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Peta Murgatroyd Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Cute dimples, blonde lustrous hair, Peta Murgatroyd is a well-known professional dancer. Owning to her upbringing, she was born in New Zealand and grew young in Australia. Having started her career with modeling, the glam star has steadily been participating in TV show, Dancing with the Stars, and alluring us with her outstanding dance performances.

Her bikini embracing trimmed and tiny figure simply makes her look ravishing and magnetic in all kinds of outfits. And that also bestows her courage to expose her curvaceous body to the world. The fab star attributes both her healthy eating habits and daily workouts for her sylphlike figure.

Peta Murgatroyd 2014 Workout and Diet Plan

Peta Murgatroyd Workout Routine

Peta Murgatroyd and Mario Lopez doing spinning workout on the set of Extra
Peta Murgatroyd and Mario Lopez doing the spinning workout on the set of Extra

Svelte and hot bod of the blonde bombshell is really captivating. Although dance in itself is one of the most rewarding workouts, but it is not the only exercise the stunner provides to her body. Since her body already gets tremendous workouts when she is part of the dance show, she doesn’t require putting extra efforts on workouts to be in sculpted shape.

However, during the times when she is not engaged in any such grueling dance show, she certainly executes workouts to shape up her body. Her incredible curves are a result of Pilates, strength training, interval training etc., which the Aussie beauty practices under the supervision of her personal trainer, David Walters.

Strength training tones her shoulders, arms, waist, stomach, and butts by amplifying the number of muscles. To enhance muscle mass in your body, no other workout can be as pleasing as weight lifting is. Since the outcomes of workouts have Peta get all the gaze and attention, she adores keeping her body toned with intense workouts.

The exotic beauty credited with long and sexy legs spends surplus time in honing her legs and arms. Her targeted workouts buff the muscles of her limbs and make them look enviably ripped. Besides that, being an avid runner, Peta adores running. No matter whether she has to run on a treadmill or on road, she simply doesn’t let go any chance of running.

Peta Murgatroyd and Mario Lopez doing workout on the set of Extra
Peta Murgatroyd and Mario Lopez doing the workout on the set of Extra

Peta Murgatroyd Diet Plan

The food items consumed by the electrifying beauty vary along-with her workouts. She normally swears by healthy and nutritious foods. However, during the times, when she is an active participant of dance shows, she, in particular, keeps her food items light. Since dancing with full stomach not only makes the dance moves difficult but also adversely influences biological functions, she dances while consuming calories sufficient enough to provide her energy for dancing.

Solid meals being filling are usually avoided by the stunner. She consumes liquid diet such as a green smoothie, protein shake etc. prior to her dancing sessions and in the intervals. She also adores PureTrim Mediterranean Wellness Shakes in chocolate flavor. Not only is the shake loaded with nutrients, it is very satisfying as well.

Besides that, since dancing comes under the category of vigorous and sweaty exercises, the sassy star hydrates her body by drinking water very frequently. Apart from thrusting toxins out from her body, water also brings rosy and fresh glow on the skin of star. Peta banks on the water to make her body look invigorated and uses cosmetics to the minimal extent possible.

Healthy Recommendation For Peta Murgatroyd Fans

If you are aspirant to have a flat belly and toned limbs like Peta, here comes two workout recommendations for you.

First workout – Lie straight on your back and raise your legs into the air. Now crisscross your knees and raise your shoulders while stretching your abs into inward direction. Stay in the same posture for a minimum of five seconds and make fifteen reps of it.

Second workout – Lie straight on your back and bend your legs from knees while your feet lying flat on the floor. Now, using both your hands hold a dumbbell weighing five pounds against your chest. Tilt your chest in the forward direction while putting the entire pressure on your stomach abs. Stay in the posture for four minutes and get back to the same relaxing position. Make fifteen reps of the exercise.

Both the workouts being easy yet rewarding will begin astonishing you with their wonderful results in three weeks. Your perseverance and dedication to them will never allow flab rule your body.

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