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Sarah Jessica Parker Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Sarah Jessica Parker fitnessSarah Jessica Parker is an American actress, model, singer, dancer, and TV producer. Endowed with slender and enviably curvy figure, Jessica looks awesome even in her early fifties. In the modern world, where people are becoming victim of premature aging, the ravishing beauty seems to have vowed to stay young forever.

It’s her keenness to be in shape which has the mother of three look smokin’ hot at this age. “Sex and the City” star seems to relish the most desirable body and life. Beautiful from head to toe, Parker looks simply magnificent in almost all kinds of outfits. She imprisons our eyes in bikini as much as she does in long skinny gowns. However, unlike other hot celebs of Hollywood, Sarah steers clear from n*dity. She shares; stripping and n*de scenes make her highly uncomfortable. Moreover, she wishes to be appreciated for her skills rather than her curvaceous figure.

The goddess of sculpted body reckons that most women blindly follow fitness regimes of their favorite celebs to trim their bodies. They perpetually strive to attain size zero figure, while their main objective should be to acquire optimum health. In addition to that, she contends as you grow older, your body seeks more attention from you. And if you fail to nurture your body with regular workouts and nutritious diet, you cannot escape from the terrible influences of aging. The sultry actress attributes regular workouts and balanced diet for her sylph like figure.

Sarah Jessica Parker Diet Plan

Parker being very conscious about her weight and health certainly swears by very wholesome and nutritious diet. That being said, she seldom promotes crash diet programs or starvation diets. In fact, she loves food and has incredible fondness for pasta, cheese, bacon etc. She indulges in her beloved foods whenever she craves for them. She being mainly inclined to nourishing foods incorporates numerous nutrient loaded foods in her diet regime.

Having followed some very healthy diet programs such as South Beach Diet plan and Hamptons Diet plan, Jessica has gotten what kind of foods she should bank on to impart adequate nourishment to her body. She inculcates foods rich in monounsaturated fatty acids or omega-3 fatty acids such as avocados, olives, salmon, fish oil etc. in her diet. Apart from revving up her metabolism, these foods keep check on her hunger pangs and thus trigger weight loss process in her body. While refraining from junk and processed foods, Jessica relies on lean meats, healthy fats, and complex carbs. She also deftly swaps high carb foods with low carb foods which maintains her blood sugar level as well as weight.

Sarah Jessica Parker Workout Routine

Sarah Jessica Parker toned arms

Toned arms, which are the most remarkable feature of Parker are testimony of the intense workouts she executes in her daily routine. Being very committed to workouts, the hottie hits gym five times in a week. There would be nothing wrong if we call Sarah a fitness freak. Her obsession for gym and workouts actually popped up after the birth of her twin daughters in 2009. Apart from spending two incessant hours in the gym, she ran five miles on a daily basis during that time. Her skinny body and the bulging veins of her arms actually manifested the hard workouts she undertook. However, before late, she realized the importance of moderation in workouts and trimmed her extensive workout hours.

You cannot acquire toned arms like Jessica unless you do targeted workouts such as push-ups and weight lifting, etc., which she does in her routine exercises. Besides practicing diverse exercises in gym, the iconic beauty lives a very active day. Instead of going to places in car, she prefers walking down there. She also adores using bike to visit routine places. Sarah being an early riser performs squats, lunges, sit-ups, running etc. in the morning itself which indeed saves enormous time of her. Apart from intense exercises, the fitness freak also practices yoga. Yoga being based on holistic approach shapes up her body and relaxes her mind.

Healthy Recommendation for Sarah Jessica Parker Fans

Are you one of the fans of Sarah Jessica Parker and wonder what possibly you can do to transform your body? Here comes one healthy recommendation which will change your life for better. Workouts inevitably are crucial to acquire a hale body. However, since they have astounding impact on your brain cells, you can use them to boost your confidence as well.

There are numerous workouts such as bent-over row with dumbbells, or workouts on rowing machine. While pulling your body in backward direction, these workouts render you straight shoulder and thus perk up your posture. If you don’t feel ease with these workouts, there are numerous other exercises aimed to improve your posture. For example, you can try walking while holding book on your head. Just make sure that the book does fall off of your head. Besides making you look poised, straight posture also keeps you away from back pain.

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