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Princess Beatrice Diet Plan Workout Routine – Classic Transformation

Born in royal family, Princess Beatrice spent her entire teen age with the humiliation of bulked up body. However, the royal beauty received the final wake-up call when she appeared in bikini clothes on beach, and ended up getting plentiful of shameful comments from people and media, the very next day.

Princess Beatrice chubby

She then resolved to drop unsolicited pounds and make her voluptuous figure worthy to flaunt. Not to mention, having made firm decision, there came no turn back point in her weight loss journey. Beatrice embraced wholesome diet and grueling workouts and now the sultry babe has become a fashion diva with incredibly sculpted figure. Let’s have a sneak peek in the diet and workout routine of the princess.

Healthy Eating Habits

While abiding by healthy eating habits, Beatrice consumes copious wholesome and nutrient-dense foods in her daily routine. One of the most commendable things about her diet is that irrespective of her weight, she never feels tempted to swear by fad or crash diet plans. Unlike most of the celebs who don’t step away from following a low-calorie diet, Beatrice eats a load of healthy foods. The radiant glow and toned body of the pretty celeb can chiefly be attributed to her love for good foods. Aside from eating foods as per the directions of her nutrition expert, Beatrice also keeps reading about foods, nutrition, and their impact on health. Not only does she read about them but if they impress her, she also inculcates them in her eating habits.

Outdoor Workouts

Princess Beatrice working out outdoors.
Princess Beatrice working out outdoors.

After getting the realization that she being a famed personality shall be in pristine shape, Beatrice hired fitness trainer, Nadya Fairweather. Under her supervision, she embarked on grueling weight loss training. Nadya who is very pragmatic in her approach towards fitness doesn’t like keeping her clients restrained to the gym. She rather propels them to use parks and open spaces to execute workouts. Nadya indeed has all the words of praise for her devoted client, Beatrice, who shows immense perseverance and hard work in the entire workout session.

Workouts with Personal Trainer

Princess Beatrice working out with trainer Nadya.
Princess Beatrice working out with trainer Nadya.

In the precious company of Nadya, Beatrice works out for an hour in a day. After starting the workout session with exercises inclined to tone her lower part, Nadya makes her to perform the workouts for bigger muscles. And since no other exercise can be as influential as squats and lunges are, Beatrice adores incorporating them in her workout routine. Beatrice executes exclusive workouts with free body weights, medicine ball, TRX system etc.

Princess Beatrice boxing workout.
Princess Beatrice boxing workout.

Nadya shares that after doing workouts targeted to tone the lower body part, they switch to cardio workout, boxing. Apart from revving up her heart activity, boxing renders great toning to her upper body. Nadya refers to boxing as superb cardio workout especially for women, as it removes stress and speeds up the flow of adrenaline in their bodies. Cardio workouts done by the Princess are followed by core workouts. To strengthen her core muscles, Nadya has her do planks. And towards the end, Beatrice performs stretching postures which relax her muscles.

Openness for New Challenges

Princess Beatrice competes in National Lottery Olympic Park Run.
Princess Beatrice competes in National Lottery Olympic Park Run.

Although Beatrice turned to workouts to slim down her body but her affection to workouts grew so much that she became open to more and more challenging exercises. She even decided to set a benchmark for the royal family by participating in marathon. Apart from that, she loved doing several other adventurous activities such as hiking, swimming, surfing etc. It’s a fact that when you engage yourself in activities having a combo of fun and exercise, your brain cells get invigorated and you get new zeal towards life. In nutshell, more you will make yourself part of such activities; fitter and more awesome you would feel.

Healthy Tips for Fans

Flat belly inevitably makes you worthy to wear plenty of glam outfits. However, most of us remain disgruntled with our belly because we probably are not doing right workouts. Clean diet coupled with influential workouts can surely turn your dream of bikini hugging body into reality. Here are some workouts which you can do to acquire flat tummy.

Suitcase Deadlift

Suitcase Deadlift

Stand straight with your feet shoulder width apart while holding dumbbells in both of your hands. Bend your knees and take your hips in the backward direction and make the proper deadlift position. Pay attention that you squeeze in your abs while doing so and don’t put undue pressure on your knees. Stay in the position for three to five seconds and come back to the starting position with squeezed glutes. Do twenty to twenty-five reps.

Half-Kneeling Overhead Dumbbell Press

Half Kneeling Overhead Dumbbell Press

Kneel down with your right knee bent at ninety degree angle in front of you, while your left knee is touching the ground. Keep your shoulder and abs squeezed in. Hold a dumbbell in your left hand and your right hand should be at your waist. Lift the dumbbell above your head until your arm is fully extended. Carefully lower down the dumbbell while balancing the weight with your shoulders and back. Do minimum 10 reps on each leg.

Goblet Split Squat

Goblet Split Squat

Stand with your right leg in forward and left leg in the backward direction. Hold a dumbbell vertically with both of your hands. Stretch in your abs while kneeling down on your left leg (knees making ninety degree angle). Carefully retrieve the starting position. Make ten reps on each leg.

If you execute these workouts in routine, within six months, you are likely to be stunned by its amazing impacts. So, waiting for what!!! Spare twenty to thirty minutes for the exercises and dazzle your friends with your enviably toned abs.

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