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Nina Dobrev Diet Plan Workout Routine

Nina Dobrev 2017 Coachella Vacation Workout Routine

Nina Dobrev exercising
Nina Dobrev exercising

When Nina Dobrev takes something on, she is completely dedicated to it. It can be seen by knowing the fact that she has been attending the music festival Coachella in California since 9 years. This year she went an extra mile and didn’t only attend the first weekend but the second one as well. This is a rare feat for anyone, especially a busy celebrity. Let’s have a look at her Coachella Vacation Workout Routine, her regular workout routine and her love for workout gear. We also got to know her tips on Coachella Vacation Workout recovery, beauty and how she manages to work out in the heat.

Coachella Vacation Workout

Vampire Diaries (2009-2017) actress says that when she was on the Coachella weekend, she did 7 miles on the first day, 8 miles on the second day and 7 miles on the last day. She didn’t even go for full days as she managed those steps from 7 PM to midnight only.

Apart from walking for miles within a few hours, she worked out on the festival days too. She hit the gym before hitting the festival. She did her favorite workout named Les Mills workout and especially loved the HIIT workouts as they make her feel energetic and powerful.

Nina Dobrev gives a workout look
Nina Dobrev gives a workout look

Workout Motivation

The thing that motivates the model to exercise consistently is to work out in a group. It helps her to be more accountable and allows her to enjoy some healthy competition as well.

Working Out in the Heat

As the temperatures were close to nearly 100 degrees, she dealt with it by remembering that Coachella is about detox and re-tox (just kidding!) as well as drinking loads of water.

Jumping in the Pool

The stunner advises people to get a swim after they work out hard. Remembering such an occasion, the brown-eyed beauty said when she was at Julianne Hough‘s bachelorette party in Cabo, she worked out in the sun every morning. No matter how hard she had partied before, she got up early in the morning and attended a workout class led by Julianne’s sister who is a workout instructor. After sweating it out, she jumped in a pool to feel fresh.

Nina Dobrev posing at Workout at Classics Crib 8
Nina Dobrev posing at Workout at Classics Crib 8

Coachella Style

The ex-rumored girlfriend of Glen Powell stated that she usually wore a sports bra or a crop top alone or layered it under a bomber jacket. It usually depended on the weather. She also liked wearing sneakers and they helped her walk a lot.

Coachella Vacation Workout Recovery

To recover from a hectic Coachella weekend, she left super early in the morning and visited a Korean day spa in L.A. There, she did a combo of a cool pool and steam room at least four times. Then she got some acupuncture massages where she just laid there for a while so that everything could get out of her system and she could relax.

Workout Routine

Staying active is a huge part of Dobrev’s life. Therefore, she works out a lot on the set even when she is filming. She does a challenge every single day during the lunch break. Her unusual workout routine involves doing reverse lunges and planks. She and her friend did it for a long time until one of them gave it up. She even has a volleyball court near the shooting site which helps her stay in shape even if she can’t manage to hit the gym regularly.

Workout Gear

The Bulgaria-born has a weird habit. She wears workout clothes in her day to day life because she considers them to be very stylish. She likes wearing classics like leathers as they are suitable for day and night looks.

Nina Dobrev during 2017 InStyle and Warner Bros. Golden Globes After Party
Nina Dobrev during 2017 InStyle and Warner Bros. Golden Globes After Party

Beauty Tips

If you are still wondering how stunning the skilled actress looks even after 12 hours of shooting and intense workouts, then you would be pleased to know her beauty tips. Her first tip is to keep the skin makeup free for as long as possible. It will let your pores breathe and your skin will not suffer from issues like pimples.

She also recommends that you use a facial once a month (she goes for Kate Somerville facial) as it will take all the makeup out. You should also remember to take the makeup off every night and put on a moisturizer so that your skin can regenerate well. You need a good sleep as well so that your face glows and you don’t even need extra makeup.

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