Britney Spears Workout Routine Diet Plan


We all know that Britney Spears had recently went through a rough patch in her life. She turned to alternatives like burgers, chips, candy for de-stressing and gained around 160 lbs of weight. The reason behind adopting this sort of eating habit was because she lost the custody of her children. To give you even a clearer picture, she is 5’4″ in in height and as per her BMI, she is overweight for sure. She knew that she was gaining a lot of weight and tried to go for several options like diet pills. Taking diet pills did not help her because of losing weight. She was not much fond of vegetables and fruits, which added more to her misery. She even started to drink a lot of alcohol.

Britney Spears followed an array of workouts that helped her in losing the unwanted fat from her body and bringing her slim and trim body back to life.

Britney Spears Workout Routine

Cardio exercises: Britney used the fun way of doing the cardio exercise. She did dance workout for losing the fat. Britney extended her dance rehearsals for several hours. This kept her caloric value in balance. The cardio exercise is the best way of losing fat from the body. One does not need to dance on a regular basis without any break. If you like dancing, then you can also adopt this workout and can get benefit from it, the fun way. Britney enjoys dancing and considers it to be something that is spiritual. She does a lot of travelling and hence she uses the treadmill at least 3 days a week. Before her recent world tour, she did the dance workout for almost five hours every day. This exercise helped in improving her metabolic activity. It also helped in burning more calories and in the end, it helped her in slimming down.

She usually spends 20 minutes on spinning workout. This routine helps her in burning most of her calories. As traveling is a part of her daily life, a treadmill is the machine that she relies on, to help her in maintaining her figure. She also adds light resistance in her training sessions, which further helps in fighting against the body flab. Her main routine exercise is dancing that no doubt has helped her in losing the excess calories and has speeded the process of her weight loss. She took her exercise routine a step further and also included the abs workout. She used weights in her daily routine. Britney used lifting of weights that is conducted under the supervision of a personal trainer. Her exercise routine focuses on the all the major muscles of her body.

She not only followed a strict exercise routine, but she also did strict dieting to make sure that she reduces her fat throughout the body and gets back her normal lean body.

Britney Spears Workout Diet

Britney Spears Diet Plan

During dieting, Britney Spears took the measured food intake. She took the food that contained 40% of carbohydrates, 30% of non-fibers and just 10-20% of non saturated fats. Britney, during her dieting avoided the intake of food that contained refined sugar and carbohydrate food that formed sugar on decomposing. She used to have food containing more carbohydrates in the afternoon; she also used to have many fiber rich diets too. She never ate food after 8 pm. She used to have six small meals per day. Each meal consisted of specially prepared organic food. These food items consisted of chicken, vegetables, and other low calorie items.


If you also want to lose the flab from your body, then you should take inspiration from Britney Spears. She has really done something that seems an almost impossible task, but her determination to look slim and to stay healthy helped her in achieving her goal. You must focus on cardio and if you want to have fun while exercising, you may want to include dancing to your workout routine. Another important thing is to keep a check on the diet that you are on. You must focus on healthier eating alternatives.


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