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Ciara Diet Plan and Workout Routine

5 ft 10 in, tall and sexy, Ciara is an American singer, dancer, actress, and producer. The poised lady has incredibly flat stomach abs, buffed legs, and arms as her trademarks. The Grammy-award winner indeed can triumph any man on the planet by her side with her killer looks and curvy figure. Famed for her sultry dance moves, Ciara looks totally ravishing while giving rocking performances on stage.

Ciara workout gear

While unveiling her secrets, she tells, due to her skinny legs, she looked like chicken in her teenage. Her weird appearance made her go nuts about her looks. The stunner further reveals, she submitted her to workouts at a very young age. In her school days, she used to play as a cheerleader and being put on the bottom of the pyramid, lifting weight of other cheerleaders was no alien to her. The smokin’ beauty attributes 85 percent to diet and 15 percent to workouts for her hale and fit body. To kindle her passion, she often watches athletes like LeBron James on ESPN sports. These athletes spend tons of hours in a day, to look and play up to the mark. Their committed lifestyle sparks off her energy.

Ciara Diet Plan

Her rail thin body might prompt you to assume that the bombshell must be dwelling on some kind of crash diet program. However, absolutely contrary to that, Ciara being nurturing affectionate attitude towards foods doesn’t swear by any starvation diet. Without being culpable, she relishes her beloved foods such as wheat pasta and other foods.

However, just like all other fit celebs of Hollywood, Ciara too succumbed to popular detox program namely Cayenne Pepper diet once in her life. The twenty-one day program restricted her consumption of fatty foods and had her rely on the mercy of liquid diet. Having found it too hard to abide by such a restrictive weight loss program, Ciara switched back to her old diet regime. Although the fab celeb is mostly generous towards her foods, however, she austerely forbids the consumption of salt.

And rather than having three big meals, the kickass beauty fuels her body with five small meals. The sensational beauty shares of being bugged by hunger pangs at night before hitting bed. She treats her with protein smoothie to relinquish appetite. One or two days prior to being on stage, Ciara in particular trims down her intake of fatty foods to make her fit into her skinny outfits. Let’s have a look at one of typical diet regimes of Ciara.

Breakfast – Egg white omelet with spinach and turkey, whole grain pancake with egg whites.

Snacks – Turkey sandwich with loads of veggies, frozen yogurt with fresh fruits

Lunch – Baked potato, steak with broccoli

DinnerVegetable soup, grilled salmon, steamed brown rice

Ciara Workout Routine

While hitting gym five to six times in a week, Ciara incorporates twenty minutes cardio workouts in her workout regime. She performs plyometrics and weight lifting under the guidance of famous celeb trainer, Gunnar Peterson. And the tough girl being equipped with unbelievable endurance lifts heavy weights, which is apparent from her conditioned and sculpted muscles.

The workouts she practices in routine render her excellent support in giving live performances on stage. She loves executing intense workouts on the music of Madonna and also suggests her fans to work out on the music of their favorite singers. While being on tours, Ciara relies on dance as her workouts. Her flat six pack abs is the outcome of 500 ab exercises which she does in one session. Even when she is not set to perform that many reps, she doesn’t fail to perform 200 ab exercises.

Healthy Recommendation For Ciara Fans

Are you seeking to acquire statuesque figure like Ciara? Well, like her, if you too upgrade your eating habits, you can bring dramatic change in your looks. Here are few tips which will aid you in building healthy eating habits.

o   First of all, don’t just wait to be hungry. When you eat before experiencing hunger, you are likely to eat small portion size foods.

o   Instead of having three square meals, eat five to six small meals in a day. Since the gap between breakfast and lunch is extensive, you being bugged by hunger pangs wait desperately for your lunch, and the consequence is – you end up devouring large portion size meals.

o   As and when you witness junk foods being served or eaten in front of you at workplace, divert your attention by engaging you either in work or in speaking to someone over phone. Since you are not actually starving, your temptation will not linger for more than ten minutes.

o   Forbid the consumption of foods such as condiments, dressings, spreads, buttery creams etc. These foods being packed with calories mess up with your weight loss program. However, their elimination will pep up your fat burning process and thus will uphold you in top shape.

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