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Vogue Williams Workout Routine and Diet Secrets

Vogue Williams
Vogue Williams

Vogue Williams is an Irish star who is well-known for working out hard and maintaining her body. She is very dedicated to fitness but she is not inclined towards following any crash diets. She has golden skin, shiny hair, and an enviable body shape. The diva recently spilled on her diet, fitness and beauty secrets and shared her future fitness plans. Have a look at all of it over here.

Workout Routine

The workout routine of the TV personality is very strict. She works out for half an hour every day. She makes the most of her workout sessions by doing tough exercises and putting in her 100%. Her preferred exercises are HIIT, weight training and walking her dog. She also gets personal training sessions from an experienced trainer every now and then. She advises her fans not to use a treadmill for 25 minutes and consider your workout done. Instead, you should do 2 minutes of sprints on the treadmill as it will give you more of a workout.

Vogue Williams workout selfie
Vogue Williams workout selfie

The Changed Approach

While talking to Independent, the radio personality admitted that she has changed her workout approach with time. Earlier, she used to do a lot of cardio exercises but her eating pattern was not good. She tried many bootcamps, talked to nutritionists and now, she has a much better understanding of exercises and foods.

Diet Secrets

The hot model doesn’t believe in doing any diets. She just likes to eat healthily most of the times. As she remains so busy, she cooks food in batches and freezes it. It allows her to have something proper to eat at all times. She also likes snacking on healthy foods like fruits, hummus, nuts, oatcakes, etc. This habit prevents her from feeling hungry.

Cheat Day

The Bear Grylls: Mission Survive (2015-Present) winner likes to eat something if she craves it because if she won’t, she will crave it much more. She also has a cheat day every week and eats pizza, crisps, sweets and chocolates. Though stuffing herself with it makes her a bit sick sometimes, she does that so that she knows the importance of being healthy. It also stops her from having she wants every now and then. She also indulges in unhealthy foods when she meet with her friends during the weekends.

Vogue Williams in her workout gear
Vogue Williams in her workout gear

No Crash Diets

The Stepping Out (2013-2013) participant warns people against crash diets. She gives her own example and says that she lost a stone during the Bear Grylls show. But, she gained it back within 3 weeks just because she switched back to normal eating.

Beauty Tip

The Fade Street (2010-2011) participant wants every woman to get high definition eyebrows as they will transform one’s face. She even confessed to Daily Star that she spends half an hour on her eyebrows even when she has to reach a place early.

Every Woman is Beautiful

The former wife of Brian McFadden thinks that every woman is beautiful in her own way. She truly believes it.

Her Style Ideas

Williams thinks that her style is very changeable. She likes herself when she is dressed up for an event or when she is just moving around in gym wear.

Vogue Williams at "Eating Happiness" VIP screening in London on January 25, 2016
Vogue Williams at “Eating Happiness” VIP screening in London on January 25, 2016

Future Fitness Plans

The Irish beauty plans to start her own bootcamp in September 2016 with the help of Grylls’s personal trainer, Natalie Summers. She says that her bootcamp would be different because they will have evening activities for all the participants. She will participate in it by training people and maybe doing styling talks with them. The bootcamp will also teach useful stuff to people so that they can continue their fitness journey alone after the bootcamp experience ends. She wants it to be a fun experience that can be enjoyed by people on their weekends. Good Luck Vogue!!!

If you like the fitness ideas shared by Vogue, you can follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

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