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Chynna Phillips Height, Weight, Age, Body Statistics

Chynna Phillips Quick Info
Height 5 ft 8 in
Weight 63 kg
Date of Birth February 12, 1968
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Spouse William Baldwin

Chynna Phillips is an American singer and actress who is best known for her work as a member of the vocal group Wilson Phillips, an American pop group that was formed in Los Angeles in 1989. The group’s eponymous debut album (May 1990) sold more than 10 million copies globally and included 4 hit singles that made it to the ‘Top 10’ on the Billboard Hot 100, the music industry standard record chart in the United States for songs, published weekly by Billboard magazine. In 1990, the group was nominated for 5 Grammy Awards and 2 American Music Awards. They released another successful album titled Shadows and Light in June 1992. About a year after this, the 3 members of the group went their separate ways. Chynna then released her debut solo studio album titled N*ked and Sacred (November 1995) which peaked at number 35 in Australia. Wilson Phillips reunited in the mid-2000s and then again in 2010, releasing the albums California (May 2004), Christmas in Harmony (October 2010), and Dedicated (April 2012). Besides, Chynna collaborated with singer/songwriter Vaughan Penn to release an album titled One Reason (September 2009).

Born Name

Chynna Gilliam Phillips

Nick Name


Chynna Phillips as seen in an Instagram Post in February 2021
Chynna Phillips as seen in an Instagram Post in February 2021 (Chynna Phillips / Instagram)

Sun Sign


Born Place

Los Angeles, California, United States


Santa Barbara, California, United States





Singer, Actress

Chynna Phillips as seen in an Instagram Post in January 2022
Chynna Phillips as seen in an Instagram Post in January 2022 (Chynna Phillips / Instagram)


  • Father – John Phillips (Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist) (d. March 2001)
  • Mother – Michelle Phillips (Singer, Songwriter, Actress, Former Model)
  • Others – Jeffrey Phillips (Older Half-Brother), Mackenzie Phillips (Older Half-Sister) (Actress, Singer), Jeff Sessler (Ex-Half-Brother-in-Law) (Rock Group Manager), Michael Barakan (aka Shane Fontayne) (Ex-Half-Brother-in-Law) (Rock Guitarist), Shane Barakan (Half-Nephew) (Musician), Keith Levenson (Ex-Half-Brother-in-Law), Geneviève Waïte (Ex-Stepmother) (Actress, Singer, Former Model) (d. May 2019), Tamerlane Phillips (Younger Half-Brother), Bijou Phillips (Younger Half-Sister) (Actress, Model, Singer), Danny Masterson ​(Half-Brother-in-Law) (Actor), Fianna Francis Masterson (Half-Niece), Farnaz Arasteh (Stepmother), Claude Andrew Phillips (Paternal Grandfather) (Former United States Marine Corps Officer), Edna Gertrude (née Gaines) (Paternal Grandmother), Gardner Burnett Gilliam (Maternal Grandfather) (Merchant Mariner), Joyce Leone (née Poole) (Maternal Grandmother) (Accountant), Aron Wilson (Younger Half-Brother), Austin Hines (Younger Half-Brother), Dennis Hopper (Ex-Stepfather) (Actor, Filmmaker, Photographer) (d. May 2010), Robert Burch (Ex-Stepfather), Carol Newcomb (née Martineau) (Mother-in-Law) (d. May 2022), Alexander Rae Baldwin, Jr. (Father-in-Law) (High School History Teacher, American Football Coach) (d. April 1983), Alec Baldwin (Brother-in-Law) (Actor, Producer, Comedian), Kim Basinger (Ex-Co-Sister-in-Law) (Actress, Former Fashion Model), Ireland Baldwin (Niece-in-Law) (Fashion Model, Social Media Influencer), Hilaria Baldwin (Co-Sister-in-Law) (Yoga Instructor, Entrepreneur, Podcaster, Author), Carmen Gabriela Baldwin (Niece-in-Law), Rafael Thomas Baldwin (Nephew-in-Law), Leonardo Angel Charles Baldwin (Nephew-in-Law), Romeo Alejandro David Baldwin (Nephew-in-Law), Eduardo Pau Lucas Baldwin (Nephew-in-Law), María Lucía Victoria Baldwin (Niece-in-Law), Ilaria Catalina Irena Baldwin (Niece-in-Law), Daniel Baldwin (Brother-in-Law) (Actor), Atticus Baldwin (Nephew-in-Law), Cheryl Baldwin (Ex-Co-Sister-in-Law), Kahlea Baldwin (Niece-in-Law) (Filmmaker), Elizabeth Baldwin (Ex-Co-Sister-in-Law) (Actress), Alexandra Baldwin (Niece-in-Law), Joanne Smith (Ex-Co-Sister-in-Law) (Former Model), Avis Ann Baldwin (Niece-in-Law), Finley Rae Martineau Baldwin (Niece-in-Law), Stephen Baldwin (Brother-in-Law) (Actor, Producer, Director), Kennya Deodato (Co-Sister-in-Law) (Graphic Designer), Alaia Aronow (née Baldwin) (Niece-in-Law) (Model), Hailey Bieber (née Baldwin) (Niece-in-Law) (Model, Socialite), Elizabeth ‘Beth’ Baldwin Keuchler (Sister-in-Law), Charles Keuchler (Co-Brother-in-Law) Jacqueline Keuchler (Niece-in-Law), Jill Keuchler (Niece-in-Law), Jean Keuchler (Niece-in-Law), Jessica Keuchler (Niece-in-Law), John Keuchler (Nephew-in-Law), Jennifer Keuchler (Niece-in-Law), Jane Ann Baldwin Sasso (Sister-in-Law), Randy Sasso (Co-Brother-in-Law) (Consultant)


