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Three Celebs Who Overcame Alcohol Addiction To Really Thrive

Alcohol Addiction

The pressure of stardom is a real thing and can cause severe issues for many. We’ve lost far too many actors, musicians, and comedians as a result of it all getting too much, spiraling into drug and alcohol abuse before it’s too late.

We often look up to celebrities as fashion icons or acting inspirations, and many can be great examples of resilience and getting your life together too, particularly at present with so many people worldwide suffering from the likes of alcohol and drug abuse.

You see, many stars have also overcome their addiction problems, entering recovery after visiting the best alcohol and drug rehab clinics and sharing their story on how to get sober.

So, if you are struggling, here are three celebrities you should follow the journey of to help get your own life back on track.

Elton John

Elton John is one of the most iconic performers of all time. His Glastonbury set in June 2022 brought to an end a phenomenal career, going out on a real high. But it took an awful lot for the superstar to get to that point.

He faced an incredibly turbulent journey through the 1980s, addicted to alcohol as well as a host of other drugs. The pressure of fame made it difficult for him, combined with hiding his sexuality in his early days of fame.

It’s highlighted in the film, Rocketman, and is a good depiction of the troubles he faced, and the damage it caused to many relationships. However, the 1990s saw him get treatment and he embraced sobriety, becoming a real advocate for addiction treatment, and inspiring many others to get their lives back on track too.

Colin Farrell

Loveable Irish actor Colin Farrell has played some incredible roles in recent years, most notably as Padraic in The Banshees Of Inisherin. However, while that movie is set around the pub, Farrell long let go of his ties to alcohol, which damaged much of his early career.

Drinking regularly, Farrell entered rehab in 2006, taking a break from the silver screen, and has maintained sobriety ever since, starring in some huge movies and becoming one of the biggest actors in Hollywood.

He’s been public about his addiction. He revealed previously that since the age of 14, he had been drinking. For a huge 16 years, he continued his habit of drinking alcohol. Hence, getting rid of such a thing required him much effort.

Thankfully, he sought help, and we’ve many more years to come of him.

Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes has been sober since 2008 and has spoken candidly about her treatment for addiction since. It can be incredibly difficult for women in Hollywood, but her approach to recovery is certainly to be admired.

She’s discussed how the pressure of living life in the spotlight drove her to abuse, as well as how rehab changed her life. In an interview with Huffington Post, she held strong opinions on the topic and is an inspiration to so many, including colleagues who have also struggled in the same manner.

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