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Serena Williams Pregnancy Workout and Diet Secrets

Serena Williams is carrying a baby at the moment, and she is breaking all the stereotypes. She is regularly hitting the gym, eating healthily and craving only healthy foods.

Have a look at her pregnancy workout and diet secrets right here and see how the sports star is doing everything in style!

A Healthy Pregnancy

The U.S. professional tennis player thinks that she is fortunate to have a healthy pregnancy and has admitted that everything has been quite good. She is enjoying the experience and never thought she would like it so much.

Craving for Cravings

In an earlier interview, the 23-time grand slam winner stated that she was missing out on pregnancy cravings and she was a bit disappointed. She found the silver lining in that and stated that maybe if she had cravings, she might have had a tougher pregnancy.

Healthy Cravings

It seems that God heard her request for cravings as her fiancé Alexis Ohanian recently shared that she was craving healthy foods like zucchini, asparagus, and Artichoke. As a result, he had to run to the nearest supermarket on a Friday night.

Expectant mothers usually crave unhealthy foods like simple carbs, cheese, sugar, and chocolate, but the Michigan-born is craving healthy vegetables maybe because training as a world champion athlete has positively influenced her diet.

Workout and Diet Secrets

The sports personality says that impending motherhood has played a key role in inspiring her to take care of herself. Her diet secrets at the moment include having meals that have lots of greens and vegetables, fish and different types of seeds and notes. Her workouts have also changed, and she does only those workouts that she can handle (trust us, she can handle a lot!). She was recently spotted doing squats in the gym while sporting a huge baby bump.

The celebrity also shared that she wants to keep exercising for as long as possible while being pregnant because she wants to be healthy so as to give birth to a healthy baby.

She also wants to stay fit during the pregnancy because it will be easier for her to return to her career. She doesn’t want to lose a lot of weight after the pregnancy is over to get fit again. Her belief is that eating healthy is a must for everyone but being healthy is a lifestyle.

Going Back to the Court

The sister of Venus Williams may not be back to the court according to her earlier plans, but she is completely fine with that. She said she had been known to achieve the most unrealistic goals so maybe she will play in January after giving birth in the fall.

In her opinion, if she can play soon, it would be amazing, but if she can’t, it won’t be the end of the world.

Her next big goal is winning 2018 Australian Open and she wants to achieve it by being determined. She says that her love for what she does drives her daily. As soon as she wakes up, she wants to be the greatest athlete.

Inspiring Others

Talking about inspiring others, the talented tennis player said that she believes the success of one woman should inspire other women and she is always trying to inspire and motivate the black girls. She doesn’t want to be perceived as a model but as a girl next door.

Awaiting the Baby

The sports star has also admitted that though she is awaiting the child excitedly, she was initially terrified of getting pregnant. She has been scared of getting pregnant since 2011 when she was hospitalized with bilateral pulmonary embolisms after a foot surgery. She also admitted that this pregnancy was not planned and she had to inject herself with anticoagulants on a daily basis as carrying a child considerably increases her risk of blood clots.

Her Reaction

Given her medical issues, many people would assume that Serena panicked when she found out about the baby. But their perception is far from reality. This strong woman became calm when she knew that she was expecting.

Guessing the Gender

Reddit co-founder and her fiancé Alexis thinks that the baby might be a boy, but she thinks it’s a girl because two weeks after her pregnancy, she played the Australian Open in 100-degree weather and the baby didn’t give her any trouble. She thinks a boy might have given her some trouble and a girl didn’t because women are tougher that way.

She also won 23rd Grand Slam at the Australian Open while pregnant which is an appreciable feat. Since then, she has been on a break from her career to focus on her pregnancy.

Best Wishes from Friends

Kim Kardashian West who happens to be an excellent friend of Williams shared that she is an amazing woman who enjoys fun moments, a woman who is always there when you need her and a woman who can keep any secret without judging you.

Another friend, Meghan Markle said that she would be an amazing mom because she is very attuned to balancing sensitivity and strength.

Featured Image by Edwin Martinez / Flickr / CC BY 2.0

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