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Tess Holliday Height, Weight, Age, Body Statistics

Tess Holliday Quick Info
Height 5 ft 5 in
Weight 138 kg
Date of Birth July 5, 1985
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Eye Color Dark Brown

Tess Holliday is an American plus-size model, blogger, and make-up artist who has done modeling work for popular brands such as A&E, Torrid, Monif Clarke, Benefit Cosmetics, and H&M. She has been featured on the cover of popular magazines such as Vogue Italia, People, and Nylon. Tess is also a “body positive activist” and often talks at public events about body confidence.

Born Name

Ryann Maegen Hoven

Nick Name

Tess Holliday, Tess Munster, Tess Typhoon

Tess Holliday during a sunny selfie in August 2020
Tess Holliday during a sunny selfie in August 2020 (Tess Holliday / Instagram)

Sun Sign


Born Place

Laurel, Mississippi, United States




She went to a school but dropped out in 11th standard (due to death threats and bullying) after earning her GED.


Plus-size model, blogger, makeup artist, activist


  • Father – Doug Hoven (Previously sold car parts)
  • Mother – Beth Hoven (Was a store worker)
  • Siblings – She has a brother.


As a model, she is signed with these agencies –

  • Mavrick Artists Agency
  • Milk Model Management




5 ft 5 in or 165 cm


138 kg or 304 pounds

Boyfriend / Spouse

Tess Holliday dated –

  1. Nick Holliday (2012-Present) – In 2012, via Tumblr, Tess met Australian businessman, photographer, and artist Nick Holliday. They talked online for 7 months and finally got engaged on July 5, 2014. Nick had proposed to her in a photo booth because her favorite movie is Amelie (2001). They secretly tied the knot on July 5, 2015. The duo has 1 son, Bowie Juniper Holliday (b. June 2016).

Tess also has another son Rilee from her previous affair who was born when Tess was just 20.

Tess Holliday and Nick Holliday
Tess Holliday and Nick Holliday

Race / Ethnicity


Hair Color

Dark Brown

Eye Color

Dark Brown

Sexual Orientation


Distinctive Features

  • Cat-eye
  • Pale skin
  • Retro-inspired waves
  • Lots of Tattoos (over 30 tattoos on her body)


52-49-56 in or 132-124.5-142 cm

Tess Holliday in a paid partnership with Fabletics in July 2020
Tess Holliday in a paid partnership with Fabletics in July 2020 (Tess Holliday / Instagram)

Dress Size

24 (US) or 56 (EU)

Bra Size


Shoe Size

8.5 (US) or 39 (EU)

Brand Endorsements

Tess has advertised for her own clothing lines launched in collaboration with big retailers and famous plus-size brands.

Tess has been the face of the A&E TV show Heavy.

Best Known For

Being the first size 22 supermodel to gain wide attention.

First Film

Tess appeared in the documentary film A Perfect 14 as herself in 2017.

First TV Show

In 2015, Tess guest appeared in the comedy series Gay of Thrones as herself in just 1 episode.

Personal Trainer

Tess does work out. Going by her physique and size, people might think she doesn’t workout out. However, she has clarified that she exercises.

She has been pictured eating ice creams, tacos, and junk food. She has claimed that she doesn’t diet at all.

Tess Holliday’s Favorite Things

  • Icon – Miss Piggy
  • Body Part – Buttocks
  • Clothing Brands – ModCloth, ASOS Curve, Forever 21, Torrid
  • Movie – Amelie (2001)
  • Live PerformerDolly Parton
  • Disneyland Ride – Storybook Cruise
  • Holiday – Fourth of July

SourcePeople, Wikipedia, Seventeen, Us Magazine

Tess Holliday wearing a face mask during Corona crisis time in August 2020
Tess Holliday wearing a face mask during Corona crisis time in August 2020 (Tess Holliday / Instagram)

