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Jason Momoa Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Jason Momoa


Jason Momoa’s Mindset on how to Build Epic Mental and Physical Strength to live a life you Love

World famous, motivational speaker Tony Robbins claims that your body is a reflection of your mindset and your current personal success echoes the standards you identify yourself with. From that angle, Jason Momoa seems to measure himself against a very high benchmark because he and his celebrity trainer friend Eric Laciste are firm believers of living life to the fullest without any limitations.

Considering the range of work they dabble in, both men refuse to restrict themselves to any one particular approach or an exact professional role run by narrow, specific rules. No wonder they get along so well because they both strongly believe in leading a multi-dimensional life. Jason Momoa is an actor, producer, director, writer while his close friend Eric Laciste along with being a personal trainer to leading stuntmen of Hollywood is also a nutritionist, chef, author and producer. Living their life on the road, the two men earn ample experience that makes their life enjoyable and keeps them immune to the pain of the daily grind.

Jason Momoa closeup

Setting up for quantum leap into the big league

Jason started his career with Baywatch Hawaii at the age of 19. He confessed he did not know much about acting back then, but his brief stint on the TV show defined his career goals. Before getting back to the hustle in Hollywood, Jason decided to travel the world for two years. That helped him build a genuine foundation with real life experience for the demanding career he had aspirations for. Not one to fret or fear, he decided if he failed to find his next big break, he would happily accede to a career as a biologist.

Jason Momoa - First look as Aquaman
Jason Momoa – First look as Aquaman

Find faith in deliberate, continuous progress

Despite brief spells of unemployment, Jason Momoa did begin to find consistent work on TV in 2004 (and ever since then) on shows like North shore and Stargate Atlantis thereafter.

As he got more seasoned, his job profiles got bigger and better. A major breakthrough came with Conan the Barbarian (2011) and the role of Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones. Although Conan bombed and his character in Game of Thrones was killed off right at the end of season one, the smoldering intensity coupled with the impressive build that he built for both those roles left a lasting impression in the minds of the audience. Now in 2016, he is all set to make his first appearance as Aquaman in Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. In 2017, he will make his second appearance as the same superhero in The Justice League Part-one before appearing in the first of his three part movie deals for Aquaman in 2018.

Jason Momoa in Baywatch Hawaii at 19
Jason Momoa in Baywatch Hawaii at 19

Things that look too good to be true, require serious, strenuous hard work

People often think Jason Momoa attracts the opportunities he is getting because of the way he looks and take his appearance for granted. But if you hear it from the 6’4’’ tall hunk first hand, he will explain how he has to get up at 5 am to lift weights despite being scheduled to face a 13-15 hour work day ahead.

Jason Momoa has big biceps
Jason Momoa has big biceps

Bullied in school and rather lean and lanky throughout his twenties, Jason’s body was a far cry from the impressive muscle mass he carries now at 36, which he did not start building until he met Eric Laciste in 2009.

In the following short video, made during an on-site photo shoot for Men’s Health way back in 2014, Jason Momoa demonstrates that the mass you build in the gym should translate to effortless, functional movement in the real world. Else there is something wrong in your approach to gaining more strength.


How to go about transforming yourself? Understand first that nothing is forever

Whether you like it or not, neither your life nor your body is ever going to stay the same. You can take advantage of this inevitability to make sure you are progressing and not regressing to feel fulfilled.

Jason Momoa on a horse
Jason Momoa on a horse

Eric Laciste put Jason on a program he designed, called AR7 to cover the limitations imposed by the time crunch upon his time and schedule.

The feature from Muscle and Strength explains the basic guidelines behind this approach and how a moderately fit person looking for quick, time-efficient workouts can incorporate the principles as a part of their workout routine.

However, with every new project, Jason needs to adjust his body composition and physical appearance. Hence, his corresponding workouts change accordingly. Eric Laciste makes it clear on his YouTube vlog that in terms of range of motion, ligament and joint function, our bodies are the same and so are the exercises he prescribes to everybody. What varies is individual ability. To sustain ongoing improvement, focus on the principles behind every recommended star workout rather than the exact movements themselves.

In the following video, Eric Laciste demonstrates a novel, full body outdoor workout to torch fat outside the gym.


Fitness Advice by Jason Momoa

  1. Take the time to play with real food.

Extreme diets and extreme workouts are only for actors facing the pressure to look a certain way within limited time. But a regular person should stay away from extremes to maintain their sanity.

Jason explains that as you start eating mindfully, you will become aware of how different foods affect you. Depending upon whether you feel satiated or sluggish, it will help you understand what serves as the best fuel for your body.

With an orchard growing right at home, taking the pleasure to cook his own meals once in a while only goes to enhance his basic knowledge in nutrition. Rosemary, a herb scientifically proven to reduce muscle soreness grows in Jason’s backyard and he uses it as often as he can in his barbecue.

