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Orlando Bloom Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Orlando Bloom workout routine

Popular for his incredibly great looks, Orlando Bloom is one of the sexiest and most handsome actors of Hollywood. Apart from his acting talent, it probably is the influence of his dashing looks and toned physique that he could win epic roles in epic movies such as The Lord of Rings Trilogy, Pirates of the Caribbean etc. Here are the diet and workout secrets of the youthful actor, which keeps him up in slender and chiseled shape.

Reliance on Five Factor Diet

The flamboyant actor relies on the five-factor diet to bestow adequate nourishment to his body. Devised by illustrious celeb trainer, Harley Pasternak, the plan acknowledges five small diets in a day. The food items of your meals shall contain one of the five vital ingredients namely low GI foodsproteinfiberhealthy fats, and a sugar-free beverage. Aside from that, you are allowed to relish five cheat days in five weeks. Like Orlando, numerous other Hollywood celebs have utilized the plan to render toned shape to their bodies.

Low Calorie Vegan Diet

Orlando indeed is naturally blessed with great looks and physique. However, he leaves no stone unturned to look after his body. While being loyal to vegan diet, Orlando eats bountiful low calorie veggies and foods. He steers clear from dairy products, animal foods such as chicken, meat etc. Besides that, the actor comprehends the ill impacts of fatty foods and so swaps cooking oil and butter with healthy oils such as olive oil, seed oil etc.

Regular Workouts

Lean and muscular body of Orlando testifies the regular workouts he does in routine. Instead of practicing weird and difficult to perform exercises, the handsome actor performs easy yet high intensity workouts such as stair climbing, running on treadmill etc. Besides boosting his speed and agility, these workouts also don’t allow fat deposits to remain stuck to his body. Among other workouts, Orlando is a big fan of yoga and Pilates. Both the workouts being targeted to strengthen his flexibility and core muscles render him countless benefits.

Healthy Tips for Fans

You too can acquire perfectly molded and enviable physique like Orlando if you pay bit more attention towards your workouts. First thing, you shall do to get closer to your goal is – instead of targeting just six pack abs, focus on all the core muscles in your body. To get faster results, align your exercises with clean diet. You can trigger muscle building process by eliminating alcohol, sugar etc. from your diet.

Side Plank With Leg Raise

Lie on the ground in side plank position. While putting your entire weight on right forearm (for example), take your left leg in the air. Raise the leg as high as you can. Stay in the position for a second. Return back. Make three sets of fifteen reps on each side.

Check out this video to know the correct posture of doing the exercise –

Russian Twist

Rest on your butts and raise your upper body and legs. Hold the medicine ball with both your hands. Now, without bringing your feet back to the ground, tilt the medicine ball towards right side followed by left. This complete set shall be counted as one rep. However, if you find the position uncomfortable, you can also pick to keep both your feet on the ground with your legs bent from knees. Make three sets while giving thirty reps in each set.

Take a look at this video to know more about the exercise –


Lie on the ground. Lift both your upper body and legs while holding medicine ball with both your hands. Act as if you have to take the ball towards your legs. To make bit change in the workout, you can also hold the ball between both your legs. And while going back to lay flat on your back, take your hands back, and put the medicine ball on the ground. Make three sets of exercise with twelve reps.

You may also want to take a look at this video to know the correct posture for the exercise –

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  1. Thanks for the great diet & exercise info! It takes some discipline to get sugar out of one’s diet these days but it can be done. So Orlando…a tip for you…don’t go motorcycling in tennis shoes! Boots only! I know from experience boots would’ve saved my foot from a bad injury because I wasn’t wearing boots that day! Leather can take a lot! I saw the photo of you & your BMW …with tennis shoes & I cringed! Take care! Chris in Alaska!


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