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Karlie Kloss Diet Plan and Workout Routine

6 ft 1 in tall, Karlie Kloss is a fashion and runway model who is very popular for her signature walk. Victoria’s Secret model has lean figure and she loves displaying her sultry body in bikini and ultra-tiny clothes. Naturally slim blue eyed beauty credits both her diet and workouts equally for her athletic body. Here are some of the diet and exercise secrets of Karlie Kloss.

Balanced and Vegan Eating Habits

Kloss reckons, instead of resorting to fad diet plans or starvation diet, if you bring balance in your eating habits, you can uphold your slender figure forever. While pointing up the consumption of vegan foods, Kloss eats bountiful foods such as fruits, veggies, lean proteins etc. Kloss feels hungry very often, so she always carries wholesome snacks such as spearmint, dark chocolate, almonds, apples, granola bars, etc. in her purse. Besides that, she indulges in Karlie’s Kookies which are vegan and nutrient dense foods having wholesome ingredients such as oats, almond flour, dark chocolate, oats, agave, olive oil etc. used in them.

Karlie Kloss eating her meal
Karlie Kloss splurging on her favorite food.

Having great reverence for clean and nutrient dense foods, the hot babe takes light breakfast. Her breakfast remains light even when she has enormous free time to cook the morning meal for her. She consumes low calorie and protein laden smoothie while using one cup unsweetened almond milk, spoonful of chocolate powder, one banana, and one cup blackberries as ingredients. Aside from that, breakfast being her favorite meal of the day consists of yogurt, cereals, crepes, pancakes, egg whites etc. She keeps varying her breakfast items and keeps finding new, healthy, and delicious choices for her breakfast.

Workouts with Personal Trainer

Karlie Kloss during a gym exercise

Kloss being very sporty from her childhood seldom felt the requirement to hire a personal trainer. However, at nineteen, she hired one fitness instructor because of her jam-packed schedule after becoming Victoria’s Secret model, she couldn’t manage to have time for workouts. She primarily hired the personal trainer to cope with her hectic traveling schedule.

Lately to prepare her for Nike’s Fall 2014 collection, Kloss once again begun performing workouts under the guidance of master trainer, Traci Copeland. Kloss hits gym five times in a week. Her fitness expert has her execute numerous cardio workouts and strength training. Moreover, her inclination being to constantly challenge her body doesn’t let her rest when she develops comfort level with workouts. It rather instigates her pursuit to explore new and high intensity workouts. Her long and streamlined legs testify tremendous leg lifts the youthful beauty performs to condition them.

Outdoor Workouts

Karlie Kloss cycling

The brunette bombshell being in love with outdoor workouts over indoor workouts executes myriad activities such as hiking, running, swimming, biking etc. She in particular likes summers because it renders her freedom to spend loads of her time in company of her pals. She also gets enormous time to perform outdoor workouts. However, during winters, the stunner is left with no other option but hit gym to work out.

Karlie Kloss running

Pilates – To Strengthen Core

The pretty model keeps rolling back and forth between yoga and Pilates. However, she feels more captivated to practice Pilates because the workouts coming under Pilates target specific as well as core muscles. The exercise builds up all her major muscles and keeps up her sylphlike figure. She also executes SoulCycle every now and then.

Professional Ballerina Training

Due to the professional training of Ballerina which the young model had got in her childhood, Kloss performs ballet. Dancing indeed aids her in stripping off unsolicited pounds and perking up her posture and flexibility. She acknowledges ballet as an excellent exercise which works out at diverse levels. It boosts our strength, balance, and length. She also cherishes dancing session along with her girlfriends, however, she doesn’t let the dearth of their company cripple her dance sessions. The spark to look amazing and charismatic in front of millions of her fans inspires her and keeps her in high spirit.

Meditation – Way to Relax Mind

Workouts inevitably sculpt her body but the gorgeous model doesn’t remain confined to them. To calm down her mind, she also meditates for ten to fifteen minutes in a day. Apart from shaking off stress from her mind, meditation also makes her mood positive and jovial.

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