Tess Holliday’s Facts

  1. Tess did a n*ked photoshoot for the first time in 2012.
  2. Holliday is the world’s first size 22 supermodel.
  3. In January 2015, she became the biggest sized model to be signed by a top agency – Milk Management UK.
  4. She started selling t-shirts with the phrase “Eff Your Beauty Standards” in late 2014. She donates some of the profit to a charity.
  5. #effyourbeautystandards movement was started by her in 2013 on Instagram.
  6. Tess started modeling in 2010 after getting encouragement from her mom.
  7. Tess didn’t become a model by chance. She always wanted to be a model.
  8. Before she was 10, her family had shifted base approx 40 times.
  9. When Tess was young, her mom left the family for a person who later shot her mom in the head twice. She was 10 when her mom died.
  10. In school, she faced a bullying problem, starting from 5th grade, primarily because of her growing weight. Due to bullying, she finally left school at 17 (on the first day of her 11th standard).
  11. As a child, she used to live in a trailer, kept at the back of her grandparents’ house garden.
  12. She also has her septum (nose) pierced.
  13. Tess launched her own clothing line “mblm by Tess Holliday” in collaboration with Canadian plus-size retailer Penningtons in January 2016.
  14. Tess was discovered by Milk Management on social media.
  15. She has done modeling for Yours Clothing, Simply Be, Torrid, etc.
  16. In 2021, Tess revealed on social media that she is anorexic.
  17. She is afraid of centipedes.
  18. Tess first started by wearing Smurf’s rainbow training bra.
  19. Tess got her first tattoo at the age of 18. She got it from a guy who was just released from the prison.
  20. Tess has 2 pet hamsters named Chanel and Mason.
  21. Her high school was in a Walmart building.
  22. She has been told a couple of times that she looks like Drew Barrymore.
  23. Her first child’s middle name came from Christian screamo band named Emery.
  24. Tess doesn’t like the sound which comes from plastic utensils when they touch each other.
  25. She is very flexible and can put her legs behind her head.
  26. She has the tattoo of Dolly Parton on her arm.
  27. Rumors album by Fleetwood Mac actually changed her life.
  28. Goodbye Earl by The Chicks is her go-to karaoke song.
  29. She likes going to Disneyland.
  30. Tess once met the real Kevin Costner at Disneyland and told him that he looked like Kevin Costner.
  31. She has a scar on her finger which she got from rat bite.
  32. If she could stay anywhere in the world, she would like it to be London.
  33. She collects Miss Piggy, Trolls, and Polly Pocket.
  34. The best advice she has ever received was from rapper Ice-T who said “Haters hate up”.

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  1. She cannot possibly be a US size 22 if her measurements are 52-49-59. That would make her a size 30 at least! Maybe her measurements are innacurate.

    • No way is she a size 22. Probably much, much larger than a size 30. And says she weighs something like 305 lbs.? Maybe her behind does. I’d say she weighs 450+ lbs. She’s a massive heart attack and stroke waiting to happen and an extremely negative influencer with her morbid obesity. Very sad for her children. How on earth does something that looks like this become a plus-size model. My guess is that she’s more a joke and is used as a circus side show, but she just hasn’t figured that out yet.

      • Wow! “A circus side show,” how cruel can you get?! You don’t have to like her, be influenced by her, or think she is a good influencer, but don’t be so very insulting!

    • I call total BS – I am 5’5″ and in 2016 was 287 lbs – I wore a size 24/26. And for her to say she has this GREAT life and has NO health problems – that is SUCH a lie. I was MISERABLE, sweat constantly, had rashes in all the excess skin folds and had intense lower back pain when I walked – oh and my boobs were F’s and I just HATED life. After vertical sleeve bariatric surgery in 2016 – I got down to 155 am a solid size 9 and stayed there ever since. I feel INCREDIBLE, exercise every single day and I, too, do not diet – I eat a regimented meal plan that involves me not being reckless about portions and carbohydrates. Tess Holliday and people like her makes it so personal – it’s not – it’s medical FACTS that excess weight causes problems. If not now, it WILL eventually. This is something you do NOT try and beat with witty rhetoric, because you will never win against time and excess weight. Period. If she feels great about herself – then I am SO SUPPORTIVE of that – just be mindful of your health for you and your family.

  2. Her measurements cannot possibly be 52-49-56. My measurements are 56-46-58 and I weigh 205 and wear a size 14. Granted I also lift weights and a good percentage of my weight is muscle, but she has to weigh closer to 400lbs, not the 280 she claims.

