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Nina Dobrev Diet Plan Workout Routine

Nina Dobrev 2018 Workout and Diet Secrets

Nina Dobrev is as dedicated to fitness in 2018 as she ever was. She likes to get a workout done in the mornings, loves to try different workout methods and feels that her workout has to be changed with time. She also knows that there is nothing as perfection and wants people to be real and not obsessed with perfection. Read on to know her thoughts better.

Nina Dobrev in an Instagram selfie in September 2018
Nina Dobrev in an Instagram selfie in September 2018 (Nina Dobrev / Instagram)

Morning Workouts

The diva says that she likes working out in the morning, but she is not among those people who get a workout done at 5 or 6 a.m. For her, morning workouts happen at 9 or 10 a.m. She likes working out in the mornings because it’s the time of the day when she feels the most energized.

Workout Routine

There is no fixed workout routine that she follows as she likes trying different workout methods. She is a fan of dance cardio workouts like the BODYJAM dance workout wherein she has a lot of fun, so the workout sessions don’t feel like a chore. Boxing is another form of exercise she likes. Boxing makes her feel strong, confident and able to defend herself. She likes boxing along with a friend so that they both can sweat together.

Apart from these two workouts, some other workout methods she prefers are playing volleyball, hitting the steam room, doing treadmill running and some strength training exercises as well. She likes strength training sessions because it’s scientific and allows her to do something different every day. During the recovery days, she likes to stick to yoga poses.

Nina Dobrev doing floor exercises as seen in 2018
Nina Dobrev doing floor exercises as seen in 2018 (Nina Dobrev / Instagram)

Workouts are a Priority

Nina admits that workouts are a priority for her and she never lets her busy life prevent her from getting a workout in. She doesn’t like taking the stage when working out in a class but prefers to stay in the back where people don’t see her much.

During each workout session, she is loaded with contagious and profound energy which probably helps people around her feel motivated to work out a little harder.

Most and Least Preferred Workout Moves

The least preferred workout move of the stunner is burpees. Like many of us, she hates it and never looks forward to doing it. Her preferred workout is anything that involves dancing because she has been seen doing one form of dancing or the other for many years now.

She loves dancing as a workout because she is doing cardio without realizing that she is doing any hard work. Her mind is distracted, and she has a blast while doing dance workouts.

Nina Dobrev showing workout moves on a yoga mat in March 2018
Nina Dobrev showing workout moves on a yoga mat in March 2018 (Nina Dobrev / Instagram)

Changing Workouts and Diet with Age

The stunner admits that her workouts have changed with time due to aging. She says that she has to do a lot more workout now as compared to the exercise sessions she did when she was younger.

She also needs to be more regimented when it comes to following a diet. Gone are the days when she was able to eat anything she wanted. Now, she keeps an eye on almost everything she eats.

Don’t Strive for Perfection

Dobrev is aware of the fact that many of her fans follow her on social media platforms to get a real sense of her personality. She wants those fans to realize that the platforms are only the reel-life version of the life she is living. When she was in her 20s, she strived for perfection. Now, she has realized that perfection is not something worth chasing. You should know that everyone is realistic and has some flaws. You should learn to accept that there will be bad days in life too. In essence, you should not obsess about perfection but love yourself for who you are and try to be better every single day.

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