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Black Veil Brides (Band) Members, Tour, Information, Facts

Members of Black Veil Brides as seen in November 2020
Members of Black Veil Brides as seen in November 2020 (Black Veil Brides / Instagram)

Black Veil Brides is an American rock band that originated in 2006. The band has experimented with their sound under different musicians who joined their line-up over the years. They are most well-known for songs like In the End, Knives and Pens, Fallen Angels, Perfect Weapon, Sweet Blasphemy, The Legacy, Lost It All, Heart of Fire, etc. Early on in their career, MTV named the Black Veil Brides the ‘Favorite Breakthrough Band of 2011’.  


  1. Andy Biersack – Lead Vocals (2006-Present), Keyboards (2019–Present)
  2. Jake Pitts – Lead Guitar (2010–Present)
  3. Christian Coma – Drums (2010–Present)
  4. Lonny Eagleton – Bass (2019–Present)
  5. Jinxx – Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals, Violin (2009–Present)

Past Members

  1. Johnny Herold – Lead Guitar (2006)
  2. Nate Shipp – Guitar, Backing Vocals (2006–2007)
  3. Chris Hollywood – Guitar, Backing Vocals (2007–2009)
  4. Pan The Gypsy – Guitar (2009–2010)
  5. Chris Riesenberg – Drums (2006)
  6. Mike Stamper – Drums (2006–2009)
  7. Sandra Alvarenga – Drums (2009–2010)
  8. Phil Cenedella – Bass, Backing Vocals (2006)
  9. Robert Thomas – Bass (2007–2008)
  10. Ashley Purdy – Bass, Backing Vocals (2009–2019)
  11. Kevin Harris – Keyboards (2006–2007)


Cincinnati, Ohio, United States


Glam Metal, Heavy Metal, Gothic Rock, Metalcore, Hard Rock


  • Universal Republic Records
  • Lava Records
  • StandBy Records

Formation Date 


Singing Portfolio

  • We Stitch These Wounds, their debut album was released in 2010 and included the hit single, Knives and Pens.
  • The band’s 2nd album Set the World on Fire (2011) opened at #17 on the Billboard 200 Albums Chart.
  • Their 3rd album Wretched and Divine: The Story of the Wild Ones containing the smash-hit song In the End was well-received in 2013.
  • With the release of Vale (2018), the band peaked at the top spot on Billboard’s US Top Hard Rock Albums.

Black Veil Brides Facts

  1. The band has a distinct persona which is marked by black makeup, long hair, body paint, and tight-fitting black costumes.
  2. Andy Biersack is the only founding member who is currently a part of the band.
  3. The group’s name Black Veil Brides refers to Roman Catholic nuns who forsake all the pleasures of life in pursuit of their devotion to God. But, the band has no religious affiliations.
  4. David Bowie, Aerosmith, Kiss, Billy Idol, Mötley Crüe, Metallica, Queen, Marilyn Manson, Alice Cooper, etc. are some of the band’s musical inspirations.
  5. Their dedicated fanbase is called the BVB Army.

Featured Image by Black Veil Brides / Instagram

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