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Demi Bagby Height, Weight, Age, Body Statistics

Demi Bagby Quick Info
Height 4 ft 11.5 in
Weight 52 kg
Date of Birth January 10, 2001
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Eye Color Hazel

Demi Bagby is an American social media star, bodybuilder, dancer, fitness model, and professional athlete, best known for her Instagram channel “demibagby” which has garnered a following of more than 2 million. She came to prominence around 2014, after she suffered a devastating injury while cheerleading, and broke her lower back. Following her 3-month recovery with high chances of never walking again, Demi became inspired by CrossFit athletes she watched from her bed. As soon as she was able to, Demi started working out carefully, and ultimately began preparing for the CrossFit Games athlete competition in 2015. She proved her worth and managed to land the 517th Overall Rank (By Country) in the division of “Teenage Girls (14-15).”

After she saw her the potential and recognized her internal drive to succeed, Demi began training for the next year’s competition. Her hard work paid off immensely, and she ranked 23rd Worldwide and 21st By Country at the Reebok CrossFit Games in 2016. The appearance brought her in front of a worldwide audience that was amazed at her physical feats despite being only 15, and her audience on social media blossomed as a result. To use the attention, Demi began documenting her workouts and started inspiring and motivating other people through collaborations with other athletes, which she also used as a way to challenge herself in other areas of athleticism and bodybuilding. Demi Bagby has also amassed a large fanbase online with more than 4 million fans on TikTok, 200k followers on Facebook, and more than 100k subscribers on YouTube.

Born Name

Demi Bagby

Nick Name


Demi Bagby in an Instagram selfie as seen in June 2019
Demi Bagby in an Instagram selfie as seen in June 2019 (Demi Bagby / Instagram)

Sun Sign


Born Place

San Diego, California, United States


San Diego, California, United States




Social Media Star, Professional Athlete, Bodybuilder, Dancer, Fitness Model


  • Siblings – Devon Bagby (Older Brother) (Actor). She also has an older brother and an older sister.


Demi Bagby is represented by Abrams Artists Agency (Talent Agent) in Los Angeles, California, United States.




4 ft 11.5 in or 151 cm


52 kg or 114.5 lbs

Demi Bagby in an Instagram post as seen in March 2019
Demi Bagby in an Instagram post as seen in March 2019 (Demi Bagby / Instagram)

Race / Ethnicity


She is of American descent.

Hair Color

Light Brown

She has also dyed her hair ‘Dark Brown’ and had ‘Blonde’ highlights in the past.

Eye Color


Distinctive Features

Short, bodybuilder physique

Brand Endorsements

Demi Bagby has endorsed brands such as –

  • Gainzbox (2017)
  • Rogue (2018)
  • Black Rifle Coffee (2018)
  • Gymshark (2019)
  • XTEND (2019)
  • C4 by Cellucor (2019)
  • 5.11 Tactical Gear (2019)
  • Jeep (2019)
  • Evolve Skateboards USA (2019)
  • Ruroc Helmets (2019)
  • GoJump America (2019)
Demi Bagby in a selfie in February 2019
Demi Bagby in a selfie in February 2019 (Demi Bagby / Instagram)

Best Known For

  • Her social media following with more than 4 million fans on TikTok, more than 2 million followers on Instagram, more than 200k followers on Facebook, and more than 100k subscribers on YouTube
  • Being ranked 23rd worldwide and 21st in the United States at the 2016 CrossFit Games in the “Teenage Girls (14-15)” division

Personal Trainer

Demi Bagby grew up playing soccer and always had an active life during her time at school as part of the cheerleading team. However, after a very tough period following a broken lower back during cheerleading in early 2014, she was met with a grim diagnosis of being in the wheelchair for a long period of time, or even worse, forever. While in her hospital bed and later at home, resting, she became inspired by CrossFit athletes such as Kristi Eramo and Frank Medrano. She vowed to herself that if she could only get back on her feet again, she wouldn’t take that opportunity for granted.

Demi went through a recovery process that took about 3 months, after which she was able to walk again, and started to exercise slowly. One of her 1st social media posts that went viral showed her doing a muscle-up on the bar, only 3 days after she began practicing calisthenics. This was proof enough of her immense upper body strength and athleticism. On February 22, 2016, she also managed to do a 138 kg or 304.5 lb clean-and-jerk.

