Pia Miller Diet Plan and Fitness Secrets

Pia Miller 2018 Diet Plan and Workout Secrets

As you might have guessed, Pia Miller has not given up on her fitness goals in 2018. Instead, she has modified them to suit her needs. Here, you can have a look at her exact diet plan and know why meditation matters more to her, sometimes than hitting it hard in the gym. Scroll down to know it all.

Pia Miller with her coffee cup at Alfred Coffee Melrose Place in June 2018
Pia Miller with her coffee cup at Alfred Coffee Melrose Place in June 2018 (Pia Miller / Instagram)

Long Lasting Diet Secret

The biggest diet secret of the celebrity is to follow the classic 80/20 rule because she has been following it for a while now. She eats healthy foods 80 percent of the time and indulges the remaining 20 percent of the times. Her meals mostly consist of healthy options like leafy greens with chicken and having healthy fats that translate to avocado on toast in her book.

Diet Plan


The stunner wakes up at 7 a.m. usually and has a cup of coffee to get started with her day. Then she has porridge and berries in breakfast (if it’s winter) or opts for avocado with Sonoma sourdough toast. In case she plans to shoot during the day, she opts for a filling green smoothie.

Pia Miller showing her hair done by Richard Kavanagh in August 2018
Pia Miller showing her hair done by Richard Kavanagh in August 2018 (Pia Miller / Instagram)


During lunch, she likes to have a salad with a protein like poached chicken. If she is in a hurry, she opts for a quick fix of avocado on toast with salt, pepper and a bit of lemon.

Sometimes, she stops at Orchard St or Cali Press to enjoy a smoothie, juice or one of their T/A salad bowls — and a bit of chocolate.


The family has dinner around 7 p.m. She likes to prepare dinner for her husband, and her kids and her specialties include pasta and salmon with mashed sweet potato and some greens, a healthy mexi bowl or a chicken and veggie soup. Sometimes, she enjoys some red wine with dinner and doesn’t stress about it.


She likes to have coffee or herbal tea rather than snacks in most cases, but when she is in a mood to indulge, she likes to munch on fresh fruits, nuts or a row of chocolate.

Pia Miller selfie after completing house work in May 2018
Pia Miller selfie after completing housework in May 2018 (Pia Miller / Instagram)

Health and Fitness is More than Just Gymming

Miller believes that health and fitness are more than just smashing out for hours at your gym. It also means having a brisk walk along the coast or getting a good yoga session in.

It can also mean spending some time in meditation where she can enjoy stillness for a while. She has been a fan of meditation since her Home & Away (1988-Present) days and admits to meditating between the scenes whenever she had the time.

Featured Image by Pia Miller / Instagram

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