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Blake Lively Workout Routine Diet Plan

Blake Lively is a well-known actress and has always maintained her figure in a great shape. She was born in the year 1987 and is now a young and beautiful 25 years old woman. Blake has appeared in lots of movies like Accepted, The Private Lives of Pippa Lee, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, The Town, and Green Lantern, etc.

Now, you must be thinking about the secret of her great shape? Don’t worry; here you will be going to know about the secret of her great figure. You must know that the personal trainers of celebrities are the persons behind their great shapes. Blake Lively has selected Bobby Strom, who has also trained celebrities such as Ryan Reynolds, Scarlett Johansson, etc. in the past.

The main aim of her workout regime is to make sure that the accumulated fats are burned out with the help of cardio and circuit training exercises. Blake exercises about 90 minutes each day and much of her time is invested in cardio exercises to burn calories as much as she can.

Circuit training exercises are planned to tone and strengthen her muscles and these comprise all kinds of exercises like –

  • Squats in order to tone her buttocks
  • Lunges for trimming her thighs
  • Push-ups to strengthening her back and shoulder
  • Various types of crunches in order to tone her stomach
  • Employing Jumping jacks for burning more energy
  • Plank to build up leaner abdominals and a stronger core
  • And, for stability and posture using back extensions

While working on “Green Lantern” Blake also learned various exercises and acrobatic movements that have helped to maintain her body in a good shape. Acrobatic exercises are really very beneficial for our body because it includes all kinds of body-weight exercises and thus helps to keep our figure in a great shape.

Circuit training exercises are considered as very old and very effectual exercises and the biggest advantage of these exercises is that one can do these workouts anywhere – on a movie set, at home, at the hotel, on the beach or even in the gym. So, if you cannot attend gym any day then you are able to do circuit exercises at your home.

blake lively workout diet
Blake Lively’s Fit Frame

Balanced Diet Of Blake Lively

Apart from exercising daily, Blake also ensures that she is maintaining a healthy diet. Lively doesn’t go for a special diet, she just takes fresh and healthy foods, such as – varieties of fruits, pulses, vegetables, lean meats, fish, eggs, chicken and dairy products.

Blake Lively Diet Plan

  • Breakfast – She regularly takes oatmeal in the morning because oatmeal provides enough energy that she needs until lunch. Blake takes almond milk along with it because almond milk is rich in protein that helps in muscle repair and recovery after a workout.
  • Lunch – Her afternoon meal includes a salad with some chicken, egg, meat or fish for protein.
  • Dinner – During the night, she takes a sweet potato, healthy vegetables, lean meats and brown rice.
  • Snack – A full fork of lenient dessert or sometimes she herself blend veggies with fruit in a juicer.

Diet variety provides all essential nutrients and assists one to maintain proper and healthy weight through ensuring that one is not having too much sugar or fat. You must remember that balance of diet is the main key to have a healthy and perfect figure.

Blake Lively Fitness Secrets

Circuit Training Exercises – For the film “Green Lantern,” Blake worked out 5 times per week doing circuit 3 times that included working on the core, arms, and legs.

Dynamic Core Movements – During floor crunches, she relies on the moves and planks with a stability ball in order to maintain her stomach tight.

Plyometrics – If anyone wants to have legs just like Blake Lively then it will require some jumping. Lively does numbers of lunges and squats to maintain her legs firm and strong. She also integrates dynamical explosive bursts in her workouts like squat jumps in order to get magnificent results.

Blake Lively’s Spring Workout and Diet Tips

Now that you know about Lively’s workout routine, diet plan, and fitness secrets, you are probably wondering how she transforms her workouts during seasonal changes. Here, you can learn how she approaches fitness during spring by reading the insights shared by her trainer Don Saladino recently.

Blake Lively with trainer Don Saladino in February 2018
Blake Lively with trainer Don Saladino in February 2018 (Don Saladino / Instagram)

Workout Transition

If you want to work out regularly during summer months, then you need to ensure that you work out regularly during winter months to make your body strong and resilient. When that happens, your body will have more work capacity in the summer months. You should also keep exercising in the winters to ensure that you don’t feel the stress to look the leanest during the holiday season.

Recommended Spring Exercises

If you want to exercise outside of the gym as you like spring air, you can try exercises such as running, jumping and skipping.

Pre and Post Workout Nutrition

You should have low carbs at least an hour before the workout as they help with your brain function. Some of you can also go for consuming protein, healthy fats, and veggies at least one hour before the workout.

Workout Week

The trainer believes that there is no ideal workout week and no one size fits all approach. You should always set your exercise routine on the basis of what you can handle. If you feel that you get too tired after exercising for 5 days a week, you should cut it down to just 3 days a week. You can also take his advice and start the workouts with breathing and foam rolling before moving on with a dynamic warmup, strength training, and cardio.

It is also wise to workout on the basis of how you are feeling that day, energized or stressed and customize your workouts accordingly. Do not train with a person who demands 100 percent in every session because that can be impossible at times.

How to Make Workouts Efficient

To make the workouts effective and efficient, you should learn those exercises that suit you. You also need to decide on the intensity you can handle and work accordingly. Don’t go by the popular belief that the more you sweat, the better would be the results as sweating is not a sign to be followed. Push yourself only as much as you can handle and don’t care about what people might think.

Don Saladino shirtless body during a photoshoot in 2018
Don Saladino shirtless body during a photoshoot in 2018 (Don Saladino / Instagram)

Quick Fixes are Real

Unlike many other fitness trainers, this trainer believes that quick fixes are real when it comes to workout. He believes that if you can handle only 10 minutes of exercise every day, it can be enough because it keeps the body moving and works as a reset for your body and mind.

Full Body Toning Exercises

A few exercises you should incorporate into spring training are pushups, rows, reverse lunges, kettlebell swings, and one-legged Romanian deadlift. They form a great full body workout.

Top Fitness Mantra

Coaching someone to be fit is knowing how much a person can do on a day and ensuring that the person feels successful.

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