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Celebrity Trainer Erin Oprea Workout and Diet Advice

Kelsea Ballerini’s Trainer Erin Oprea Shares 2018 Fitness Secrets

Kelsea Ballerini looked stunning at the American Music Awards 2018 where she slayed with her looks in a black and yellow minidress that showed off her tiny waist flawlessly. Here, Kelsea’s trained Erin Oprea talks about how the I Hate Love Songs crooner manages to look so great. Have a look at the fitness secrets for that tiny waist.

Erin Oprea showing her strong body in October 2018
Erin Oprea showing her strong body in October 2018 (Erin Oprea / Instagram)

Determination Matters

Erin’s first tip is to stay determined and disciplined. When you are determined and disciplined, you will attend every workout session and would never make excuses to skip one.

Be Happy

Being happy is another secret that helps Ballerini to stay fit. She loves to laugh when powering through a workout session and doesn’t make it dull or boring.

Tabata and HIIT

The Nashville-based trainer uses the Tabata method with all her clients in which a client has to do intense exercise for 20 seconds and do 6 to 8 rounds. Every intense exercise includes a 10-second rest window. The trainer also uses other HIIT techniques to keep her clients fit.

Preferred Exercise

One of the preferred exercises of Erin that is done by all her celeb and non-celeb clients is this.

You need to stand on the right leg and take all your body weight on it. Then you should put the left toe next to the heel and do a squat. Your right leg needs to be parallel to the ground. When you are halfway there, you should stand and get back to the lunge position. Make sure that you are never fully standing. You need to repeat this exercise by going for the squat again, coming up halfway and then doing a lunge.

Erin Oprea eating scrambled eggs in October 2018 at Red Bicycle
Erin Oprea eating scrambled eggs in October 2018 at Red Bicycle (Erin Oprea / Instagram)

Ab and Core Workouts

The core and ab workouts suggested by the beauty follow a similar approach as the person needs to roll one move into the next to keep going. One exercise she shared is this.

You should sit on a Bosu ball and take your left arm and crunch it up toward the right leg that is straight out. Then you need to take it down. This move is known as open-close, and during every step, you need to ensure that the other hand is on your belly. You can do three or four sets of 15 with each of your arms and follow it up with 20 straight-up when both your legs are on the ground with feet flat and knees bent.

Facetiming with the Clients

The successful wellness expert often uses FaceTime with the clients when they are on the road, and that includes stars like Carrie Underwood and Kelsea Ballerini. She feels happy when the clients are happy and doing the workouts and when they achieve the results they want. Seeing the clients happy is her biggest reward.

Erin Oprea's Sliced Apple Delicacy
Erin Oprea’s Sliced Apple Delicacy (Erin Oprea / Instagram)

How to Make Push Ups More Effective?

Oprea has the following tips for people who hope to make their workouts more effective.

  • If you are not ready to do full push-ups by getting on your toes, you should do knee push-ups as they help you get the burn too.
  • It doesn’t matter which type of push up you are doing, you should do it right by holding your form tight. Make sure that your whole body is in the form of a plank, your abs are engaged, your legs are squeezed tight, and your body is going down as a single unit.
  • Don’t just stick to push-ups to have a strong chest. Mix some bench presses, flys and military push-ups to your routine to make things interesting.
  • Put push up into Tabata form by using a Tabata app as it will increase your ability to get stronger manifold.
  • You should have sufficient rest days when working on your abs so that your muscles can relax. On the rest days, you can do stretches if you want to move.

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