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Lea Michele Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Lea Michele 2017 Workout and Diet Secrets

Lea Michele having coffee
Lea Michele having coffee

Lea Michele is a hot-looking actress who has her fitness regime figured out perfectly. She has an amazing body, a stunning face, and an overall well-being. Still, she sometimes tries new diets and feels too lazy to get a workout in. So, how does she motivate herself? Here we try to explore all her workout and diet secrets so that you can learn from her and begin your own fitness journey from today.

Workout Motivation

The Scream Queens (2015-Present) actor has admitted that she motivates herself to workout by remembering that she can eat whatever she wants afterward. She needs a goal at the end of anything she does. When working out, she reminds herself that she will have a delicious salad or sushi after the workout.

Lea Michele working out
Lea Michele working out

Working Out with Pals

Apart from the promise of a delicious meal, her friends also motivate her to exercise. She hates bailing on her friends, so she always works out with them. She often tries to make the workout plans with her pals so that she can’t cancel it and let them down. It helps her to be more accountable.

Workout to Feel Good

The singer also thinks that she feels great after every workout session. She is not aiming for looking a certain way or getting thin due to the workouts. She works out because she feels good about it.

Workout Secrets

The workout regime of the diva has been varied for some time now. Her preferred workout methods are SoulCycle, Hot Yoga, CorePower and the Studio MDR.

Lea Michele on Shape's November 2016 Edition
Lea Michele on Shape’s November 2016 Edition

Cheese Over Chocolate

A few things that motivate her to hit the gym hard are pizza, mac & cheese, and grilled cheese. She is so fond of cheese that she prefers it over any dessert. She also says Wisconsin cheddar is better than chocolate.

Love for Soups

The Bronx-born loves to have soup in the fall season. When she feels like indulging, she always has a bowl of soup with grilled cheese. This combination is perfect according to her.

Diet Secret

The biggest diet secret of the former Glee (2009-2015) actress is that she always takes a food she loves and makes it healthy. When she wants something that is on the healthier side, she opts for a quesadilla. Her recipe is also easy to make at home. You need to pick up a lot of veggies in a gluten-free or spinach tortilla instead of meat and cheese. Then you need to top it with vegan cheese, guacamole, and salsa. She loves the fact that one can fill quesadillas with anything and feel full. So, her best diet secret is to look for wholesome ways to enjoy the comfort foods.

Lea Michele running
Lea Michele running

No Pumpkin Spice

The brunette doesn’t like pumpkin spice at all. She is a black coffee kind of a girl who opts for a no cream and no sugar option.

Recent Diet Changes

The ex-girlfriend of Cory Monteith is always trying out new and healthy diets. She recently tried the vegan diet for 4 weeks and did a Beaming cleanse. It’s amazing and her new favorite. As a part of the cleanse, she had amazing vegan dishes, soups, and salads in addition to several juices. She initially did it for a week but liked it so much that she extended it for 3 additional weeks. The cleanse has helped her skin to look amazing and has also assisted her to sleep really well.

Lea Michele posing for SHAPE Magazine
Lea Michele posing for SHAPE Magazine

No Weight Number

The Cannonball singer says that her body always keeps changing. At the moment, she has so much energy, her skin looks good and her butt is higher than it has ever been. The fact that she is active, eating well and taking care of herself matters the most. She has been either skinnier or a bit bigger in the past, but she was never hard on herself to achieve a certain body type.

Sleeping Early

The brown-eyed beauty likes to go to bed by 9 PM. Sleep is the topmost thing that gives her energy.

Be Confident Like Her

If you wish to be confident like the Native New Yorker, then you should know that she thinks that confidence often comes from getting knocked down. When you go through a tough phase in life, it makes you a stronger person. In the world of social media, you should be able to deal with people who will say whatever they want. You should have faith in yourself and never let the bad comments hamper your well-being and happiness.

Lea Michele at 2016 Pre-Emmy Party in Los Angeles in September 2016
Lea Michele at 2016 Pre-Emmy Party in Los Angeles in September 2016

Biggest Accomplishment of the Year

The New York’s best-selling author never had a period when she had an unhealthy relationship with food or her body. She has started exercising regularly which is her biggest accomplishment. She used to work out casually before but in 2016, she became more consistent.

How she looks So Beautiful?

The Louder (2014) singer thinks that beauty comes from the happiness within. She looks great because she is very happy with her life at the moment. She just turned 30, has a job she loves and is blessed with great family & friends. She is grateful for all of it.

No Retouching

The direct-to-video animated film Buster & Chauncey’s Silent Night (1988) actress has taken a stance against photo retouching and photoshopping. She teamed up with Aerie for the same as she has always been proud of who she is, how she looks and how unique she is. Lea thinks that owning who she is has helped her to be successful today. The aim of the campaign was to help young girls to be proud of who they are.

No Nose Job

The TV star does not like the scrutiny in Hollywood and admits that she was pressurized to get a nose job done but she didn’t get any because her mother told her not to. Lea also believes that staying away from plastic surgery has helped her to grow her platform and inspire young women. She wants to be the voice for the girls of today’s generation and wishes they realize that looking like everyone else is not that important. Loving who you are is vital for everyone.

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    • There are ways to lose weight without exercise. You just have to be in a very strict diet and commit. As you get closer to your goal, the weight will be harder to lose, then you might want to put a few minutes of exercise to speed up the process. But you can most definitely lose weight without exercise!


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