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Miranda Kerr 2017 Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Miranda Kerr is among the most breathtaking supermodels of the world. She looks nearly perfect, has a busy life and still manages to balance family & work perfectly. She also manages to look stunning all the time and dazzled all with her amazing looks at her wedding recently.

Miranda Kerr doing yoga
Miranda Kerr doing yoga

Here, we have a look at her exact workout routine and diet plan that help her look so amazing. We also learn about tips she has to share regarding lifestyle and mental health.

Morning Routine

The diva begins her day at 6.30 in the morning and does meditation. After that, she takes a shower, has breakfast and drops her son to school. She does a workout after getting back to the home or heads straight to the office.

Evening Routine

In the evenings, the wife of Evan Spiegel likes to have dinner at 6 pm and then, reads books with her son until he falls asleep. After that, she spends quality time with her husband until he catches up on work related emails. She also takes a bath to relax and does some evening meditation before going to bed.

How to Get Good Sleep

The stunner says that if you want quality sleep, you should turn off the Wi-Fi and don’t take phones in your bedroom. You can also have a calming tea, a bath or do meditation like her as it will help you unwind in a better manner.

Miranda Kerr and Evan Spiegel during their wedding
Miranda Kerr and Evan Spiegel during their wedding

Workout Routine

The mother of one tries to workout for at least 4 to 5 times a week because she feels better on the days when she works out. She also thinks that working out is an excellent way to manage your stress. Her exact exercise routine differs each day depending on how much time she can put in. She tries to work out for at least 20-30 minutes a day as it optimizes her energy levels.

Some of the exercises she does regularly are Pilates, resistance training, swimming, etc. If she has a shoot planned shortly, she targets specific body parts. She also likes walking her dog and skipping rope as these are fun ways of working out.

In her opinion, exercise must not be a chore so she chooses activities or workouts that she can enjoy. If she loves a workout, the probability of her keeping up with it increases. She also thinks that consistency is the key as far as workouts are concerned. If you keep active each day and walk as much as possible, it would keep you healthy.

Miranda Kerr cooking soup
Miranda Kerr cooking soup

Diet Secrets

The Sydney-born likes to follow 80/20 diet rule and eats lots of organic produce in its most natural state. She also enjoys an occasional treat. She doesn’t believe in depriving herself because when she does, she craves it more.

The celebrity also drinks 2-3 liters of alkaline water every day and shops foods from local farmer’s market. Her key ways of controlling what goes into her diet are ensuring that the meals prepared for her are made from scratch and keeping loads of healthy snacks like homemade hummus and vegetables ready. It ensures that she or any member of her family don’t have unhealthy snacks.

Diet Plan

The exact diet plan of Miranda Kerr is as follows –


  • Organic cold-pressed green juice
  • Some fresh fruit like papaya or kiwi or watermelon
  • Oats with a little cinnamon or gluten-free toast with avocado & eggs or gluten-free pancakes with maple syrup.
  • Some tea


Packed lunch like organic vegetables or salad with grilled fish or chicken.


Organic roast chicken and vegetables or baked fish and salad, or a BBQ.


Apple pie

Juggling Things

The blue-eyed beauty likes to juggle things to ensure that she can fit everything together. She is so good at multitasking that she is known for doing Pilates when she is wearing a face mask.

A Healthy Family

The best tip for a healthy family shared by Randa is that you should encourage green time over screen time at your home as she does.

Mental Health Secrets

The ex-wife of Orlando Bloom has admitted that she was born a naturally positive person, but she fell into depression when she got divorced. Her strong background in health and wellness helped her at that time. Some of the things that helped her pull out of depression are:


Meditating for twice a day during her depression days and even after that has helped her to boost her mental health. She does it even now. During that time, she learned that every thought you have would affect your reality and only you can control your mind completely. Meditation assisted her to rebuild her mental health during the tough times.

Miranda Kerr at 2017 InStyle and Warner Bros Golden Globes After Party
Miranda Kerr at 2017 InStyle and Warner Bros Golden Globes After Party

Essential Oils

The brunette makes use of essential oils to tackle any anxiety or frustrations. She even says that some essential oils that her aromatherapist makes for her are like a big hug. It makes you more centered, calms you down and makes you feel better. So, you should also find an essential oil that soothes your nerves.


The entrepreneur believes that constantly reminding yourself to live mindfully and react positively to everything in your life can help you a lot. You should realize that all the answers to your problems are deep within you. You just need to sit with yourself, take a few deep breaths and get close to your spirit to find them.

The habit of practicing mindfulness on a daily basis will help you to get a reminder that you can handle everything, no matter how stressful or difficult it seems.

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