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Kirsten Dunst Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Do you wonder what celebs do to look camera-ready? Do they do something extraordinary or just live the routine life like we all do? And if it is so, then why do they look so fascinating and charismatic.

Kirsten Dunst in her workout gear
Kirsten Dunst in her workout gear

Well, celebs undeniably go extra miles to sustain their name, fame, and looks. Since, film industry is their bread and butter; they do everything viable to be in buzz. However, it’s not completely unfeasible to abide by their lifestyle. We all do have means available with us; we merely have to put them into action.

Having risen to the height of fame from Spiderman, Kirsten Dunst is an American actress. The award-winning actress being naturally sleek is always in incredibly marvelous shape. Here are some of the diet and exercise routines which always keep up the actress in top shape.

Workout With Pals – Workouts inevitably are imperative for healthy and slender body. And we often have to muster enormous courage to prompt us to do them on daily basis. However, when we do exercises in the company of our pals, they don’t annoy us. They rather turn it into an amusing activity. Having gotten this uncomplicated formula, Dunst prefers working out with her girlfriends. She performs myriad exercises such as boxing, dancing, cardio barre, Pilates etc. while having fun with her buddies. The smashing beauty adores celebrity trainer, Tracy Anderson’s dance-based workout. Incessant sweaty dance for one and a half hour certainly leaves no room for fats in her body. Besides that, ballet dancing is something to which she never says no.

Five Small Meals – Instead of stocking her body with three big square meals, Dunst re-energize her by having five small nutrient dense meals. Her meals mostly stem from food items having opulent content of protein and complex carbs. Small meals fuel her body before she is even bugged by hunger pangs.

Kirsten Dunst eating her diet

Bigger Dress Size – Alarming Signal – No-one else on the planet knows your body more than you do. You might afford to get the direction of pricey personal trainers or nutrition experts. However, they too cannot help you unless you revere your body and its signals. We all do have some crazy tiny outfits, which we love a lot. And when we bulk up, we no more fit in those dresses. Under such circumstances, we normally console ourselves by saying that it’s the influence of natural hormonal change or something like that. However, the fab actress doesn’t act that way. She rather becomes super-active, when her outfits turn tight. She engrosses her in workouts and doesn’t respite unless those outfits fit her.

Moderation in Diet – Dunst swears by moderation in diet. She is pertinent about the hostile influences of sugar, salt and high carb foods on body. However, instead of totally cutting back their consumption, she trims it down.

Acid-Alkaline Diet – The blonde bombshell being in ON and OFF relationship with Acid-Alkaline diet succumbs to it to purge her body from poisonous toxins and free environmental radicals. The program has her bank seventy percent on alkaline foods and thirty percent on acidic foods to balance her pH level. Among beverages, instead of banking on soft drinks, fizzy drinks, tea, and coffee, Dunst rather opts to have nutrient-laden green juice.

Her Creative Aromatherapy – We all are naturally credited with some out-of-box traits. However, we refrain from molding our thoughts into reality. Unlike all of us, the bombshell transformed her fantasy into reality to chill her body and mind. Aromatherapy is something which the starlet has explored all by herself. She blends varied essential oils with diverse aroma to beat depression, stress, fatigue, desire, and insomnia. Aromatherapy being directly linked to our nervous system has incredible capacity to soothe our mind and bestow us eternal peace.

Workouts with Personal Trainer – Dunst being very athletic and sporty doesn’t appreciate her being sitting idle. Under the guidance of her personal trainer, Kacy Duke, she executes copious cardio and strength training workouts. Jogging and swimming are her trusted cardio workouts to torch fats, and strength training is her tool to acquire strong and resilient body. If you too aspire to adhere to her workout regime, don’t step back because you don’t have a personal trainer. Fitness instructors just educate you about the correct techniques and postures. However, in today’s tech-oriented world, where we have all the vital information of the world available on the internet, do you really think you cannot work out without a personal trainer? Download some nice videos from YouTube and execute exercises as if you are being supervised by an instructor.

Empty Stomach Workouts – Kirsten’s fitness instructor makes her to workout with empty stomach to bump up the impact. Not only, you shed weight faster with empty stomach workouts, you are also unlikely to suffer from stomach pain, bloating etc., which generally happens when you do workouts with full stomach.

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