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Release Diet – Permanent Weight Loss Solution

Keep Good Food to Eat Good Food

Devised by Angie Flynn and Deb Cheslow, Release Diet has exclusively been designed for dieters who are seeking permanent weight solution. Though several diet plans claim to melt pounds from your body, but results provided by most of them are quite transient.

Why Weight Loss Programs Fail?

Release diet plan has endeavored to provide such weight loss solution to its dieters which they can trust and follow without any skepticism. The plan has tried to figure out reasons why most of the diet plans fail, and the logics given by it are quite convincing.

First of all, mostly weight loss plans don’t focus on burning fats, they put their dieters on extremely low calories, as a result of which weight loss occurring in their bodies happens due to muscle loss not due to fat loss.

Secondly, these plans eliminate beloved foods of dieters from the program, as a result of which they start craving for those foods even more. Resultantly, when the duration of diet plan gets over, dieters start devouring their favorite foods in excess which cause failure of weight loss programs.

What Release Diet Will Do?

Release diet program believes that changes occur in your body according to your perspective and your way of thinking. Biggest stumbling block in weight loss process is your negative attitude. Should you develop positive attitude and overcome self-imposed restrictions, you too can attain your sought after body.

And the best part is result obtained while going along with the plan will stay with you for your lifetime. There is no fear of regaining the lost weight. The program being perfect fit for all will benefit all its dieters equally without any distinction.

What Dieters Need to Do?

Release diet will release extra weight from your body and will bring you in slender body shape. But you as a dieter need to pay attention on some important points. For instance, you need to put your heart and soul in the weight loss program.

In addition to that, you have to become a dreamer who can visualize himself / herself in enviable body shape. You have got to believe that weight loss is something within your reach. Instead of feeling self-pity, you are required to spend your energy in thinking about your wrong eating habits.

We all do have inside information telling us about sinister foods of our diet. You need to be proactive and develop resilient attitude towards your wrong eating habits, and shall vow that you will restrain the consumption of those hostile food items. Your main objective shall be to provide adequate nourishment to your body.

Work Mechanism of Release Diet

Release diet program will last for minimum thirty days. The diet solution is in favor of six small meals in a day. You need to feed appropriate amount of carbs and proteins to your body during this time. Six small meals in a day will fuel your body. In snacks, you can have nutrient rich foods containing proteins and healthy carbs.

Your consumption of carbs and proteins shall be in proportion because amino acids in proteins are able to perform their function of repairing your muscles and energizing your cells, only when there is availability of insulin in your body. Since carb rich foods elevate level of insulin in your body, both carbs and proteins have to be in alignment with each other.

At least two snacks in a day shall consist of healthy and fibrous veggies. In addition to that, keep feeding good stuff to your brain and keep having faith in yourself. Gradually your brain will store your message and will start functioning accordingly.

Exclusive Features of Release Diet

To make the diet program easy for its dieters, the program has kept one free day in a week. The free day will begin after the end of thirty days and you can eat whatever you wish to eat this day. Free day has dual benefits, in first place; this day will curb the cravings of dieters. And second, metabolism of dieters will stay agile and will not become permanently slow.

Apart from that, dieters can drink red wine twice or thrice in a week. That being said, not all other alcoholic beverages are allowed in the program. However, if you desperately want to consume them, you have to wait for the free day.

Exercises in Release Diet

Exercises have been given special importance in the program. Six days workouts have been emphasized in the plan. You need to divide these six days into two sets of three days. While you are supposed to practice strength training in the first set of three days, next set of three days will be dedicated to cardio workouts. These workouts will rev up your metabolism and will catalyze fat burning process in your body.

Benefits of Release Diet

Release diet comes under one of the healthiest diet plans which won’t make your body deficient of essential nutrients. Let’s have a look at the benefits of release diet.

  • Release diet will boost your energy by removing all your mental blockages. You will feel more confident and happier while going along with the plan.
  • Unlike other weight loss program, you don’t have to keep check on the number of calories consumed by you which actually makes diet programs irritating and difficult to follow.
  • You will get numerous simple and easy to follow recipes in the plan. These recipes will make it easy for you to abide by the plan.

Sample Meal Plan

Let’s have a look at one of the sample meal plans of release diet.


You can have protein shake, yogurt, oatmeal etc. in your breakfast.

Morning Snacks

You can have whole grain toast, boiled eggs, whole grain pasta, mushroom etc. in your morning snacks.


You can have turkey burgers, chicken breast, tuna, shellfish, salmon etc. in your lunch.

Afternoon Snacks

You can have nuts, berries, apple, orange etc. in your afternoon snacks.


You can have sweet potato, honey soy salmon, green beans, zucchini etc. in your dinner.

Evening Snacks

You can have protein shake, lean ham etc. in your evening snacks.

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