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Pink Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Eminent for her bold moves and attitude, Pink is a sizzling singing sensation, having a sylphlike figure. Married to motocross racer, Carey Hart, the rock star is back in her astonishingly hot shape, after giving birth to her daughter Willow Sage Hart in July 2011.

It took the brunette fifteen months in regaining her pre-baby figure, as the doting mommy was engrossed in showering the love of motherhood on her daughter. She could lately be seen flaunting her body in transparent clothes totally revealing her toned body parts.

Her perfectly flat stomach, sculpted arms, and legs are sufficient enough to make any woman envy her. Pink indeed is garnering wonderful words of appreciation from her fans. But she didn’t retrieve her stunning figure overnight; her persistent and relentless efforts have been responsible for her hourglass figure.

Singer Pink performing

Pink Diet Plan

Pink is a big foodie, but she altogether is not careless about her diet. She admits that she has a really big appetite for some foods such as cheesecakes, pasta, sour skittles, bread etc. and she ate plenty of them during her pregnancy.

The blonde beauty comprehended the fact that she could never shed pounds from her body, without improving her eating habits. So, she hired two personal trainers Jillian Michaels and Jeanette Jenkins. Both the trainers helped her in retrieving her pre-pregnancy figure.

Pink gained fifty-five extra pounds during pregnancy. Her trainers allocated her diet in three parts to kick-start fat burning process in her body.

Detoxification – First of all, food items introduced in the diet regime of the singing sensation were aimed to make her body free of toxins. In this phase, she ate only green and leafy vegetables such as spinach, broccoli etc. for eleven days. Apart from veggies, she abandoned all other solid foods and consumed only liquid diet. The power cleanse process also conquered her cravings and developed taste for healthy and nutritious foods in her.

Introduction of Protein and Healthy Fats – After detoxifying her body, protein-rich foods and foods having a high content of healthy fats were reintroduced in her diet regime. Pink is mainly vegan, therefore instead of consuming animal foods, she relied heavily on organic foods to nourish her body with proteins and healthy fats. She sustained on this diet regime for thirty days.

Healthy Foods – After the second phase, she switched to balanced diet. Her diet regime consisted of bountiful foods such as fresh veggies, green salad, quinoa, superfood shakes, avocados, wellness shots, super shots etc. These food items revved up her metabolism and nourished her body with vital nutrients.

Pink Workout Routine

Pink Cycling Workout
Pink doing cycling in the city

Pink went wild with exercises. Under the supervision of Jeanette Jenkins, she practiced workouts five days a week. It was not easy for her to stay motivated all the while. So she constantly kept reminding herself about her objective of losing weight, which was to appear on stage in a curvy body.

She practiced diverse cleansing, cardio, lengthening, sweating, stripping, circuit training, treadmill intervals, and hot yoga postures for ninety minutes in a day. These workouts were targeted to enhance her heart rate seventy-five percent more than usual.

For ninety minutes, her heart rate was continually high, except for rest periods. Instead of practicing insipid or regular exercises, Pink embraces exercises having a superb mix of exercise and thrill.

Healthy Recommendation of Pink for Fans

Pink recommends her fans to set defined and realistic goals for them. Setting goals provide you guidance and directions. Sit comfortably for several minutes, and ask yourself, why you want to torch pounds from your body. Once you are done with that, pick your workouts and go ahead with them.

That being said, there would be times when you will feel tempted to skip your workouts. Remind you about your goal during those times, you certainly will get refilled with new zeal. In addition to that, reanalyze your objective after seven days and see where you stand. Should you don’t see any progress; make prerequisite changes in your goals and also improve your ways to achieve them.

In addition to that, pay attention to your foods. Preferably switch to vegan and green foods because they are mostly free of harmful chemicals and toxins. Besides being high in trans fats, animal foods also have a high content of toxic materials. You can stay immune from degenerative diseases by being on organic foods.

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