She doesn’t follow a typical gym split routine and often switches things up on a weekly basis. At the gym, Demi does CrossFit or powerlifting related exercises such as farmer‘s walk, squats, deadlifts, bench press, plank, push-ups, pull-up, knee-to-chest for abs, L-sit, and kettlebell swings. She is also very good at handstands, which she can also do on a treadmill even, as well as splits and a human flag, which requires immense upper body strength.

Besides her regular workout routine, Demi also incorporates skateboarding, free climbing, rock climbing, parkour, gymnastics, swimming, dancing, elements of cheerleading, yoga, as well as unique forms of acrobatics, such as acro-yoga. She has also expressed her opinion that flips are a very underrated form of cardio and that people think they only look good. In reality, she found them to be an efficient exercise.

For her fans that don’t have access to equipment, Demi has created a Tire Workout that she follows herself when she needs something simple.

Tire Workout

She can do 5 sets of 10 reps of each exercise and advises everyone to start slow and find a healthy middle as to not overtrain and cause an injury.

  • Step Up Knee Drive – Start with a foot on an elevated surface, and do 10 reps for each leg which counts as 1 set
  • High Knees To Lateral Jumps – 4 steps run in place, then jump into the tire, and repeat that 10 times
  • Alternating Extension Push-Ups – 10 reps each arm (20 in total is 1 set)
  • High Jumps To Burpee – Jump in and out of the tire, then do the burpee outside
  • Incline Mountain Climbers – 10 reps each leg (20 in total)
  • Elevated Foot Taps – Similar to high knees, only now the foot is brought to the elevated surface, with 10 reps per leg

Demi Bagby Favorite Things

  • Social Media Accounts – Any Motivational Quotes, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson
  • Cuisine – Mexican
  • Food – Tacos
  • BandsGuns N’ Roses, 5 Seconds of Summer
  • SingersAlessia Cara, Ariana Grande
  • SongSweet Child O’ Mine by Guns N’ Roses
  • Word – Fearless
  • Quote – “The fearless are not born, they are made.”

Source – Instagram Bio, Instagram, Instagram, InstagramInstagram

Demi Bagby as seen in October 2018
Demi Bagby as seen in October 2018 (Demi Bagby / Instagram)

Demi Bagby Facts

  1. When she was 6 years old and aboard a U.S.S ship, her family organized a military tribute to send around 3k care packages to the United States troops serving in Iraq.
  2. On March 13, 2017, Demi challenged Kevin Hart and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to a pull-up challenge. She also appeared alongside Kevin in a social media post in March 2018.
  3. In June 2019, she was named a finalist in the category of “Health & Wellness” at the 11th annual Shorty Awards.
  4. Demi rarely gets embarrassed and embraces anything that happens to her, no matter how weird it is.
  5. She stated that her lower back injury shaped her into who she became.
  6. One of the fanbase meet-ups she loved the most was completely unplanned. When she visited Canada for the 1st time, a large group of her followers approached asking for a picture with her.
  7. If she could give any advice to her younger self, it would be to be more patient, and sit down, breathe, and think things out before acting.
  8. The type of people she despises the most are thieves.
  9. Demi stated that she’s “a proud American” type of a person.
  10. She collaborated with a fitness model and THENX company CEO, Christian Heria, in October 2017 in a video on her YouTube channel.
  11. Due to popular demand, she has created numerous public Spotify playlists specifically for her fans.
  12. If she could go back and interview anyone, dead or alive, it would be the rock band Guns N’ Roses. Demi would like to see what exactly inspired them to write and perform the song Sweet Child O’ Mine which is her favorite.
  13. She is not the type of person that plans too far ahead. Demi stated that she takes each new day as a chance to experience something new and be better than she was yesterday.
  14. The thing that typically surprises her fanbase when they get to meet her is her height. Most of them assume she’s around 5 ft 2 in or 157.5 cm.
  15. As part of the Black Rifle Coffee brand promotion, in July 2018, she had the chance to shoot a large machine gun.
  16. Her ideal Saturday consists of waking up early, skydiving to the beach, surfing the whole day, listening to music, and interacting with people, and then playing spikeball. At night, she would go off-roading.
  17. Demi celebrated her 18th birthday by skydiving.
  18. During a “Guess Their Age” game video on April 19, 2019, it became known that she isn’t the best at it. She only managed to correctly guess Jake Angeles’s age at 19.

Featured Image by Demi Bagby / Instagram

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