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Saamo Petraa Height, Weight, Age, Body Statistics

Saamo Petraa Quick Info
Height 5 ft 9 in
Weight 58 kg
Date of Birth  3, 2000
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Eye Color Blue

Saamo Petraa is a Croatian social media star, model, and author, best known for her YouTube channel titled “SaamoPetraa” with more than 300k subscribers, which she created on October 23, 2015. Before creating her personal channel, she was better known as one half of the YouTube channel “thelazyWAVE” with Davor Gerbus, with whom she started posting videos on October 6, 2014, and has amassed more than 200k subscribers. On “thelazyWAVE” channel, Petra focused on challenges, collaborations, taste tests, comedy sketches, pranks, and discussions, a practice she continued with on her personal account.

However, Petra also expanded to reactions, vlogs, DIY projects, storytime, and advanced makeup tutorials, and announced she planned on adding other types of videos to the mix from time to time. Saamo Petraa is also an author, having released her debut autobiography book titled Buntovnica, ljubavnica, diva (A rebel, a lover, a diva) in 2019. She was also named “Beauty Influencer of the Year 2019” by Cosmopolitan. Saamo Petraa has also amassed a large fanbase online with more than 400k followers on Instagram.

Born Name

Petra Dimić

Nick Name


Saamo Petraa in an Instagram selfie as seen in May 2019
Saamo Petraa in an Instagram selfie as seen in May 2019 (Saamo Petraa / Instagram)

Sun Sign


Born Place



Zagreb, Croatia





For her secondary education, Petra attended Ekonomska škola Samobor (Samobor High School of Economics) in Samobor, Zagreb County, Croatia.


Social Media Star, Author, Model


  • Siblings – None


Saamo Petraa self-manages her career.




5 ft 9 in or 175 cm


58 kg or 128 lbs

Boyfriend / Spouse

Saamo Petraa has dated –

  1. Alen ”Vanimy” Žabo (2017-2018) – For more than a year, she was in a relationship with a fellow YouTuber named Alen ”Vanimy” Žabo. The two shared numerous social media posts together and were in a YouTube-based creator group named Team Lens. They also filmed challenge videos such as Never Have I Ever, Who Knows Me Better – Boyfriend vs. Best Friend, Q&A, and uploaded vlogs of exotic destinations worldwide they visited together. Unfortunately, they broke up in October 2018, but away from the public eye. When asked about it, Vanimy claimed it was a private matter, but asked the joint fan pages to be removed or edited to accommodate their break up. Petra also agreed with his request for YouTube drama, as she vowed never to be mixed up with drama for views. Vanimy and Petra also added that their friends who were also YouTubers shouldn’t be tagged or asked about the topic, because they won’t reveal the real reason either.
Saamo Petraa in an Instagram post as seen in March 2019
Saamo Petraa in an Instagram post as seen in March 2019 (Saamo Petraa / Instagram)

Race / Ethnicity


She is of Croatian descent.

Hair Color


She has dyed her hair ‘Black’, ‘Light Brown’, ‘Pink’, ‘Cyan’, ‘Blue’, ‘Gray’, and ‘Platinum’ in the past.

Eye Color


Sexual Orientation


Distinctive Features

  • Tall, slim physique
  • Fuller Lips
  • Defined facial features
Saamo Petraa in a selfie in May 2019
Saamo Petraa in a selfie in May 2019 (Saamo Petraa / Instagram)

Brand Endorsements

Saamo Petraa has endorsed brands such as –

  • NYX Cosmetics (2016)
  • Luxury For Princess Hair (2016)
  • ThatWasAwesome Inc. (2016)
  • Tao Wellness Center (2016)
  • 1:Face Watch Europe (2016)
  • (2016)
  • ZARA (2016)
  • Hunter Boots (2016)
  • BOMBER Clothing (2016)
  • ColourPop Cosmetics (2016)
  • Missy Empire (2016)
  • (2016)
  • Daniel Wellington (2016)
  • FashionNova (2016)
  • NAF NAF Sitio (2017)
  • HelloSmile SRB/BiH/CG/HR (2017)
  • Pull&Bear (2017)
  • Adidas Originals (2017)
  • Bershka (2017)
  • H&M (2017)
  • Vans (2017)
  • My Case Croatia (2017)
  • Koi Footwear (2017)
  • Coca-Cola Croatia (2017)
  • Manière DeVoir (2017)
  • Public Desire (2017)
  • Stradivarius (2017)
  • TrendyWigs (2017)
  • MOHITO (2018)
  • MANGO (2018)
  • SalonFranić HR (2018)
  • Great Lengths HR (2018)
  • Vesna Sposa Bridal (2018)
  • Invisalign (2019)
  • ALDO (2019)
  • Guess (2019)
  • Desigual (2019)
  • VIKLER I RUŽ Salon (2019)



Best Known For

  • Her social media following with more than 300k and more than 200k subscribers on across 2 YouTube channels, as well as more than 400k followers on Instagram
  • Being named “Beauty Influencer of the Year 2019” by Cosmopolitan magazine, and releasing an autobiography book titled Buntovnica, ljubavnica, diva (A rebel, a lover, a diva) the same year

Personal Trainer

Even though the chicken meat was her favorite food in 2015, due to her love of animals and nature, she transitioned to a vegetarian lifestyle. Since then, Petra admitted that her conscience has been much clearer and that the switch helped her a lot. She added that she would have switched to veganism, but certain health issues stopped her.