Pop, Pop Rock, Soft Rock




  • SBK Records
  • Columbia Records
  • EMI Group Limited
  • Sony Music Masterworks

Net Worth

Chynna Phillips’ net worth had been $6 million according to




5 ft 8 in or 173 cm


63 kg or 139 lbs

Boyfriend / Spouse

Chynna has dated –

  1. William Baldwin (1991-Present) – Chynna began dating actor William Baldwin in 1991 and the couple got married in 1995. They have 3 children together – 2 daughters named Jameson Baldwin (b. February 2000) and Brooke Baldwin (b. December 2004), and a son named Vance Baldwin (b. 2001).
Chynna Phillips and William Baldwin, as seen in October 2022
Chynna Phillips and William Baldwin, as seen in October 2022 (Chynna Phillips / Instagram)

Race / Ethnicity


She is of Irish, English, and Scottish descent.

Hair Color


Eye Color


Sexual Orientation


Distinctive Features

  • Slender frame
  • Center-parted, long, straight hair
  • Affable smile
  • Radiant face



Chynna Phillips as seen in an Instagram Post in November 2019
Chynna Phillips as seen in an Instagram Post in November 2019 (Chynna Phillips / Instagram)

Chynna Phillips Facts

  1. Chynna struggled with both drug and alcohol addiction in her teenage years.
  2. She began her career in the entertainment industry as an actress, appearing in movies such as Some Kind of Wonderful (1987), Caddyshack II (1988), and Say Anything… (1989). In the late 1980s, she also acted in a few TV movies. Thereafter, as her music career began to blossom, she hardly made any acting appearances.
  3. In September 2009, Mackenzie Phillips, her half-sister, alleged in her memoir that she, Mackenzie, and John Phillips, their father, were involved in a consensual and inc**tuous relationship for about 10 years (it allegedly began in 1979 when Mackenzie was just 19 years old). Although Geneviève Waïte (John’s wife at that time) and Michelle Phillips (Chynna’s mother) both publicly stated that they did not believe these claims, Chynna told the media that she believed Mackenzie.
  4. In late 2011, she participated in the 13th season of Dancing with the Stars, the American version of the competitive dance-based British reality TV franchise Strictly Come Dancing. She finished in 9th place in a field of 12 contestants.
  5. In February 2010, Chynna underwent treatment for anxiety.

Featured Image by Chynna Phillips / Instagram

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