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Denise Richards Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Stunningly hot and beautiful Denise Richards is an American actress and former model. Best known for her roles in Starship Troopers, The World is Not Enough, Wild Things, Dancing with the Stars etc., the bikini hugging figure of Denise makes it difficult to take our eyes off from her. Running in her forties, the Bond girl seems to have acquired the best shape of her life at such a mature age. Her skinny body with zero cellulite looks nothing but fascinating.

The sassy actress is single mother of three beautiful daughters. Divorced to Charlie Sheen, it was seldom easy for her to come out from the trauma of divorce, but she diverted her attention from divorce to her daughters and engrossed herself in showering her motherly love over them. Having gotten the significance of positive attitude, the lovely actress not just pampers her kids but also takes great care of her own self. Her enviable figure, which doesn’t feel coy when being flaunted in bare clothes, certainly is the outcome of her sane diet and workouts.

Denise Richards Diet Plan

From very early in her life, the elegant actress has been relying on nutrient dense foods to nourish her body. Since, crash diet plans are good enough only to make your body devoid of nutrients, she doesn’t dwell on them. She self-proclaims of being eighty percent vegan. Her food items generally are oatmeal, green veggies, egg whites, baked chicken, brown rice, fruits etc. She also indulges herself in her favorite foods such as ice cream and pretzels, but she certainly does that sporadically.

She eats very balanced diet and revers moderation more than control in her diet. Moreover, three big meals in a day suit more than five or six small meals in a day to her. She makes sure that she feeds her body while paying attention to the nutrient needs of her body.

Denise Richards Workout Routine

Denise Richards workout

Denise is one of the celebs who bow their heads to exercises. To her, workouts are not just superb means of toning her body; they also take off stress from her mind and make her feel happier. She contends, we all have different body make and there can be no standard workout, which can fit equally to all of us. So, we need to spend time in figuring out the workout, which works best for us.

The sexy actress also tried diverse workouts such as cardio, strength training, circuit training etc., however her pursuit ended at Pilates, which endowed her with the most gratifying result. Owning to her family history of neck and back pain, Pilates was the only exercise, which was easy on her back and neck.

Since very long time, she has been practicing Pilates, without fail four days in a week. Her flat abs and tiny waist indeed are the testimonies of Pilates. Apart from that, she is big fan of dance and loves to dance until her legs give in completely. She hits dance classes four to five times in a week with all her zeal and energy. She also executes Physique 57, which is perfect fusion of dance and Pilates. And her workouts inevitably don’t fail to astound her with rewarding results.

Healthy Recommendation For Denise Richards Fans

Should you aspire to have sleeker, healthier, and happier body, make some vital lifestyle changes. For instance, while working at office, prefer not spending persistent long hours sitting in the same posture on the same seat. Keep taking small yet frequent breaks so as to keep blood circulation at par in your body. You can also do quick lunges to assist your body in functioning correctly.

Besides that, bank on hot liquids having low calories. You can immensely enhance the detoxifying property of calorie free liquids by consuming them in hot form. For instance, prefer drinking hot green tea, lentil soup, hot ginger zest water etc. These hot beverages propel toxins out from your body and rev up your metabolism. Small changes in your lifestyle are capable of fetching radical changes in your body and life. And the best part is, you don’t have to make radical changes affecting your work to incorporate these little yet wholesome changes in your lifestyle.

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