Petra also reported that her weight went from 64 kg to 58 kg in a short period of time after switching to vegetarianism, and then varied between 58 kg and 60 kg. After playing tennis and dancing for most of her life, in early 2018 she began going to the gym due to the lack of time. However, despite feeling more confident and happier, she still saw the gym workouts as a means to an end and didn’t feel too excited about it.

Saamo Petraa Favorite Things

  • Band – Arctic Monkeys
  • Movie – The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones (2013)
  • Animal – Rabbit, Dog
  • Food In 2015 – Chicken, Börek (Pie Unique To Balkan), Pancakes, Watermelon
  • TV Shows – American Horror Story, The Vampire Diaries (2009-2017), Lucifer, Teen Wolf (2011-2017), Once Upon a Time (2011-2018), The Originals (2013-2018)
  • SingerJustin Bieber
  • PersonLewis Hamilton
  • Movie Series – Harry Potter
  • Alcoholic Drink – Red Wine
  • Song (In January 2018)Demi Lovato‘s Tell Me You Love Me
  • Number – 3
  • Activities/Hobbies – Dancing, Drawing, Reading, Sunbathing, Sleeping, Nurturing Plants

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Saamo Petraa in an Instagram post in June 2019
Saamo Petraa in an Instagram post in June 2019 (Saamo Petraa / Instagram)

Saamo Petraa Facts

  1. Initially, there was a lot of confusion about who Davor was after they created the “thelazyWAVE” channel. They clarified that they met in 2012 and became best friends and that she and her mom consider him almost a biological brother.
  2. She thinks that she’s the weirdest person she knows.
  3. Petra doesn’t listen to folk music and prefers rap, pop, and rock.
  4. She is an avid movie fan and tends to dedicate her free time to that activity.
  5. Petra prefers thunderstorm, rain, and “terrible” weather instead of summer-like conditions.
  6. She’s an introvert and prefers her time alone instead of being in the company of others, but has no social anxiety.
  7. She believes aliens exist.
  8. Petra believes in the afterlife.
  9. She found that she rarely dreams, and if she does, it’s typically a nightmare.
  10. As of May 2015, she never broke a bone in her life, even though she’s clumsy. Petra also never spent more than a day in the hospital.
  11. She collaborated with the members of the Yasserstain YouTube channel in December 2015.
  12. She got her 1st tattoo of a moon on her right shoulder blade in early December 2016. Because she was younger than 18, she acknowledged that it was risky and illegal, but loved the experience.
  13. Petra can stand domestic cats to a degree but hates feral cats.
  14. Petra has a phobia of insects.
  15. She absolutely cannot stand spoiled brats.
  16. Petra tried singing as a kid, but later realized she had no talent for music, neither for singing or playing an instrument.
  17. She believes in the horoscope and recognized a lot of typical Pisces traits in herself.
  18. She doesn’t like wearing socks.
  19. Petra only takes public transportation when absolutely necessary because it’s always crowded and smelly.
  20. She’s a claustrophobic, but not to a degree where it’s a danger to her health.
  21. Her least favorite school subject was mathematics.
  22. In 2016, her YouTube celebrity crush was Kian Lawley.
  23. She had her 1st kiss in the 8th grade, at the age of 13 or 14.
  24. Petra drank alcohol for the 1st time during the New Year’s Eve celebration for the year 2014.
  25. Her motto has always been: “The closer you are to dying, the more you feel alive.”
  26. If she had to describe 3 of her worst traits, it would be laziness, being stubborn, and being clumsy.
  27. Petra cannot see the world as a whole in a positive light and thinks bad people will destroy it.
  28. She met one of her favorite YouTubers, Anthony Padilla from Smosh, at the VidCon Europe 2017 event in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  29. If she didn’t live in Croatia, she’d live in Amsterdam, Netherlands, because she loves the society, and the residents are free, and very supportive and accepting of newcomers.
  30. Her favorite YouTubers in early 2018 became Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star. If she had to choose between them, she’d pick Shane because he is her soulmate.
  31. She appeared on the cover of the JoomBoos magazine in April 2018.
  32. In October 2018, after a lot of comments regarding the matter, Petra admitted that she had her lips volumized with lip fillers. However, she emphasized the importance of going to a credible doctor and staying safe even if it meant paying a little more.
  33. Petra was on the cover of the Cosmopolitan magazine in May 2019 alongside the male model, Marko Medić.
  34. In mid-June 2019, Petra visited the National History Museum in London, England, United Kingdom, and said it was the best day of her life.
  35. Follow her on YouTube, 2nd YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.

Featured Image by Saamo Petraa / Instagram

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