Jason Momoa with his Game of Thrones co-star
Jason Momoa with his Game of Thrones co-star
  1. Your body will wear out with time, so take mobility work, warm-ups and stretching seriously.

Age should definitely not be an excuse to let your body go. But most people make themselves vulnerable to injury as they get older because they hardly train systematically.

Muscle size comes with a cost if it is not gained while respecting the human body’s natural symmetry. Over a few years as some parts of the body get overdeveloped, they might start tugging and pulling at your tendons and ligaments to create discomfort. Counterbalance hardcore lifting with yoga and Pilates to dissipate stiffness from any part of your body. Though Jason is not a huge fan of yoga yet, but he subscribes to dynamic warm-up and series of mobility drills to unlock his body before initiating any his lifting routine.

Jason Momoa harcore strength

  1. Get a life outside the gym

Staying fit should not turn into an obsession to the point that you forget to indulge in outdoor activities. Before lifting weights to get big, rock climbing was the main source of exercise for Jason that he still engages in once in a while. He also loves skateboarding, surfing, rugby and playing around with his kids.

If it is up to him, he will always take his cardio outside. Meanwhile, he also loves to read books and consciously works on developing his artistic side because what is the point of being fit if you can’t think deep and outside the box!

Jason Momoa abs
Jason Momoa abs
  1. Indulge! But stay in control

Jason has no problem staying away from candy, chocolates, processed sugar and fast food. But he can’t do without his beer. He elaborates that an extremely disciplined life might take its toll to make you feel deprived eventually. Controlling your cravings is a great way to build a bigger reservoir of willpower in the long term.

But a couple of beers at the end of a hard day’s work are just what he needs to go to bed with satisfaction. He insists we all need such moments of comfort. By deciding with what and when, particularly after earning your reward, you are likely to feel better about yourself while staying on top of your hard-earned fitness.

Jason Momoa riding a motorcycle

  1. Do not make personal trainers your crutch

There is a technique involved in every activity and lifting weights to gain muscle is no different. Use the help of personal trainers to educate yourself and remain conscious of habits that might cause cumulative harm in the long term. Stay open to learning because nobody can take charge of your body and life like you do!

Jason Momoa Workout and Diet for Aquaman

Aquaman is one of the most anticipated films of the year 2018 and one of the key attractions for people to watch the film is to see Jason Momoa in action. If you are also impressed by his Game of Thrones (2011-Present) performance and want to watch him in the best shape of his life, then you are not alone.

We are all curious about how he will he look and act in the film. But before we reach that happy day (December 21, 2018, to be precise) when the film would be released, it’s time we know about the key workout and diet secrets adopted by Jason to prepare for the role. Here you go.

Jason Momoa and Ray Fisher in October 2017
Jason Momoa and Ray Fisher in October 2017 (Jason Momoa / Instagram)

Diet Secrets

The diet secrets of the actor were revealed by his trainer Stuart Walton. He shared that the actor was transformed into a half-human and half-Atlantean superhero by manipulating the macronutrient intake while ensuring that the food he enjoys most were not eliminated (which includes a hearty pint of Guinness). Walton’s general food philosophy says that a person should focus on balance, nutrition, and enjoyment.

For those who are unaware, macros style of dieting includes tallying the grams of carbs, fats, and proteins in a person’s diet to achieve the desired ratio which is often designed in such a manner that a person gains muscles without adding any fat. This approach is more complicated than counting calories but often leads to better results and allows a person to have more flexibility.

Pre-Workout Meals

The pre-workout meals of the star included fueling up on carbs that were consumed either in the form of fresh fruits or quinoa or rice. He also had a coffee before every workout to kick off the workouts and boost performance.

Jason Momoa showing his long hair in March 2018
Jason Momoa showing his long hair in March 2018 (Jason Momoa / Instagram)

Protein and Fat Sources

To increase the fat and protein intake, the handsome hunk had lots of sashimi, steak, avocado, and olive oil.

Meal Times

As the film had an intense shooting schedule, Jason only ate pre and post workout meals on time. The time of the rest of the meals was dependent on the shooting schedule. The focus was on keeping him fueled and energized until the wrap time.

Workout Secrets

To get pecs like the King of Atlantis, Momoa took help of his old friend and skilled trainer Mark Twight. The workout plan he designed included chest and shoulder workouts as well as rock climbing.

Jason Momoa with his friends as seen in May 2018
Jason Momoa with his friends as seen in May 2018 (Jason Momoa / Instagram)

Jason Momoa Workout for Aquaman

If you want to train like the American actor, you should start the chest workout by performing three exercises mentioned here as a circuit. You should rest in between the rounds and aim for doing at least 5 rounds.

Incline Bench Press

Standing Dumbbell Press


Being Selected for the Role

Jason was selected by the producer Zack Snyder and his wife Deborah Snyder when they saw Game of Thrones. They thought that he was tough, liked his commanding presence, along with his lone wolf like persona and his vibe of being a bit rough around the edges.

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