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Marina Joyce Height, Weight, Age, Body Statistics

Marina Joyce Quick Info
Height 5 ft 2 in
Weight 50 kg
Date of Birth  1, 1997
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Boyfriend Brandon Mehmed

Marina Joyce is an English social media star, TV personality, and model, best known for her YouTube channel initially called “iRaindropsx” before she changed it to reflect her real name. The channel, which has amassed a fanbase of more than 2.5 million subscribers, is dedicated to lifestyle tips and tricks, spirituality, makeup tutorials, product reviews, challenges, vlogs, comedy skits, fashion hauls, commentary, and reactions. She created it on August 25, 2010, but it only came to prominence in mid-2012 when she posted her 1st video and became known for her slightly awkward and anxious personality. This personality trait led a part of her fanbase to believe that she was under duress while making videos, or even worse, got kidnapped around 2016.

She clarified on a number of occasions that it wasn’t the case and that it was her depression to blame. The same rumors sparked back up again on July 31, 2019, when she was reported missing. After a little more than 10 days, and the hashtag #SaveMarinaJoyce went trending again, London police found her safe and in good health. Her boyfriend stated that it had nothing to do with him and that she has returned home. Due to her story being covered in all well-known online portals and magazines, her social media following arose slightly as well. She has also amassed a large fanbase online with more than 1 million followers on Facebook and more than 400k followers on Twitter.

Born Name

Marina Rose Iris Alice Louise Joyce

Nick Name

iRaindropsx, Marina MewMeow

Marina Joyce in an Instagram post as seen in March 2019
Marina Joyce in an Instagram post as seen in March 2019 (Marina Joyce / Instagram)

Sun Sign


Born Place

England, United Kingdom


London, England, United Kingdom





She attended St Edmund’s College, University of Cambridge in Mount Pleasant, Cambridge, England, United Kingdom.


Social Media Star, Model, TV Personality


  • Mother – Cheryl Joyce
  • Siblings – Elliot Joyce (Brother), Antony Joyce (Brother)


Marina Joyce self-manages her career.




5 ft 2 in or 157.5 cm


50 kg or 110 lbs

Boyfriend / Spouse

Marina Joyce has dated –

  1. Jason “VeeOneEye” Sampson (2014) – In 2014, she was in a relationship with a fellow YouTube star VeeOneEye, who began his vlogging career in early 2012 and is known for his unusual, large haircut. The two collaborated on a number of occasions, most prominently in her videos AWKWARD BATH SITUATIONS, BOYFRIEND TAG, and VEEONEEYE ♥. She introduced him as “the boyfriend she rented off eBay for a day” in 2014. Their favorite thing to do as a couple was to eat pizza and binge Netflix shows, and she was always the Mrs. Right in their relationship. At that time, they usually took around the same time to get ready in the morning, about 20 to 30 minutes, because he had a lot of work to do taming his hairstyle for the day. In addition, the thing that annoyed him about Marina was that she would say, “I’ll be there in a minute,” and show up hours later. She claimed that he wasn’t a romantic at all, but he still “put a ring on her finger” as a joke at their fanbase’s request for a video.
  2. Deji Olatunji (2014)
  3. Brandon Joseph Mehmed (2017-Present) – She calls Brandon, a fellow YouTuber, her “beautiful celestial companion”. The two spoke to each other for the 1st time on November 23, 2016, using a messaging app WhatsApp, as well as via e-mails. 6 days later, they met in person at Hyde Park Winter Wonderland in London, England, United Kingdom. On their 2nd date, in December 2016, they watched the movie Moana (2016) together. Marina introduced him in a video titled AQUARIUM VLOG on January 30, 2017, which was coincidentally also her 1st vlog ever on the channel. The 1st time they said “I love you” was an awkward situation, as they walked in the middle of the street, and discussed love in general. She thought she heard the well-known phrase from him, and he had to say it to break the awkwardness. In June 2018, she already met his dad and brothers, but not his mom because she lived far away.
Marina Joyce and Brandon Mehmed in a selfie in January 2019
Marina Joyce and Brandon Mehmed in a selfie in January 2019 (Marina Joyce / Instagram)

Race / Ethnicity


She is of English descent.

Hair Color

Platinum Blonde

She has also dyed her hair ‘Silver,’ ‘Gray,’ ‘Blonde’, ‘Dark Brown,’ and ‘Pink’.

Eye Color


Sexual Orientation


Distinctive Features

  • Beautiful eyes
  • High voice

Brand Endorsements

Marina Joyce has endorsed brands such as –

  • Dolls Kill (2018)
  • Missguided (2018)

She has also supported People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) in 2017.



Marina Joyce in a selfie in December 2018
Marina Joyce in a selfie in December 2018 (Marina Joyce / Instagram)

Best Known For

  • Two controversies that brought worldwide attention to Marina. One was where Marina either acted strangely like she was forced to record videos in 2016, as well the one in August 2019, when she disappeared for 10 days without a trace, but came back home safely.
  • Her social media fanbase with more than 2.5 million subscribers on YouTube, more than 1 million followers on Facebook, and more than 400k followers on Twitter

First TV Show

Marina Joyce made her first TV show appearance as ‘Herself’ in an episode of the talk-show This Morning in July 2016.

