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DNCE Members, Tour, Information, Facts

DNCE members (left to right) Cole Whittle, Joe Jonas, JinJoo Lee, and Jack Lawless at at Soundbox, Bangkok on August 10, 2017
DNCE members (left to right) Cole Whittle, Joe Jonas, JinJoo Lee, and Jack Lawless at Soundbox, Bangkok on August 10, 2017 (Sry85 / Wikimedia / CC BY-SA 4.0)

DNCE is an American dance-rock band that made its debut in 2015 (on hiatus since 2019) and was formed by vocalist Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers, drummer Jack Lawless, bassist and keyboardist Cole Whittle, and guitarist JinJoo Lee. They had risen to fame with their debut single titled Cake by the Ocean which made it into #9 place on the US Billboard Hot 100 charts. The group has also won several awards including the “Favorite New Artist” at the 2016 Kids’ Choice Awards and “Best Song to Lip Sync” and “Best Anthem” at the 2016 Radio Disney Music Awards.


  1. Joe Jonas (Vocals, Frontman)
  2. JinJoo Lee (Vocalist, Guitarist)
  3. Cole Whittle (Bass Guitarist, Backing Vocals)
  4. Jack Lawless (Drummer, Backing Vocals)


Los Angeles, California, United States


Funk Pop, Dance Rock


Republic Records

Formation Date


Singing Portfolio

  • DNCE released its debut self-titled album on November 18, 2016. Originally, it was compiled with a total of 14 tracks including Body Moves, Cake by the Ocean, and Toothbrush. Their Target exclusive and Japanese version included 3 other tracks. On top of that, DNCE added 3 more songs to their jumbo version that included their 4th hit single from the album titled Kissing Strangers.
  • On October 23, 2015, DNCE released its first extended play titled Swaay.
  • DNCE’s Lawless has described his band’s music as “disco funk hits played by a good garage band.”

DNCE Facts

  1. Initially, DNCE came into the plan by Joe Jonas and Jack Lawless while living together. Later, JinJoo Lee joined Lawless and Jonas to begin the band in 2015, in Los Angeles, California.
  2. On September 18, 2015, DNCE released their debut single titled Cake by the Ocean. It was also featured in their self-titled debut studio album.
  3. DNCE was featured on Grease: Live on January 31, 2016.
  4. They joined singer and songwriter Selena Gomez in February 2016, for her Revival Tour.
  5. DNCE has cited Electric Light Orchestra, Sly and the Family Stone, Weezer, Earth, Wind & Fire, Hall & Oates, Prince, the Bee Gees, and Led Zeppelin to be the band’s influence.
  6. After the reunion of the Jonas Brothers band, the DNCE group went on an indefinite hiatus in 2019 which was formed in 2015.
  7. After a 3-year hiatus, the band released a new song titledĀ Dancing FeetĀ with DJ Kygo in February 2022.
  8. In May 2022, DNCE released a new song titled Move.

Featured Image by DNCE / Instagram

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