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Jennifer Aniston Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Jennifer Aniston Boxing Trainer Spills Workout Secrets

Jennifer is a big fan of boxing and has mentioned it in several interviews. If you are curious about how she remains in such an excellent shape by boxing (that seems easy from a distance), you should know that boxing sessions can be quite grueling.

Her trainer Leyon Azubuike who is also the owner of Gloveworx recently spilled beans on her boxing sessions, and after reading it below, you’ll surely agree that the stunner really works hard to stay in shape.

Jennifer Aniston with friends Gucci Westman (Right) and Chris McMillan (Left)
Jennifer Aniston with friends Gucci Westman (Right) and Chris McMillan (Left) (Jennifer Aniston Fan / Instagram)

A Hard Worker

Azubuike starts off by saying that Aniston works out very hard and intensely, so the workouts they do together keeps on changing. He needs to continue to challenge her to keep things interesting for her.

The Sessions

The sweat sessions they do together are segregated into four parts, i.e., a dynamic warm-up that is followed by a grind phase, some core work and finally the cool down phase. This strategy works because it’s not super hard and keeps her performing continually.

The first phase involves getting the body ready to go. In this phase, activation is needed to engage the glutes and core while making sure that neuromuscular stabilizers are on fire. The exercises involved in this phase are usually jogging, and butt kicks where heels come to the glutes and the movie star pumps the arms in a swinging motion or keeps them behind the back.

In the second phase, the part of throwing punches begins. In this phase, the Friends (1994-2004) alum tries a lot of punch combinations. As a part of the combinations, she needs to turn her waist, duck from a punch thrown at her and work with utmost concentration. All these things keep her body and mind engaged.

The two and a half hours long session end with core work and cool down. They focus on muscle confusion so that her body doesn’t get used to a workout and keeps getting challenged. They do a lot of plank variations like side planks, elevated planks, forearm planks, etc. as they tax the core.

They don’t do a lot of crunching movements because they aim for lean and long muscles. During the cool down, foam rollers and TriggerPoint balls are used to release muscle tightness in the back or glutes. Recovery helps the ageless beauty to get prepared for the next session with much enthusiasm.

Jennifer Aniston with friends
Jennifer Aniston with friends (Jennifer Aniston Fan / Instagram)

Mental Benefits

The fitness guru says that there are many mental benefits of boxing and it’s very metaphysical. People learn to enjoy it over time.

Sculpting Flat Abs

To help the celebrity get flat abs, he makes her use mini bands that are placed slightly above the knee, and one is placed near the ankle and asks her to do lateral steps or monster walks that fire up the glutes and activates them instantly. They also use battle ropes to add resistance to a movement and put the core on fire.

Jen’s the Best

Like lots of fans of Jen, Leyon also agrees that she is an ageless beauty and has amazing genes. He admits that she works hard in the ring and outside it to maintain her physique. With her, his focus is on keeping her in shape rather than transforming her shape. It’s a challenge because she is the best at whatever she does and doesn’t go down easily.

Featured Image by Angela George (Sharon Graphics) / Wikipedia / CC BY-SA 3.0

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