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Jennifer Ellison Transformation From Size Eighteen to Size Eight

Jennifer Ellison dramatic weight loss
Jennifer Ellison dramatic weight loss

Popular for her enviable curves, Jennifer Ellison turned millions of eyes towards her when she transformed from size eighteen to size eight. The stunner bulked up numerous unsolicited pounds after the birth of her second son, Harry Tickle. While sharing the plight of being overweight, she states that she felt humiliated to witness her ballooned figure. However, retrieving pre-pregnancy figure brought back her confidence in herself and made her feel awesome. Jennifer spills out her diet and workout secrets which helped her strip off surplus pounds. 

Rigorous Workouts in Bootcamp

Jennifer Ellison stretching
Jennifer Ellison stretching her body.

To purge unwanted calories, Jennifer joined bootcamp where she practiced plentiful of rigorous workouts. Her efforts were inclined to slim down her body for giving n*de shoots for Calendars. Power jumps, squats, abs exercise, sprints, weight training were some of the workouts she performed in the bootcamp. To help her fans drop baby weight, Jennifer has also released a workout, namely, Jennifer Ellison’s Fat Blaster Workout DVD. The hottie contends that she feels really amazing because dropping weight with workouts and prudent diet impart her achiever like feelings.

Post Baby Workouts

Since six months after pregnancy are extremely crucial, Jennifer too was asked by her doctors not to do exercises until six months were over. Post six months, she executed myriad workouts such as boxing, Pilates, etc. in the supervision of her personal trainer.

Jennifer Ellison boxing with her trainer.
Jennifer Ellison boxing with her trainer.

Cambridge Diet Plan

Jennifer embraced Cambridge diet plan to retrieve her pre-pregnancy figure. The plan which is mainly high in protein, low carb plan allowed her to consume 800 calories in a day. It was the influence of restrictive low calorie diet program that in mere two months, her weight translated from 12st 7 lb to 10st 7 lb. Although the benefits of the plan were overwhelming but Jennifer shares that she really hates it when she has to turn a watchful eye towards each and every item going into her mouth.

Love for Balanced Diet

Jennifer loves eating balanced diet capable enough to provide adequate nutrition to her body. She includes foods such as yogurt, beets, artichokes, oregano, rosemary, unsweetened energy drinks, smoothies etc. in her diet. Apart from that, she eats healthy foods in her meals. Let’s have a look at the sample of her typical day diet plan.

Breakfast – Scrambled eggs, whole grain cereal with semi-skimmed milk, beans etc.

Snacks – Guacamole with vegetable sticks, seeds and nuts, peanut butter, cereal bars etc.

Lunch – Tomato soup with hummus, mushroom omelet, tuna etc.

Dinner – Vegetable stir fry with brown rice, grilled salmon, turkey etc.

Healthy Tips for Fans

 Here are some healthy tips for fans seeking to acquire svelte figure.

Expose Yourself to Sun

Research shows that exposure to sun has positive influence on your internal clock that is circadian rhythm, which boost your sleeping pattern. And since better sleep is directly proportional to weight loss, it naturally helps you slim down. That’s why people who execute workouts in light have been found to have lower BMI (Body Mass Index) than those who practice workouts in dark.

Develop Mindful Acumen

When it comes to consumption of foods, develop wary acumen. Research shows that when your body and mind are in harmony with each other, you are less likely to resort to stress or emotional eating. If you are mindful, mood swings too shall become a rare behavioral pattern coming from you. You can nurture such an attitude by meditating with long breaths for five to ten minutes in the morning.

Protein Rich Diet

Protein rich diet is yet another influential way to stay slender. And if you eat protein rich foods in your breakfast, not only will it keep you contented for longer, but calorie burning process shall grow faster. Mere 30-39 grams of protein in breakfast will cut back your calorie consumption for afternoon meal of the day, that is lunch. With the intake of protein, there is a release of one hormone namely “Peptide YY” in your body which makes you feel full for longer. 

Do Sweaty Workouts

One study done by Medical & Science in Sports & Exercise claimed that people who execute sweaty workouts in the morning not only have revved metabolism but they also feel less tempted to consume junk foods. So, if you are running for twenty minutes or walking for forty minutes in the morning, you can be sure not to be bugged by unwholesome cravings.

Apart from sharing her weight loss secrets, Jennifer also dispels the truth as for why she gained so much of weight in the first place. She shares, she consumed bountiful of junk and processed foods such as chocolates, burgers etc. in her pregnancy which had her grow so much overweight. She admits eating enormous foods during pregnancy because she wanted to maintain good health of the baby in her womb. Jennifer states that she herself couldn’t figure out when and how she packed up so much so that she became a sorry figure.

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