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Suzanne Somers Diet Plan – Enhance Your Youthful Age

Suzanne Somers Diet Plan

Aging often is looked as an intimidating force capable enough to take off all your joy and enthusiasm. But renowned television celebrity, Suzanne Somers seems to defeat aging. Despite crossing sixty, she is still as gorgeous, charming and healthy as anyone can be in his / her twenties and thirties.

Suzanne Somers has not kept her secret of beauty and youthfulness limited to her only; she has unveiled her secrets in her diet books. Now, you too can enhance your youthful age and can attain slender and perfect body with the help of nutritious foods.

What Suzanne Somers Diet Plan is?

Suzanne Somers diet plan is low carb, high protein and healthy fat diet program. The diet program insists dieters to make healthy changes in their diet and lifestyle to see radical changes in their bodies. Along-with nutritional density of foods, Somers also stresses on the importance of eating foods with correct combinations.

Foods in Suzanne Somers Diet Plan

The diet plan is not very strict, you just have to refrain from processed and refined foods, eliminate some foods from your diet, and eat plenty of whole and natural foods. Somers recommends her dieters to eradicate white sugar, brown sugar, maple syrup etc. completely form their diet because these foods are over refined and they cause spike in your blood sugar level.

In addition to that, foods having high glycemic index such as corns, pasta and other funky foods should also be eliminated from the diet regime. Somers has brought out the term funky foods, which means foods having adverse impacts on your body.

Foods such as banana, avocado, carrot, white flour, sweet potatoes, milk, nuts etc. have high glycemic index. These foods readily get converted into sugar after reaching inside your body and cause various inflammatory reactions. Besides eliminating sugary and starchy foods, alcohol too needs to be removed completely from the diet regime.

Combination of Foods

Somers has divided food items into four groups. These are – protein/fat, fruits, carbs, and vegetables. Foods of all the four categories are essential for your body but you have to be cautious enough to eat them in appropriate combination. Foods eaten in wrong combinations might trigger adverse reactions in your body and make your body host of diseases. Let’s have a look at some of the right combinations of foods.

  • If you want to eat protein and fat, always combine them with vegetables. For example, if you are opting for lean chicken, instead of eating starchy foods or carbs, have green and leafy vegetables with it.
  • Carb rich foods should never be combined with proteins and fats. For instance, if you are having pasta, you should not use butter or olive oil in it, as they don’t make right combination. Vegetables are the right combination. You can add as many veggies in pasta as you want.
  • Fruits which are the most nutrient dense foods should preferably be eaten alone without combining them with other foods. And should you wish to attain maximum benefits from them, eat them with empty stomach.
  • You are recommended to maintain gap of minimum three hours in your meals. That being said, you are not allowed to skip any of your meals.

Three Levels in Suzanne Somers Diet Plan

Suzanne Somers diet program is amazing health oriented weight loss plan which will bring spectacular changes in your body. There are three levels in Suzanne Somers diet program, let’s have a look at these three levels.

Level One – Level one is apt for dieters who are new to the diet program, or who have just embarked on it. This level is very strict and seeks dieters to eliminate several foods from the diet regime. Dieters have very limited number of calories i.e. 1200 calories allowed in this phase. Alcohol is strictly banished for dieters of level one.

Advanced Level One – Level two is for dieters who have spent some time while going along with the diet program. Dieters of level one seeing positive changes taking place into their bodies can switch to advanced level one. At this level, they can occasionally relish the food combinations they like.

Level Two – Level two dieters are those who have attained their sought after weight and they now are looking forward to learn healthy ways of maintaining it forever. In this level, dieters are allowed to consume foods with all the combinations in moderation. In addition to that, foods which were not allowed to dieters in previous levels are permitted in this level. Dieters can also opt to include alcohol and soy products in their diet in moderation.

Workouts in Suzanne Somers Diet Plan

Somers recommends her dieters to practice aerobics or other cardio workouts three days in a week for thirty minutes. She herself never hit gym to shed pounds from her body. She believes, you don’t have to hit gyms for attaining toned body. That can easily be done with various workouts which you simply can practice anywhere.

Benefits of Suzanne Somers Diet

Suzanne Somers diet plan fulfills all the criteria of being made lifestyle diet plan. Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of diet program.

  • The diet plan emphasizes on consumption of low GI foods. These foods will stabilize your blood sugar level. You will get relief from diabetes and cardio diseases.
  • Fresh and whole fruits recommended by diet program will maintain youthful glow and charm on your skin and body.
  • You will get rid of inflammatory reactions, and all the diseases taking place in your body due to obesity.
  • You will get full support as online support service of diet program is available at your service round the clock.
  • Protein rich diet plan will strengthen your muscles and will rev up your metabolism. 

Sample Meal Plan

Suzanne Somers diet plan insists on consumption of four meals in a day.


You can have fresh fruits, hard fried eggs with spinach and mushroom, herb tea, green tea etc. in your breakfast.


You can have grilled salmon and large green salad, Caesar salad with grilled chicken etc. in your lunch.


You can have one piece of string cheese, strawberries with no fat yogurt etc. in your snack.


You can have steamed broccoli, steak with mushroom cream sauce, crème brulee etc. in your dinner.

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