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Home Statistics Director/Producer Blu Cantrell Height, Weight, Age, Body Statistics

Blu Cantrell Height, Weight, Age, Body Statistics

Blu Cantrell Height, Weight, Age, Body Statistics
Blu Cantrell
Blu Cantrell Quick Info
Height 5 ft 7 in
Weight 60 kg
Date of Birth March 16, 1976
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Eye Color Blue

Blu Cantrell is an American singer, songwriter, musician, actress, TV personality, and producer whose career skyrocketed with the release of her debut studio album, So Blu, in 2001. The album was highly appreciated by critics as well as the audience and its single, Hit ‘Em Up Style (Oops!), was the one that did extremely well and was ranked at number #8 in the US Billboard 200 chart and topped the US Mainstream Top 40 chart as well. Twice Grammy-nominated singer, Blu Cantrell released her 2nd studio album, Bittersweet, in 2003 and it again brought her success, especially in the international markets. She has also worked with Jamaican dancehall artist and record producer, Sean Paul, for her popular single, Breathe. Moreover, Blu Cantrell has also amassed a huge social media fan base with more than 67k subscribers on her YouTube channel.

Born Name

Tiffany Cobb

Nick Name

Blu Cantrell

Blu Cantrell as seen while posing for a stunning picture at the 79th Annual Academy Awards Children Uniting Nations /Billboard after-party in February 2007
Blu Cantrell as seen while posing for a stunning picture at the 79th Annual Academy Awards Children Uniting Nations /Billboard after-party in February 2007 (John B. Mueller / Wikimedia / CC BY 2.5)

Sun Sign


Born Place

Providence, Rhode Island, United States


Providence, Rhode Island, United States





Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Producer, Actress, TV Personality


  • Mother – Susi Franco (Former Mrs. Rhode Island, Actress, and Jazz Vocalist)
  • Siblings – Adam (Brother), Tino, Nick (Brother), Kelli, and Summer (Sister)


Blu Cantrell is represented by –

  • Spectrum Talent Agency, Talent Agency, New York City, New York, United States
  • Blue Voo Doo Technologies, Company, West Hollywood, California, United States
  • Big Machine Media, PR


R&B, Soul




Arista Records, Inc.




5 ft 7 in or 170 cm


60 kg or 132 lbs

Boyfriend / Spouse

Blu Cantrell has dated –

  1. Sean Combs
  2. Jay-Z (2001) – It was speculated by the sources that Blu Cantrell had a fling with the popular rapper, songwriter, producer, entrepreneur, and record executive, Jay-Z, in the year 2001.
  3. Tommy Lee (2003) – In 2003, Blu Cantrell had a short-lived romance with musician, songwriter, drummer, and DJ, Tommy Lee. Previously, Tommy Lee was in a relationship with Mayte Garcia but as soon as their relationship collapsed, he was seen developing a bond with Blu Cantrell. Tommy Lee and Blu Cantrell were introduced to one another through their publicists and were then spotted together on several occasions, one of which was their date at the Four Seasons Hotel in New York City, New York. However, the relationship did not develop much further as they soon decided to head separate ways.
  4. Antonio Sabàto Jr. (2008) – Blu Cantrell also dated Italian-American model, actor, and politician, Antonio Sabato, in the year 2008. They dated just for a couple of months and then parted ways.
Blu Cantrell as seen while posing for a picture with Jermaine Dupri, Nelly Mo (Corner Right), and TIP (Corner Left)
Blu Cantrell as seen while posing for a picture with Jermaine Dupri, Nelly Mo (Corner Right), and TIP (Corner Left) (Blu Cantrell / Instagram)

Race / Ethnicity

Multiracial (Black and White)

Blu Cantrell has Narragansett Native American and Cape Verdean roots on her father’s side and is of English descent on her mother’s side, along with some part of French, Scottish, and German ancestry.

Hair Color

Dark Brown

Blu Cantrell often highlights her hair ‘blonde’.

Eye Color


Sexual Orientation


Distinctive Features

  • Deep set eyes
  • High cheekbones
  • Gorgeous hair
  • 4-octave voice

Brand Endorsements

In 2016, Blu Cantrell’s famous track, Hit ‘Em Up Style, was used in a TV commercial for Bud Light-A-Rita Lime-A-Rita Splash.

Blu Cantrell as seen while posing for the camera in a beautiful dress at the 79th Annual Academy Awards Children Uniting Nations /Billboard after-party in February 2007
Blu Cantrell as seen while posing for the camera in a beautiful dress at the 79th Annual Academy Awards Children Uniting Nations /Billboard after-party in February 2007 (John B. Mueller / Wikimedia / CC BY 2.5)

Best Known For

  • Her debut album, So Blu, that gained her immense popularity in the music industry and also amassed a huge fan base for the diva
  • Having been nominated for Grammy Awards twice – once in 2002 in the “Best Female R&B Vocal Performance” category and then in 2004 in the “Best R&B Album” category

First Album

Blu Cantrell released her debut studio album, titled So Blu, on July 31, 2001, via Arista Records, Inc. The album comprised of songs such as Waste My TimeHit ‘Em Up Style (Oops!)U Must B CrazyWhen I Needed YouTill I’m GoneAll You Had to SayI Can’t BelieveSo Blu, and Blu Is a Mood.

