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Celebrity Trainer Erin Oprea Workout and Diet Advice

Kelsea Ballerini’s Trainer Erin Oprea’s Workout Advice – 2017 Edition

Erin Oprea is one of the best celebrity trainers out there. Why? It’s not just because she has worked with so many stars like Kelsea Ballerini and she is so popular, it’s because she seems to be working towards making fitness easier for all.

Her latest attempt includes spilling details on a perfect push-up workout and sharing the art of getting in a workout during your lunch break. Scroll down to read it all!

Go for Knee Pushups

The author believes that knee pushups are not just girl pushups. They are an awesome way to get a burn for people who are not ready to go up while putting pressure on their toes.

Tight Form

It doesn’t matter what type of push-up you prefer, you should always ensure that you hold your form tight. While doing any push-up, be it on your toes, knees, declined with your feet up on a bench with your hands on the floor or elevated with hands on a bench, you must make sure that your body is in plank form.

Your abs must be engaged, legs squeezed tight, and your bottom should be out of the air. When you perform a pushup, your body needs to go down as a single unit.

Don’t be Bored

If you are among those people who get bored of an exercise form quite easily, then you need to add flys and military pushups to the exercise routine.

Mixing up how you do a push-up will let you decrease or increase the amount of weight you put on your chest muscle. It will also ensure that you don’t get bored and never cease doing pushups.


If you want to increase your ability to get stronger, then you need to put pushups into Tabata form. For those of you who aren’t aware, Tabata’s are 8 rounds of 20-second energy bursts that are followed by 10 seconds of rest. If you want to get the timing done automatically, then you can easily download the Tabata app.

Remember that, doing eight rounds of pushups can be hard so you should do them only when you are very confident. It’s a great option because it will create great muscle endurance. If you aren’t sure about it, then you can start by doing them on your knees.

Remember the Rest Days

It is also wise to remember that no matter which muscles you are targeting, you need to have a recovery period. During the rest day, you can go for stretching exercises.

Lunch Break Workouts

For those of you who are always pressed for time, Erin suggests that you start working out during your lunch break. If you are hesitant to get a workout in by thinking what will people say about you, then you should know that you should not bother about it as most people won’t care about what you do during a lunch break.

How to Make Lunch Workouts Work for You

Tell your boss or immediate manager about how you intend to spend a part of your workout so that they don’t think that you are walking because you have a lot of leisure time.

If you are working out during a lunch break, then you should ensure that the work doesn’t suffer, even if you need to spend a few extra minutes after your shift.

Take all the essentials like face wash, dry shampoo, deodorant, etc. with you so that you don’t get too sweaty post a workout or don’t look anything less than perfectly presentable.

Keep a lot of your workout gear with you all the time every day so that you can do your favorite workout anytime you want and make it varied.

Never skip your lunch because you need to get a workout in. You can go for bagging your lunch or opt for packed lunches. Just don’t skip it because you need the energy and nutrients, especially after a workout to get going with your day.

Snack on something like hard-boiled eggs and almonds or cheese and veggies or even a protein bar half an hour before lunch if you are hoping to get a workout in. Have a proper lunch, and after that, you can have a solid afternoon snack like dark chocolate peanut butter cups and berries as your metabolism will be on a new high after a workout.

Eat your lunch in stages as it will give you a feeling that you are eating more and fuel your workout for best results. It will also break up the old 9-to-5 deal.

The Benefits

Exercising during the lunch hour has many benefits. Research says that sitting all day can lead to problems like type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Research has also proved that midday exercise can lead to improved stamina, better job performance, better creativity and more enthusiasm. Exercising also reduces stress and may help you to tackle heavy workloads, think more strategically and cope with difficult co-workers.

Some of the benefits Oprea has witnessed herself are less desire to have caffeine, better ability to multitask, faster problem-solving approach, no eye aches from staring at the computer screen, being patient and being stronger as well as happier. So, when are you going to try lunch break workouts?

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