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Ruby Rose Workout Routine and Diet Plan

The gorgeous lady who has been winning our hearts as Stella Carlin in Orange Is the New Black is not a new face. We all know Ruby Rose. But still, she has managed to stun all with her great looks, fit figure and well honed acting abilities. The TV Host is very forthcoming about spilling her health secrets which inspires all to have a body like her. If you are one of such people who would want to look like her, then you should have a look at Ruby Rose workout routine and diet plan mentioned in this article.

Having a Positive Start

Ruby Rose runs errands in Los Angeles, California on August 8, 2015
Ruby Rose runs errands in Los Angeles, California on August 8, 2015

The hot gal has revealed that she starts her day on a positive note. She gets up, enjoys some music and gets a pleasurable shower. This usually prepares her to face the day with some cheer.

Loving the Gym

The former MTV VJ also admitted that hitting the gym is a part of her daily routine. She feels weird if she doesn’t go as it’s as vital for her as brushing her teeth. She really loves the gym and feels great after every workout session.

Workout Routine

The TV star hits the gym 4 or 5 times a week. She prefers doing cardio and weight training exercises. She also has a fondness for sports like soccer and has been seen enjoying it recently. When she has to get a look for a role, she hires a personal trainer but in most cases, she exercises on her own. To get an idea of how she works out and the exercises she may do, have a look at the sample workout routine of Ruby Rose crafted by Healthy Celeb over here.

Workout Motivations

Ruby Rose loves boxing
Ruby Rose loves boxing.

The former boxer also stated that like everyone else, she too has those gloomy days when she doesn’t feel like working out. She motivates herself by looking at the previous pictures of herself (when she was boxing and had a six pack as well as super strong arms).

The co-host of Australia’s Next Top Model also said that apart from seeing the photos, she motivates herself by reminding herself that exercises make her feel better and give a positive start to her days. The endorphins help her feel energized even before 7 in the morning.

Workout Music

The TV presenter also likes to listen to various music tracks to keep her motivated during a workout. She has no preferred songs to workout to. She just picks up an album, listens to it over and over until she gets bored and then picks up a new one. The music she loves varies from Eminem to Jay-Z to Guns and Roses to Taylor Swift.

Workout for Work

Ruby Rose during a shower scene
Ruby Rose during a shower scene

Ruby is also not shy of changing her body for her job. Recently, she had a bathroom scene in her show and worked really hard at SoulCycle for a week to look amazing in that clip.

No Diets Please

The leading lady of Suite for Fleur has a strict policy against dieting. She never diets at all but is open to trying out different health expeditions (one of which is mentioned in this article). The beauty has confessed that diets will never work for her as she likes food too much. Like most of the health conscious stars, Rose also acknowledged that whenever she eats more than she should have, she works extra hard in the gym, the next day to make up for it.

The Diet Plan


The Australian ambassador for Maybelline New York starts her day with some bircher muesli with soy yogurt. She often compliments it with a glass of juice with some ginger in it or a shake. This breakfast menu makes her feel full and gives her a lot of energy.

Afternoons and Nights

Ruby’s lunch and dinner are usually the same. She has some salad both times. Sometimes, she likes to have a bit of fish in lunch or dinner, but usually, she opts for vegetarian options.

During the Day

Snacking is one of the major pleasures of the sexy model. She likes snacking on fruit and dips with carrot sticks. She mostly eats fresh fruits and vegetables throughout the day and sometimes adds some cheese to indulge a little.

Seasons and Diet

Ruby believes that summers are more difficult for her because she is mostly vegetarian (she has tried both non-veg and vegan stuff; prefers vegetarian over non-veg food), and as she loves soups and curries, she can’t have them in summers.

Health Expedition

The former recording artist has also tried a raw vegan detox for one month. She liked it because she enjoyed the vegan restaurants of New York. This expedition helped her to reduce her alcohol and coffee intake. She also reduced her dependency on chocolates.


The co-host of The Project has not given up on her indulgences yet. She likes having a glass of wine, one coffee on almost a daily basis and some bites of chocolates regularly. She loves every kind of chocolates and also has a weakness for green and peppermint tea. The chocolates are the biggest indulgence because she is allergic to refined sugars but still can’t stay away from it.

Ruby Rose meets up with her fiance Phoebe Dahl and some friends for a pick up soccer game at Griffin Park in Los Angeles, California on July 25, 2015
Ruby Rose meets up with her fiance Phoebe Dahl and some friends for a pick up soccer game at Griffin Park in Los Angeles, California on July 25, 2015

No Red Meat

The versatile actress stays away from red meat (due to her love for animals) which turned out to be a boon for her as she has A positive blood group and red meat is not advised for her.

Health Supplements

Ruby has a vast number of health supplements in her cupboard (over 50). She takes zinc, magnesium, vitamin C, Echinacea and some multivitamins on a regular basis.

Eating Advice

The ambassador of the Schick TrimStyle Celebrate Your Inner Confidence campaign also has a bit of diet-related advice for everybody. She thinks that if a person has an eating disorder, they should accept it and cure it as soon as possible because they can damage their body and soul.

Well, after going through her fitness routine and diet plan, we can only say that the versatile actress is doing all she can for her health. We really commend her dedication for working out on a regular basis. Her dedication to staying fit is really inspiring and can motivate a lot of people. Won’t you agree?

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