It was certified ‘Gold’ both by the Canadian Recording Industry Association (CRIA) (now Music Canada) and the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). The album was also ranked at number #5 in the US Top R&B /Hip-Hop Albums (Billboard) chart and at number #8 in the US Billboard 200 chart.

First Film

Blu Cantrell made her first theatrical film appearance by playing the role of the National Anthem Singer in the romantic comedy-drama movie, Drumline, in 2002. The film starred the likes of Nick Cannon, Zoe Saldana, and Orlando Jones.

First TV Show

Blu Cantrell made her first TV show appearance as a musical guest in an episode of the comedy music late-night talk-show series, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, in July 2001.

Blu Cantrell Favorite Things

Source – www.fuse.tv

Blu Cantrell as seen while posing for the camera in September 2008
Blu Cantrell as seen while posing for the camera in September 2008 (NAPARAZZI / Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0)

Blu Cantrell Facts

  1. After her father left the family, Blu Cantrell was raised alongside her 5 siblings by her single mother in Providence, Rhode Island, United States.
  2. As her mother was a jazz singer, it greatly influenced a young Blu Cantrell to pursue a career in the same field.
  3. She has worked as a professional backing vocalist for artists such as Sean Combs, Faith Evans, Gerald Levert, and Aaron Hall.
  4. Blu Cantrell also became a member of the girl musical band named 8th Avenue in 1999. The band also made an appearance on the third album, titled Finally, which was released by Blackstreet in 1999.
  5. It was singer, songwriter, and dancer, Usher, who introduced her to Red Zone Entertainment head, music producer Tricky Stewart.
  6. When Blu Cantrell used to live with Stewart and his girlfriend in their Atlanta house, her singing talents caught the attention of Arista Records head Antonio “L.A.” Reid. He was impressed by the singer’s musical finesse after he heard a song by her along with his staff. Soon after, he offered her a contract with the company and also won the bidding war against various labels to sign her with Arista Records.
  7. In 2011, with the release of her debut studio album, she gained immense popularity and the lead single, titled Hit ‘Em Up Style (Oops!), from the album became a top ten hit in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the Netherlands.
  8. Her song, It’s Killing Me (In My Mind), has been included in the American-Czech action comedy thriller film, Bad Company (2002).
  9. In 2002, Blu Cantrell was nominated for a Grammy in the “Best Female R&B Vocal Performance” category for her song Hit ‘Em Up Style (Oops!).
  10. Her 2nd studio album, Bittersweet, which was released on June 24, 2003, via Arista Records also got her nominated for a Grammy in the “Best R&B Album” category the following year. The album consisted of songs such as I Love YouSleep in the MiddleRisk It AllDon’t Wanna Say Goodbye, BreatheHappily Ever AfterHolding on to LoveMake Me Wanna Scream, and No Place Like Home. It was ranked at number #8 in the US Top R&B /Hip-Hop Albums (Billboard) chart and managed to secure the 20th position in the UK Albums (OCC) chart while getting placed at number #37 in the US Billboard 200 chart.
  11. Previously, Blu Cantrell was also supposed to appear in the Playboy magazine. However, she changed her plans in the last minute.
  12. As her recording deal with Arista Records came to an end in 2005, Blu Cantrell opted for a year of touring extensively as a free agent.
  13. She was also cast as one of the leads for the musical stage play, titled Gossip, Lies and Secrets, alongside LisaRaye and Kenya Moore in 2007.
  14. Blu Cantrell appeared on the family reality TV game show series, Celebrity Circus, in 2008 and got eliminated from the show only in the 2nd week, becoming the first celebrity to be eliminated that early.
  15. Around the year 2014, she went through some rough phase in her personal life. She was spotted around the streets of Santa Monica, California at around 2 am while she was screaming that someone had “poisoned her with gas.” As her erratic behavior went out of control, someone called the police and she was taken into custody for a psychological evaluation on September 3, 2014. During the incident, she also called herself a “one-hit wonder”.
  16. Blu Cantrell once posed nude for the magazine, Black Tail.
  17. She has also appeared in several shows such as Soul TrainThe Late Late Show with Craig KilbornBaisden After Dark, PopworldTop of the Pops, and Entertainment Tonight.
  18. Apart from singing, she has also been interested in acting.
  19. In 2002, Blu Cantrell was nominated for an American Music Award in the “Favorite Soul /R&B New Artist” category.
  20. Visit her official website @ blucantrell.me.
  21. Follow Blu Cantrell on Facebook, YouTube, and Spotify.

Featured Image by John B. Mueller / Wikimedia / CC BY 2.5


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