    • Agreed. I’m 280 right now and she is WAY bigger than I am. I can wear a 22 but there’s no way she does. Maybe when she first started modeling years ago?

  3. omg she needs help like a gym and a therapist pronto or i hope she knows that if she was 2 make it to 50 years old the damage done most likely undo able poor thing why are the ones close to he lieing to her its not even a little tiny bit healthy

    • there are people who are very thin with horrible health issues i know because i see it every day , im a nurse and thin people are bad off too so whats their excuse im all of 94 pounds and have alot of issues

  4. Everyone saying those aren’t her measurements or size: I weigh 290 lbs (131 kg). My measurements are 52-46-57. I wear a size 22 US, sometimes a size 24. I can even fit into 18 and 20, if they aren’t fitted.

  5. 5’9, 310 lbs, 49-43-57 and wear a 22 – (loose)24 in most jean brands. However, dress sizes tend to be 2 sizes smaller than jean sizes, at least in my experience. So, with her 22 dress size and 49″ waist, she probably wears at least a US 26 in jeans. Unless, she’s okay with having a muffin top situation. In which case, with her 56″ hips she could probably squeeze into a 22 jean. In my opinion, just because it zips, doesn’t mean it fits.

  6. First : I admire her for modelling.
    Second: those numbers NEVER are correct!
    It is kind of sad, that she lies about her weight.
    I am fat, wearing 22 and up to 26 with certain Brands. I work out, so some of my weight is muscles.
    SHE NEVER EVER is a 22.
    I don’t mind her ließ, but it is sad, that she does not tell the truth about it.
    SHE wants to be a role model.. Well…

  7. Enough with how sad she is. She’s gorgeous. She is who she is. Measurements on the internet are not always accurate. You are acting like she personally sad down and wrote this page herself. Haters. Get real. She’s got the courage to be who you could never be.

  8. There’s no way she’s a size 22! I’m 5’6” 230lbs and I wear a size 20 jeans at American Eagle. If being her weight/size is so wonderful then why lie about it?

  9. So what? Extremely thin (who usually die from not eating) and extremely fat is unhealthy. Who cares if you’ve seen thin people blah blah blah. What does it have to do with her promoting morbid obesity? Both sides of the spectrum are bad. She needs to lose the weight, or she’ll die from a heart attack or stroke before she even reaches 45. She doesn’t have to be “thin” she can be normal for her height (i.e. between 111lbs-150lbs).

  10. I had gastric sleeve surgery a year ago. I was 5’6” tall and weighed 280lbs. I wore a size 20. There is no way she is the same size I was. Not even close. She has to be closer to 500lbs.

  11. Ya this can’t be accurate. I’m currently around 300 lbs, I’m 5’4″, a size 22/24, and much smaller than she is. Maybe she was 304 lbs a few years ago but these other measurements aren’t accurate. I know even within the last couple years she said she was a size 20… and that couldn’t be true. I wish she would be more truthful about her size. I think she has body dysmorphia in that she thinks she’s much smaller than she is. It’s great if she feels good about herself but it’s not healthy. I’m currently making changes to my diet and working on changing my “relationship” with food and getting more exercise… I want to get healthier and more fit. It’s not good to very overweight.

  12. Catherine Oakeson, “plus sized” model and activist, 208kg, dead at 49 from a heart attack. Marge Swanson, “fat acceptance activist”, 187 kg, dead at 34 from a heart attack. Tess Holliday is committing suicide, just as anorexics who starve themselves to death and smokers who succumb to lung cancer or emphysema and alcoholics who die of cirrhosis of the liver or kidney failure do. Her life, her body, and if she doesn’t want to live to see her fiftieth birthday that her business. As long as I am not asked to be a pall bearer, I could not care less.

  13. I admire Tess Holliday !!! I’m a big woman! I’m 288 but I’m preparing for the gastric sleeve late fall and lost 44 pounds so far in a couple of months. I changed the way I’m eating but I need to do more exercise ! I think women should express themselves
    more like Tess ! She’s gorgeous and she’s happy ! I’m doing the sleeve for me ! It’s what will make me happy ! Women should empower one another and not put each other down for their success in life ! More power to you Tess! ❤️


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