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Danica Patrick Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Danica Patrick workout

Petite 5 ft 2 in, Danica Patrick is an auto car racing star who also owns one of the fittest and sexiest figures among athletes. Apart from winning numerous car race competitions, the sultry athlete has also graced the cover page of myriad magazines in tiny bikinis. Here are some of the diet and exercise secrets of the athletic beauty which helped her in preparing for her first ever full NASCAR season.

Cardio Workouts

The IndyCar-turned-NASCAR driver had seldom participated in perpetual 600 miles race. To prepare herself for the long races, she required both speed and endurance. She ran daily for one hour to develop agility. From April to September, she religiously adheres to it. Besides rendering varied other benefits, cardio also promises good health of her heart.

Healthy Eating

Aside from the length of race, car racers are also supposed to cultivate endurance to cope with the heat of stock cars. Danica turned to healthy diet to toughen her body from inside. She reckons, no matter how many workouts you do, if you are not eating healthy and nutrient dense diet, you cannot expect to have slender and resilient body. She certainly gives far more importance to diet than exercises to uphold her lean and captivating status.

Before the car competition, in particular, Danica adheres to high-protein, low-carb, and healthy fat diet. She incorporated bountiful foods such as grilled salmon, brown rice with grilled chicken, grilled onions etc. in her diet. She eats healthy and protein rich foods such as oatmeal, hard boiled eggs, three egg-white omelet, fish etc. in her breakfast. Danica doesn’t prefer having her lunch before 2 pm and eats foods such as open-face turkey sandwiches with green veggies, mustard, tomato etc. in her lunch.

Six Small Meals

Danica fuels her with nutrient loaded snacks for five to six times in a day. After every two to three hours, she eats wholesome snacks such as apple, wheat toast with peanut butter, slice of cheese, vegetable soup with spinach, basil, and low-fat mozzarella, yogurt with berries etc. in her snacks. The exquisite beauty consumes both red wine and dark chocolate in small quantity on daily basis. Both the food items have antioxidant properties capable to get rid your body from harmful radicals.

Food Intolerances

Being health conscious, the brunette performed some blood tests. And since she was detected to have gluten and dairy intolerance, she restrained the consumption of gluten and dairy foods. To her astonishment, there was immense improvement in her health and metabolism with the elimination of the foods to which she was intolerant.

We mostly evade some basic health parameters and keep consuming foods which actually don’t suit our body. The foods which we deem wholesome, but if don’t go well with our body, are no less than unhealthy foods. Prior to embarking on any diet plan or weight loss plan, make sure that your body is not sensitive to certain foods. You might be intolerant to gluten, dairy, and other grains. So if you wish to acquire optimum health and magnificent body, don’t overlook your sensitivity towards foods.

No Juicing

Danica steers clear from fruit juices and energy drinks. She contends, since juices easily gets absorbed in the body, they are quick sources of vitamins and minerals. However, juices being opulent sources of sugar might also mess with your blood glucose. The hot babe comprehends the nutrition fact and thus steers clear from juices. She drinks green smoothie instead which she prepares by using apple, kale, pear, banana, lemon, pear, spinach etc. as ingredients. Besides being dense in fibers, green smoothies are also packed with vital nutrients.

Homemade Meals

Danica forbids jeopardizing her health by feeding restaurant meals to it. You never know what kind of ingredients, spices etc. are being used in the foods cooked in restaurants. It’s always a safer option to opt for homemade meals. You at least know what ingredients you are putting in the meals. Moreover, you can even cook not very healthy foods such as pasta etc. while mixing plenty of green and leafy veggies in it.

Strength Training and Yoga

To handle the hefty car and powerful steering, the stunning lady requires having strong arms and hands. While being supervised by her personal trainer, Bob Alejo, Danica executes workouts four times in a week. Even when she works out on her own, she doesn’t forget to take valuable advice of her trainer. She reserves one complete day for lower torso workouts. And to boost her muscles without bulking, she lifts medium intensity weights. Her workouts being mainly focused on strengthening her upper body has her do lunges, squats, crunches etc. In winters, she alternates cardio workouts with yoga. The pretty star adores the peaceful yoga moves but often finds her suffer from the dearth of time to execute both yoga and strength training simultaneously.

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