Victoria Lee Workout Secrets and Diet Plan


Victoria Lee made us realize how stunning she looks when she walked the David Jones SS18 runway in August 2018. If you are also charmed with the way she looks, and you envy how awesomely fit she is, then you must read on to know her workout secrets and diet plan that help her to be runway ready.

Victoria Lee in the August 2018 selfie at Sydney, Australia
Victoria Lee in the August 2018 selfie at Sydney, Australia (Victoria Lee / Instagram)

Some of the secrets were spilled by her trainer, Lizzie Bland from Lean Bean Fitness while others were revealed by the beauty herself.

Model Victoria Lee Workout Secrets And Diet Plan That Help Her To Be Runway Ready

Runway Ready Exercise Session

A typical exercise session that helps the diva to be runway ready includes some boxing sets that wake up the muscles and the brain. It is followed by doing a resistance circuit while making use of a TRX. It is awesome for single leg exercises such as pistol squats.

The session is concluded by doing a butt and ab combo that lasts for 10 minutes and is done by wearing ankle weights. The sessions are very hard because her trainer considers herself to be very mean.

Workout While Traveling

When the model is traveling, she prefers to carry resistance bands with her because they are very useful and lightweight.

Victoria Lee in a July 2018 selfie at Sun Studios
Victoria Lee in a July 2018 selfie at Sun Studios (Victoria Lee / Instagram)

At-Home Workout Equipment

For at-home workouts, she uses ankle weights of 5 kg that test a person’s balance and make simple exercises tougher. They are still highly preferred because they target the butt and thigh area.

Quick Exercise

A quick 15-minute exercise recommended by Bland is a combination of cardio and resistance as it increases the heartbeat, challenges the muscles and strengthens them.

A Sample Workout

If you are a fan of Victoria, then Lizzie suggests you to do 1 minute each of the following exercises and complete at least three rounds of them. They are:

  • Skipping
  • Chest to floor burpees
  • High plank (while tapping the knees to your alternating elbows)
  • Jumping Lunges
  • Explosive pushups (lower slowly but be quick on the way up)

Victoria Lee Diet Plan

Lee’s diet plan is mentioned right here:


She enjoys a smoothie with almond milk, fresh spinach, fruit, chia seeds and ginger or a big bowl of porridge or poached eggs with avocado


A big salad with chicken or fish (lean protein) and some avocado as well as healthy fats

Victoria Lee at Williamsburg, Brooklyn in July 2018
Victoria Lee at Williamsburg, Brooklyn in July 2018 (Victoria Lee / Instagram)


Green vegetables with fish or chicken (lean protein again), sweet potato or healthy carbohydrates


Almond or fruits


A few squares of dark chocolate bought from Sydney

Preferred Exercises

Pilates, running, dance classes or weight-bearing exercises help her stay in such an amazing shape.

Featured Image by Victoria Lee / Instagram

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