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Stacey Solomon Workout Routine and Diet Secrets

Stacey Solomon is Loose Women’s (1999-Present) favorite because she keeps it real. She is a person who loves her body, takes care of it and knows where she lags. She is happy with her imperfections and accepts the way she is.

Though she has had some self-esteem issues in the past, she doesn’t hide them because she wants others to learn from her experience. Have a look at her workout routine, diet secrets and how she loves her imperfections. It might help you to determine how to be body confident like her.


Workout Routine

The workout routine of the stunner includes cycling and walking because these workouts allow her to spend some quality time with her kids. She also has a family gym membership as it allows her family to play tennis, squash and swim together.

No Favorite Body Part

The Essex lady doesn’t have any preferred body part because she loves her entire body. It serves her well and is healthy. She also thinks that it shouldn’t matter which body part you love the most. But she also admits to having a few normal areas that are less toned. She knows that she is not toned and super ripped because she can’t work out for long or count her macronutrients.

Diet Secret

The most significant diet secret of the diva is that she has her greens every day. She thinks they are delicious and just loves them.

Diet Indulgence

The singing sensation likes to treat herself a bit every day. She doesn’t call unhealthy foods as bad or guilty because otherwise, it would make her feel bad after eating them. She thinks of them as a kind of treat in a healthy balanced diet.

Drinking Preference

Though she doesn’t drink much and doesn’t like the taste of alcohol, she indulges in Malibu occasionally, because it tastes like sweets.

Savoury Delights

The TV personality says that she prefers a bag of crisps over a bag of sweets but admits to having complete bags of each at one time or the other.

Health Apps

The Dagenham native only makes use of The Mindfulness app as it helps her to meditate and improve her sleep quality. In her opinion, mental well-being is as important as physical well-being of a person.

Feeling Body Confident

Though the daughter of David Solomon says that she feels body confident all the time, she feels great when women in all shapes and sizes show off their bodies after getting inspired from Loose Women Body Stories Campaign. It makes her feel proud of what she has. She also thinks that all people should love their bodies, no matter how it looks or how many flaws it might have.

Happy with Imperfections

The presenter recently flaunted her body on Instagram while donning a sparkly bikini with over-sized shades. She also mentioned that she was more body confident than ever and felt like a mermaid. She posted the picture to show off her naturally curvy body.

In the same post, she highlighted that she would celebrate her imperfections instead of seeking perfection. She didn’t feel awkward displaying her hips and breasts that have changed a lot since the arrival of her two kids.

Boosting Self Esteem

The You are Not Alone Singer participated in the Loose Women Body Stories Campaign because she doesn’t want her kids to worry about how they look as much as she does. She also hopes that the photo shoot (in which she donned a bikini) will help men and women to understand that most celebrity pictures include retouching or airbrushing so they shouldn’t compare themselves with a celebrity.

Celebs like Coleen Nolan, Janet Street-Porter, and Andrea McLean also took part in the photo shoot.

Hang Ups

The co-host of I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! (2002-Present) says that though she had been the same weight most of her life, she also had body hang-ups in the past. When she was a kid, she never worried about the way she looked because she was having too much fun in life. She thinks that social media has a lot to do with how people perceive themselves and feels thankful that she didn’t have any social media worries when she was growing up.

Now, when she scrolls through social media platforms and sees all those airbrushed or retouched celebrity bodies or faces with Botox or surgery, she understands the kind of influence it may have on young girls because they would want to look perfect as well. To counter it, she does real photo shoots and puts her body out there so that people can learn to love themselves and be proud of who they are.

The Comments

The Crystal Maze (1990-2017) participant also shares that people comment on other’s bodies which is not a good habit as it makes people feel bad about themselves. She became a victim of such comments when someone told her that she was too skinny at the ankles. Though she laughed it off, this comment had a terrible impact on her self-esteem and made her think that there was a need to stop the stigma against slim people.

The girlfriend of Joe Swash feels happy that he loves her the way she is. (We think nothing else should be acceptable).

No Fad Diets

The Shy singer says that she has never tried a fad diet and she doesn’t intend to do that now. She has a healthy BMI and never feels the urge to try a fad diet because she reminds herself that she is proud of who she is and there is no need for drastic changes. She is also thankful for the way she looks and hopes that all women would learn that flaws are what make you who you are. No person should obsess over flaws, and everyone should start loving themselves. There is nothing more appealing than a person being happy with who he/she is.

Featured Image by JonathanLGardner / Wikimedia / CC BY-SA 3.0

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