as it would ruin the pictures. She says that being hounded by paparazzi is a part of her life and it doesn’t bother her much.

Detox Ideas

The lovely lady says that her preferred Detox method is to drink a lot of juice. If she is detoxing, she will have two juices only which would be followed by a solid meal that can be either lunch or dinner. Most probably, it will be dinner.

Nina Agdal at Mermaid Parade in Coney Island in June 2016
Nina Agdal at Mermaid Parade in Coney Island in June 2016

Beauty Tips

The blonde says that in order to be beautiful, you need to follow the classic drink – ample amount of water.

She says that sleep plays a big role in making you beautiful too. It’s also about what you put in your body. She prefers to eat only organic foods. Another thing that can enhance your beauty is to surround yourself with good people and positive energy because if you are stressed out due to negative people or negative energy, it will show on your skin. (And we agree with all the points!!)

No Acting Plans

The brand ambassador of Muscle Milk says that she has no acting plans at the moment. She would prefer to be naked in front of hundred people rather than act right now. (Well, that’s a bold statement, don’t you think?)

Did you like the workout and diet ideas of the amazing model? If so, you might want to check out this article too. You can also follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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