Personal Trainer

Around 2014, Marina became a vegan and fell in love with the lifestyle and diet. She detests the taste of eggs, fish, meat, and cow milk, but enjoys plant-based milk. For people going into it, Marina recommends buying “mock” chicken, eggs, or beef from the supermarket because it has a similar flavor but is vegan-friendly. She also emphasizes the importance of buying a vegan cookbook and cooking yourself so that you have absolute control over the ingredients.

She meditates before sleep every night and is a big fan of practicing the Kundalini yoga as well. Marina was also afraid of the diseases that happen in animals such as various bacterias that develop, or worse yet, Mad Cow disease. She thinks that is nature’s sign for people to stop eating animals. Marina’s best vegan snacks are those that are sugar-free so that she can keep eating without feeling the guilt, and finds that vegan food tastes much better.

In 2017, PETA sent her a Vegan Starter Kit that she opened on camera, and loved all of the food inside. It contained a coconut alternative to Greek and cheddar cheese, vegan sausages, vegan kebabs, vegan jerky, and Tofurky which was a Tofu meat jerky. Marina recommends the kit to everyone that’s still not up to par on analyzing ingredients themselves but wants to start living a vegan lifestyle immediately.

Marina Joyce Favorite Things

  • Music Genres – Pop Rock, Meditation, R&B, Reggae
  • SingerBob Marley
  • Anime Genre – Romantic
  • Anime (In 2017) – My Love Story (2011-2016), Kamisama Kiss (2008-2016)
  • Band (In 2018) – Sleeping With Sirens
  • Fruits – Mango, Orange, Raspberries
  • Snacks – Vegan Chocolate Bar, Ombar
  • Activity – Hiking in Nature
  • Hobbies – Drawing, Painting
  • Childhood Cartoon – Sleeping Beauty

SourceYouTube, YouTube, YouTube, YouTube

Marina Joyce as seen in October 2018
Marina Joyce as seen in October 2018 (Marina Joyce / Instagram)

Marina Joyce Facts

  1. She revealed that she was often bullied in school and was mostly lonely.
  2. Marina would change her name to ‘Rose’ if she could, as it was always her favorite.
  3. Marina calls her fanbase “Sacred Moon Cat Tribe” and herself “The Ancient Celestial Nymph, Spiritual & Enchanting”.
  4. She had numerous cats throughout her life and is obsessed with them, but loves dogs as well. In mid-2014, she had 6 cats at once. In 2019, she had 2, named Luna and Rosie, who had a joint Instagram account under the handle “rosiemewmeow”.
  5. Marina once had a YouTube channel titled “marinajoycestick”, a play on words joystick and her name. She never uploaded videos on that channel.
  6. According to her, the depression was largely caused by being s*xually abused by a fellow vlogger, Sam Pepper at the Warped Tour across the United Kingdom that they both attended in November 2013. She was a minor, only aged 16, while he was 24 years old at that time.
  7. Marina made a parody of Miley Cyrus‘s hit single, Wrecking Ball in September 2013. However, she didn’t sing and only altered Miley’s voice to sound higher and faster.
  8. Many YouTubers went on to make a parody of her video, Date Outfit Ideas in 2016, in which she acted under stress, anxious, and like someone kidnapped her. The hashtag #SaveMarinaJoyce also went trending, and she denied being forced or the use of drugs.
  9. She admitted to having small boobs in March 2016. Marina then covered the same topic in a video titled WHAT NOT TO SAY TO GIRLS WITH SMALL BOOBS in July 2018.
  10. In late 2016, Marina stated in a Facebook post that she wants to be ‘a God’ such as Buddha and that her fanbase should address her as ‘Goddess.’
  11. In July 2017, she asked a photographer named Peter Bird to use Photoshop to give her tattoos on her arms.
  12. If she could change a few things in the world, Marina would want poverty to disappear and for more people to go vegan.
  13. Marina was inspired by Jenna Marbles to follow James Charles‘s makeup tutorial in November 2018.
  14. She believes that God did exist and that Jesus really died on the cross. She was convinced by the Shroud of Turin, and many other similar facts that survived history.
  15. On December 2018, she made a music parody of Ariana Grande‘s song thank u, next and of a song named Havana, performed by Camila Cabello and Young Thug. She only made visual content and didn’t sing herself.
  16. Marina looks more like her dad than her mom.
  17. She once broke her left elbow while on a vacation in Cyprus.
  18. She dresses in guys’ clothes all the time and loves wearing them.
  19. If she writes words “lol” or “hahaha” in capital letters, it means she’s genuinely laughing in real life.
  20. When she was 10 years old, she used to say that she was 16 years old to strangers she met.
  21. Marina feels like she’s interconnected to nature, and believes in spirituality, karma, Chakra, and positive energy.
  22. She tried to dance like the characters in the video game Fortnite Battle Royale in February 2019.
  23. If money wasn’t the issue, Marina would be either a sculptor or go snowboarding every day.
  24. She has never climbed a tree.
  25. Marina would like to go to a fictional world of The Chronicles of Narnia book franchise.
  26. Visit her official website @

Featured Image by Marina Joyce / Instagram

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