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No S Diet – Easy Weight Loss Plan

No S Diet

Designed by Reinhard Engels, software engineer, No S Diet is also prominent with names such as No $ Diet and Grandma Diet. No stress has been put by the diet program on consumption of weird and tasteless foods, calorie counting, or any other irritating thing like that. In addition to that, there is no need to exclude your loved foods from your diet regime.

The diet plan is apt to be made lifestyle diet program because there are no strict rules imposed on dieters. Snacking which often is comprised of junk foods is banished by the diet plan. That being said, S days have specifically been allotted to dieters to make sure that they don’t feel bored while moving along with the diet program.

How No S Diet Originated?

No S diet came up as a result of years of frustration faced by Engels. Engels was overweight and wished to shed extra pounds from his body. For meeting the objective, he tried various weight loss programs, but no weight loss program turned out to provide him desired outcomes.

Finally he created a diet plan on his own and lost forty pounds by using his own plan. More than a diet plan, No S diet program is a weight loss program which will give you guidelines. Nowhere in the diet program, will you find recipes and meal plans recommended by the diet program.

You rather will be told how to differentiate between healthy and unhealthy foods. The diet program will develop healthy eating habits in you which will stay with you for your lifetime.

What is No S Diet?

No S diet program is a simple and logical diet plan which will trim your body and will bring you in enviable shape. You as a dieter won’t feel uneasy while going along with the diet program because you don’t have to make drastic changes in your diet regime. All you need to do is cut your present calorie consumption by thirty to forty percent.

You can continue your current diet regime which means you can have what you want in your breakfast, lunch and dinner. You just have to be careful that you don’t consume anything in between your meals.

Common Causes of Obesity

Engels contends, emotional eating, food addictions, and over consumption of sugary and junk foods are some of the most common causes of obesity. Emotional eating is a serious problem which needs to be taken seriously otherwise it can do drastic damage to your body.

Sugary foods such as cookies, pastries, cakes, ice cream etc. should be refrained from because they add on numerous calories into your body. In addition to sugary foods, you should also forbid use of sugar in tea, coffee, fruit juices and others, and also should eliminate energy drinks and soda drinks from your diet regime.

Three Simple Rules

No S diet program is based on three simple rules which are as follows.

  • No Snacks
  • No Seconds
  • No Sweets

You need to abide by these three rules of diet program for all other days except for days starting with S such as Saturday, Sunday, and special days like anniversary, birthday etc. Sometimes, which also start with S has been kept out from the circle covering S days.

How to Follow No S Diet Plan?

Should you wish to follow the diet plan, you can easily do that. If you are a man, you can consume 2500 calories in a day, and if you are a woman, 2000 calories in a day are sufficient enough for you.

These numbers of calories will not only provide adequate nourishment to your body but will also stop you from feeding extra or unrequired number of calories to your body. Should you crave to eat some particular foods which come under category of junk or sweet foods, you can eat them on free weekend days.

Though free days have been kept to make diet plan convenient for you, but you need to consider the fact that whatever you will eat will affect you only. So, stay away from feeding trash to your body. Over intake of unhealthy foods will negate the beneficial impacts of your diet regime on weekdays. So, stay mindful of what you eat.

Workouts in No S Diet Plan

Workouts have been made an active part of the diet plan. Dieters are advised to keep themselves engaged in some kinds of physical activities on weekdays. By physical activities, Engels doesn’t mean intense workouts. You can go for some game or refreshing activity like dance. Unlike typical exercises, fun activities keep you enthused and you don’t feel burdened while doing them.

Sample Meal Plan

The diet plan stresses on consumption of three normal meals in a day. You should make sure that portion size of foods consumed by you don’t go beyond one plate. Let’s have a look at one of the sample meal plans of No S diet program.


You can have two slices of turkey bacon, oatmeal, hard scrambled eggs, sugarless tea or coffee etc. in your breakfast.


You can have chicken, fish, beef, brown rice, dried nuts, fruits etc. in your lunch.


You can have mashed potatoes, pasta, roasted chicken, steamed vegetables etc. in your dinner.

Drawbacks of No S Diet Plan

No S diet plan is a superb diet plan, but still there are some loopholes in it, let’s find out what they are.

  • The diet plan has not provided meal plans and recipes which dieters can follow. If you are seeking to find a well-structured diet plan, No S diet plan is not the right one for you because it is not a structured diet program.
  • All kinds of snacks have been considered unhealthy and therefore have completely been eradicated from the diet plan. Considering all snacks as unhealthy is not right. There are myriad healthy snacks as well.
  • If you cannot afford to stay hungry for long hours, the diet plan is not for you because this diet program has forbidden dieters to eat anything in between meals. It might be daunting for dieters to stay hungry for so long.

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