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Debra Messing Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Debra Messing at 2014 Joyful Revolution Gala in New York City
Debra Messing at 2014 Joyful Revolution Gala in New York City

Bubbly star, Debra Messing recently shed twenty pounds and astonished us with her dramatic transformation. The best part is that there were no starvation diet and rigorous workouts which had her shed weight abruptly. Debra attributes mainly healthy and nutrient dense diet for her weight loss. However, she admits that the primary intention which had her switch to balanced diet was not weight loss; it rather was to acquire optimum health. Reduction in weight is mere one of the side effects of the amazing benefits which wholesome diet has rendered her. Here are some of the diet and workouts secrets of Debra Messing, which brought her in slender shape.

Clean and Sugar Free Diet

Debra has been a victim of varied allergies since a long time. As a result of which, she felt slothful, dull, and charmless all the while. To purge her body from all the nihilistic traits, Debra cut back the consumption of alcohol, caffeine, sugar, gluten containing foods etc. and turned to clean and sugar free diet. She incorporated clean, organic, and sugar-free foods in her diet and to her amazement; there were significant improvements in her energy level, skin, hair, and body. Not only did she get lustrous hair and glowing skin, her eyes too grew clear and radiant.

Swept Away Junk Foods

The pretty actress being in immense love with foods relished on diverse junk and processed foods such as pizza, burger, French fries, potato chips etc. She was never into green and leafy veggies. She in fact used to maintain distance from them. However, after getting the realization about the degenerative influences of junk foods, Debra has now embraced healthy eating habits. The hot babe doesn’t miss to begin her day with green and nutrient laden smoothie made up of kale, spinach, celery, ginger, cucumber, lemon etc.

Post Baby Weight Loss 

Debra bulked up sixty pounds during her pregnancy in 2005. She credits her relentless consumption of sugary and fast foods for her unsolicited pounds. To melt away those unwanted pounds, instead of abiding by yo yo diet plans, she practiced portion control. She consumed all her beloved foods while maintaining their portion size small.

Since diet alone was not sufficient enough to tone her body, she also embraced workouts and performed multiple exercises under the guidance of popular celeb trainer, Gunnar Peterson. Her fitness trainer had her bank mainly on resistance training. Thanks to portion controlled diet and strength training, that within three months past the birth of her first child, she snapped back in superb pre-baby shape.

Workouts and Physically Agile Schedule

Without being obsessed about workouts, Debra swears by very pragmatic attitude towards exercises. The charming lady deals with her super hectic schedule very judiciously. She works out three times in a week, which consists of practicing on stationary bike, lifting weights, doing circuit training etc. She also performs yoga and Pilates to make her body lither and graceful.

Healthy Tips for Fans

Who on earth does not wish to be in enviable shape? However, most of us feel helpless because we simply cannot avoid sitting for hours on chair in office. And your body has to pay heavy toll for the long sitting because it drastically slows down your body fat burning process and metabolism. Not only this, your blood pressure and cholesterol level too rise as a result of long sitting hours. Even if you are regular in executing workouts, your body packs up numerous unwanted pounds while sitting. Here are some sitting workouts which you can perform along with doing your work. In addition to these exercises, make sure that you get up from your seat after every hour, do some push-ups against wall, and execute couple of other stretching exercises.

Squeeze Your Abs

You can squeeze your abs whenever you feel like. Keep your abs stretched for minimum ten seconds and make as many reps as you wish. The stress-free workout shall tighten your abs. Aside from this; you can also lift your feet off the ground and propel them in forward direction. Repeat the workout for minimum twenty repetitions. The workout shall tone your lower abs and render your stomach a flat look.

Tone Your Legs

Raise your legs from the ground and make them parallel to it. While doing so, make sure that the entire strain is falling on your thighs. Stay in the same position for couple of seconds, and repeat the workout numerous times. To make the workout more influential, put the weight of other leg too on one single leg by letting your foot rest on the lifted leg.

Listen to Your Favorite Music

Listen to your favorite music to divert your attention from the stressful work. When you listen to your beloved music, your body inadvertently gives some sitting movements because the music blends with your mind and soothes your brain cells. Your shoulder, feet, neck, and other movement shall trigger fat burning process in your body.

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